Virgo Man with Rising Gemini: Who Is He?

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Are you dating a Virgo man who seems to be a bit flaky? If you know a Virgo man with Gemini rising, here are some things you may want to know.

Are you dating a Virgo man who seems to be a bit flaky? Perhaps he needs a bit more stimulation than what a normal Virgo may desire. If you know a Virgo man with Gemini rising, here are some things you may want to know.

Different Expressions

Virgo and Gemini rising when mixed can be a hard thing for the Virgo man to deal with. He’ll have to constantly be on guard with what he says and how he treats people. He already is somewhat critical with those he cares for.

When he has Gemini rising; he tends to be that much more critical and more on the judgmental side of things. This could cause him to say the wrong things at the wrong time and with the wrong person.

While both signs are rather inquisitive, they collect data about someone for different purposes. Virgo wants to really get to know you while Gemini may be filing some information away for ammunition later.

Gemini rising can be rather nosy really. He also likes to test people to see if they answer the same way twice when asked an important question. Though he himself can have a tendency to not be truthful, he wants to catch someone else not being truthful.

The Virgo with Gemini rising mixture tends to process thoughts very quickly and as a result, can say things very quickly without really understanding the impact it’s going to have on a person.

This has him often putting his own foot in his mouth. It’s not a pretty sight but until he learns to think about others feelings before speaking; he may burn some possible friendships/relationships.

The way these two signs express themselves are different and it causes a clash within the poor Virgo with Gemini rising guy. He may often be confused about how to interact with others.

Relationship Characteristics

Virgo Man with Rising Gemini

I’ve mentioned the confusion and possible emotional turmoil that the Gemini rising can cause for a Virgo man. It’s also possible for the Gemini rising to make a Virgo man want to bail on relationships.

Gemini easily exits relationships when he feels it’s not right for him. He may not do it in the proper way but he’ll pull away from the relationship he thinks isn’t the right one.

Virgo men once committed, will stay loyal to their lady love. Gemini rising tries to make Virgo explore their options and perhaps not dedicate themselves to someone.

This can be very confusing for the Virgo man. He already wants to take his absolute time before diving into any relationship anyway. He’s hesitant and unless he finds someone he deems as “perfect” for him; he’ll wait.

Gemini rising will make him question even that “perfect” match and make it seem as though maybe there isn’t anyone out there that is all he’s looking for and should remain single forever.

This could find Virgo with Gemini rising man being alone for much of his life if not all. He may choose to stay an eternal bachelor. If he doesn’t; he may have a hard time finding someone he thinks will keep him happy.

Relationships are confusing for this mixture of a man. He’ll need a woman who absolutely can prove to him that she’s worth his time, effort, emotion, and longevity.

It may be a hard thing for any woman to show him as he’s not easy to convince. It can be done though. Never ever give up on trying unless of course; you know he’s not into you.

If you’ve managed to snag the Virgo man with rising Gemini you’ll need to keep him stimulated with projects, activities, and sex. The combination may make him feel stable and locked in.

Otherwise, he may want to keep roaming. Remember I did mention he could choose to be an eternal bachelor which would mean having fun with people but never settling down with one person.

Sexual Structure

Virgo and Gemini are both a bit freaky. That means that if you do happen to get sexually involved with the Virgo/Gemini rising guy; you’re bound to have some very interesting sex.

Virgo doesn’t let his freak flag fly. He’s a bit reserved as is Gemini rising. They like to keep that reserved for the right lady to unlock. What a lucky lady to unlock it! You’ll find he’s turned on by many things you wouldn’t even think of.

If you’re up for exploration and experimentation; the Virgo/Gemini rising guy may be a good fit for you. He’s willing to try new things. Where Gemini often can find it a turn on to be with multiple partners at once, Virgo may not agree.

Virgo isn’t a prude but he has standards that don’t exactly agree with Gemini and this is again where the two personalities are conflicting. Virgo is stronger than Gemini and will ultimately do what he thinks is right.

That means that even if he fantasizes about being in a three way with someone; he probably will not do it because it breeches his ethics. However; if he’s chosen to eternally be a bachelor; he could throw that rule out the window. It will depend on if he’s ready to settle down or if he’s prone to stay single for the rest of his days.

Keeping Busy

Virgo Man with Rising Gemini

Both the Virgo and the Gemini are busy folk. They both like to stay involved in projects or as much work as they can. They don’t want to be bored; ever. They think boredom is the worst feeling they can experience.

Don’t be surprised if the Virgo/Gemini rising guy seems to often be very busy. It may be frustrating but if you can remember that his goals are to succeed and keep his excitement open; you’ll be better off.

Perhaps if you help him find activities to keep him busy with you, he’ll be more interested in engaging in more time to get to know you and possibly build a solid relationship.

It’s always best to learn what you can about Virgo man before you make any decisions. Click here if you’d like to gain more knowledge about him to help you.

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