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How To Get A Virgo Man To Ask You Out On A Date

Virgos seem to have it all, with their intelligent eyes, excellent vocabulary (mmm grammar! It’s a swoon from me!), and impeccable style.

They’re often viewed by others as being flawless people due to how well they perform tasks and how well put together their image is. 

Consider that Beyonce, Nick Jonas, and Zendaya are all Virgos and they all are viewed as being absolutely perfect people by their fans as well as the average person.

You might be asking; how do I get my hands on one of these Earth angels? Let’s start with one fact… it’s not easy! 

Despite this, I am here to hook you up with exclusive access to secret knowledge about the Virgo men. These tips will have you knowing just what he’s looking for in a mate so that you are looking as attractive to him as possible. 

Keep reading to get the benefit of my experience with the elusive Virgo man!

Go For A Classy Look

Classy Woman How To Get A Virgo Man To Ask You Out

This is going to make your first impression to the Virgo be a great one, since the Virgo likes a lady with a great sense of style and class. 

Virgos are a reserved sign, and so they appreciate understated colors, demure looks, and traditional looks. Think Taylor Swift, Amal Clooney, or Kerry Washington for style references. 

The Virgo man is meticulous in his own appearance, and he is attracted to the same quality in women. Some believe (me included) that Virgos have the best style in the Zodiac

They’ll really appreciate professional dress or at least, a well put-together casual look. Think “preppy” if you’re looking for a style that will have a Virgo making eyes at you from day one!

Flex Your Intelligence

One thing about a Virgo, they love a smart girl! And it makes sense, since they’re ruled by Mercury, the planet of intelligence. They themselves are some of the smartest cookies in the Zodiac.

They’re high intelligence means that they need their partner to meet them and challenge them mentally. They’ll be happy to participate in a little mental repartee with you. 

Being ruled by the planet of writers, they also adore wordplay and wit. If you’re a girl who can partake in some great conversation, then the Virgo is going to be head over heels in no time. 

So, brush up on your reading because these guys are going to expect someone who is well cultured!

Show Him How Conscientious You Are

It’s become a trend to come across as an edgy, messy, and avant-garde. There’s nothing wrong with this, but I’ll tell you that a Virgo won’t appreciate any of these things in a partner!

He is going to be impressed by someone who knows how to restrain themselves when necessary, and one who takes care of necessities first and foremost. Responsibility is a huge turn on for Virgo folks!

I recommend flexing your organizing skills, keeping your thoughts put together as you speak about them, and keeping your language and grammar controlled. 

This is all going to make a Virgo say: “I could definitely see myself balancing a checkbook with this woman.” With a Virgo, this is a compliment of the highest order!

Be Thoughtful & Serious

How To Get Virgo Man To Ask You Out On A Date

Though I know a few silly Virgos, the bulk of them tread on the more serious side of life. They’re ruled by Mercury, which is analytical and fact-driven, and this rubs off on their life outlook.

They enjoy viewing life in a grounded, practical way. This is what keeps them one of the most successful and industrious signs of the Zodiac. 

As a result, life is often all work and no play with a Virgo. They want to improve and get better, and this is something they’re highly mindful of. 

So, save the stand-up routine for a Sagittarius or a Gemini, because it might just be lost on a Virgo. I recommend some conversation about work and home, or perhaps about literature since many Virgos enjoy books.

Let Him Help You

Virgos are probably most known for their amazing work ethic and passion to complete tasks set before them. Nothing makes a Virgo giddier than checking off things on their to-do lists. 

As a result, you may actually find that they want to help you complete your tasks as well! Their urge to help others is an amazing quality that is often not appreciated by others enough. Let’s hear a round of applause for Virgos!

They’ll be over the Moon if you are willing to let them assist you in doing chores, running errands, and general maintenance duties. The Virgo shows his affection and interest through acts of service

A good excuse would be that you have shelves that need installing, or a doggie door, or anything really! If you’ve been thinking about adding an installation or something similar to your home, ask the Virgo to come and help. 

He’s good with his hands and it’s going to give you two chances to hang out and talk more. After seeing your (hopefully) neat and tidy home and getting to know you while he helped out, he is going to be in a prime position to ask you out on a date!

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Bringing It All Together

Virgos, being ruled by Mercury, are intelligent, speedy, and practical creatures. They are capable of almost anything they set their mind to… (except maybe taking a joke!). 

They are seeking a woman who dresses to the nines, keeps it classy, and who can have a conversation that sparks his curiosity about her. 

He is also one of the most helpful signs of the Zodiac, he keeps everyone around him in line. Asking him to come help you out at home or work is going to automatically endear him to you. 

Getting the Virgo man to ask you out isn’t an easy process, because they know their worth. They will not devalue themselves by going out with someone who doesn’t fully appreciate them! 

As a result, they are highly motivated to find someone who is as poised and cerebral as they are. 

Who among us is really worthy of dating one of these tidy prince’? I can’t tell you that, but I sure hope that you take some of my advice so the two of you can ride off into the sunset on his meticulously groomed steed.

Are you dating a Virgo? What made him ask you out on your first date? Fill us all in down below in the comments section! We’re begging you to tell us how you did it!

Want to find out if you’re compatible with Virgos in general? Take my quiz here to find out if you have inherent chemistry with them!

And if you really want to hunker down and get your study on, go ahead and check out my book Virgo Man Secrets… did I mention that Virgos love a lady who reads? You can find it here.

Wishing you all the luck in the Universe,

Anna Kovach

3 thoughts on “How To Get A Virgo Man To Ask You Out On A Date

  1. Hello. Thanks for the tips!!

    I met a virgo through an online dating app (less than 2 weeks ago)
    We talk about going out someday, and he said we would be available in 12 days.

    Right now I’m not super confident in myself (just started going to the gym a little while ago and since the summer just started now, I plan to go to the beach and take some sun baths to get some tan, I feel preetier)

    So I said to him that I would be available for the meeting only in 1 month from now!

    How can I keep him interested in me until then or…. should I met him earlier even not feeling confident?

    He showed he was ready to be with me soon and I delayed it a lot!
    My fear is that he thinks I’m not interested or he don’t likes to wait that long for a first meeting and moves on and go out with other woman.

    Kindly appreciate any advice that you can give me 🙂

    p.s. I’m a Virgo woman!

    Love from Portugal

    1. Hi Andreia!

      You don’t have to be a super model to impress him. He prefers natural beauty anyway. He appreciates inner beauty even more so than outer beauty. I think you should be confident in the fact that he looks beyond the surface. He’s about who you are. Be casual and meet up with him sweetheart. Be yourself. If you would like some more tips, check out my books on Virgo Man Secrets!

      1. Thank you Anna ! I’ll go for it, I’m just scared because of old wounds. That’s something I’ve trying to overcome.
        I will!


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