6 Cons To Dating A Virgo Man: Things That May Turn You Off

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Just like there're pros to dating a Virgo, there're also cons that may help you realize he’s not right for you. Here are 6 cons to dating a Virgo man.

Just like there are some tremendous pros to dating a Virgo man, there are also some cons that you may consider. They may be so off-putting that you realize he’s not right for you.

Here are the top 5 cons to dating a Virgo man for you to consider:

1. He’s Incredibly Critical

This man is built for looking and absorbing details. However; it sometimes feels a bit intrusive when he asks you a billion questions. He can sometimes do it in a way that makes you feel you’re under a microscope.

Most of the time when he grills you, he’s really just trying to get to know you. Sometimes though, it seems like you’re under fire and you’re downright uncomfortable with the things he’s asking.

He can say things that seem like a knife in the back. He doesn’t mean to do it but his need for perfection creeps in and he realizes that you aren’t perfect. That doesn’t mean it’s a deal breaker for him but it does make YOU feel undesirable.

His need for telling you where you could improve things in your physique, appearance, or life could feel very offensive. He doesn’t see it as such but you sure feel it.

If you can understand that he’s doing it out of care then you may make it. However, if he does it often and you aren’t appreciating his commentary, you may not make it out alive with this guy. You’ll have to decide whether this is one of the cons of dating a Virgo man.

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2. Judgmental Toward Other People

Since the Virgo man often thinks he hung the moon, he may project fears and irritations onto others. This makes him somewhat judgmental when it comes to other people around him.

He could be driving and decide that everyone on the road aside from him is a moron. He doesn’t understand that he himself has flaws as well. Though he may admit to not knowing everything, he’ll still portray as though he’s a genius.

Pointing out people on television and tell you how flawed they are. He’ll tell you that the right way to do things is to follow what he says. If you tell him he’s wrong, you had better look out.

Thinking that you don’t know what you are talking about, thus you’re being critical of him. He can dish it out but he cannot take it coming back to him. If you show him how judgmental he’s being; he’ll then think you’re judging him which will piss him off.

It’s like what’s good for the goose is NOT good for the gander in his mind. So you’ll have to walk on eggshells at times with this guy. Communicating effectively is a must with him but if you don’t have the patience this may be one of the cons to dating a Virgo man for you.

3. He Worries Far Too Much

Virgo men are more sensitive than they like to reveal to most people. When you really get to know him, you’ll realize that he worries far more than he ever really should.

He worries about world events, about the things he watches on the news. And he worries about people that don’t have a whole lot of involvement with. He’s overly sensitive.

If you’re involved with him, he’ll worry about you far more than he should as well. He’ll worry about your health and nitpick you to death about what you eat or whether or not you’ve exercised. Is this one of the cons of dating a Virgo man?

4. He May Obsess Too Much

He’ll look at your car and think you’re not taking very good care of it which could strand you on the road later on. This is a legitimate worry but he thinks about it way too much.

Obsessing about things that he should just let go of, really. Why is it such a big deal if you don’t park nearly on the curb? Ok, there could be a car that whips around the corner but that could happen anyway whether you’re closer to the curb or not.

When driving somewhere, he’ll critique how you drive as well as how you park. It gets old really fast and you’ll find yourself telling him “how about you drive then if I can’t do a good enough job”.

Being offended by this, of course. However, he’ll also realize that his worry is unnecessary and he’s not giving you enough benefit of the doubt. He needs to let you do your thing and zip his lip.

5. He Can Be Too Quiet or Reserved

Upset handsome Virgo man in quarrel with his girlfriend background - What To Do When A Virgo Man Is Distant Or Ignoring You

There are definitely times where the Virgo man is pulled back and not talking to you much. Even when you live with him, he’ll go through cycles of barely communicating.

This is one of those things that can be very frustrating if you’re trying to build a long-lasting bond with him. You want him to talk and get things out on the table. When he’s upset, you can tell but he won’t talk about it.

You basically have to coax it out of him without him becoming angry with you for pushing him. It’s a battle that isn’t fun to work at. If he truly loves you, he’ll let his guard down and talk about it.

However, if he’s too angry, he’ll not want to talk to you no matter what you say. This could cause conflict and it could cause you to feel resentment toward him. Communication is not easy with him but if you work with it, you could still make it last. This may be of the cons of dating a Virgo man.

6. Bashes himself far too often

As perfect as he tries to present himself as he knows he isn’t that perfect. When he gets comfortable with his partner, he tends to bash himself. He may do it far more than you’re comfortable with.

He will talk about how bad he is at talking, how bad he is in bed, how much he sucks at getting things done, etc. It’s irritating and off-putting honestly. It may be something that you just cannot bear to be around.

If you just tell him he IS good at what he does and doesn’t let him do this to himself, he may listen. Then again, he may continue to bitch about himself. It’s up to you whether you can deal with this or not. Click here for more details on him!

Do you know other cons to dating a Virgo man?

Let me know in the comment section below!


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Anna Kovach

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3 thoughts on “6 Cons To Dating A Virgo Man: Things That May Turn You Off

  1. I would like to date you to prove you wrong, I am a second generation Virgo, My dad was a Virgo. It sounds like you met a narcissist, not a Virgo. I do not worry about stuff all the time, I actually am not hypercritical of women I am with. I also don’t think I bash myself in being not perfect. I am not overly obesssed either, I classify people but I don’t judge them. I can admit when I am wrong, or if what I said hurt someone. We will most of the time let others take lead or control of situations, unless it will be a total failure of lack of leadership. Then we will take control of situations. Try a real Virgo man, then write a blog. P.S. I have had people be critical of me, I don’t break down and cry about it, I don’t ask a million questions. Sounds like a mamas boy than a Virgo.

    1. Hi Will!

      Not all Virgo men are alike. I can only write basics. It takes looking into someone’s chart to really know who they are and how they’ll be in life. I have a VERY close friend who is married to a Virgo man and she’s Sagittarius. HE absolutely does all the things mentioned. The reality is, you probably have a moon and rising sign that make you different. He’s a Virgo sun with Virgo rising. My bet is that you have other aspects that make you untypical. You’re one of the rare birds and a woman would be lucky to hook up with you.

  2. Lol Will..
    You speak like a Virgo male to me..
    Dating somebody to prove them wrong.
    Calling people who cry and express their feelings mama’s boys..
    You feel a need to indignantly address her with all this proof as to why you are so exceptionally different while proving her right as you clearly can’t take her critique 😁
    Too funny…

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