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How To Flirt With A Virgo Man And Make Eye Contact

If you’ve been hot for a certain Virgo guy but aren’t sure what you can do to get his attention, here are some tips on how to flirt with a Virgo man and make him yours:

Try to Make Eye Contact

To flirt with a Virgo man may not be as easy as it sounds. If you can manage to make it happen though, go for it. He’s somewhat intuitive and can see who you truly are by looking into your eyes.

It’s said that Virgo has a stare that sees straight into your soul. He’ll also reveal how he feels about you this way as well. If you can learn the difference between “I like you, I want to sleep with you, or I love you”, you’ll be able to read him.

If you’re not yet dating the Virgo guy you like and want to let him know that you’re interested; you’ll give him a gaze that lets him know “Hi, I like you”. Be careful though because you could come off as a crazy stalker.

Giving off the “I’m creeping you” may be taken the wrong way and this could cause him to take off to avoid you. All in all, keep your eyes sweet and endearing.

Assuming you did it right; he’ll come to you to make some conversation. If that happens; you’re golden! At that point, he’ll understand that you find him attractive and want to know him more.

Try to Hang out Around Where He Normally Is

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This doesn’t mean you should stalk him and keep showing up in all his favorite places. Then you’ll just be super creepy and he’ll avoid you at all costs. However, you could occasionally show up at his favorite restaurant, coffee shop, etc.

He may see this as synchronicity and want to find out why you’re popping up. It’ll make him curious enough to possibly try to strike up a conversation with him. If he does, make it a good one!

Virgo men love women who are well put together and intelligent. Witty banter is a lot of fun with him as well. Show him that you’re worth his time if he chooses to finally give it to you.

If you’re involved with someone else and decided to pursue a Virgo; you may want to free yourself first. He doesn’t compete and isn’t interested in someone who is already taken.

In the case that he does; he may just want sex or a casual encounter. It’s not a common occurrence for him though as for the most part. To flirt with a Virgo man understand that he’s very traditional and old school about dating and sex.

Be Relaxed, Beautiful, and Collected

The Virgo man really loves a woman who isn’t in any hurry to rush him into a relationship or into a date for that matter. Let him know you like him by brushing your hand on his while talking.

You can talk about things you’ve observed he likes. If you have not observed him that well; it’s important that you do. Virgo men observe everything and can remember details fairly well, to flirt with a Virgo man you need to remember this.

Keep yourself classy. Dressing trashy isn’t something he’ll dig at all. He wants a woman that isn’t desired by everyone on the block. He’d prefer you be a little more modest and simple.

By simple, I mean well put together, classy and perhaps a little unique. As long as you look tidy and well kept, he’ll probably be drawn to you. A calm demeanor will also draw him to you.

Ask for Advice

cute woman standing outside looking at her boyfriend in background with a warm smile - how to flirt with a Virgo man and make eye contact

To flirt with a Virgo man it’s crucial to know that the Virgo man is a sucker for the “damsel in distress”. That means that if you have a problem; try asking him for help for a solution. He’ll feel useful. After he helps you; you can thank him by offering to cook him dinner or bring him dessert.

He’ll really enjoy the fact that you thought of him to go to for advice. It makes him feel valuable. This is something he needs from his lady love or future lady love. If you know he’s well schooled about something, in particular, use it!

Even if you have a hypothetical situation to get his advice about, go for it. He’ll eat it up and at that point and you’ll be able to get to know him a little more. Bat your eyelashes at him.

Thanking him for the help he has been will turn him on. He always wants to feel appreciated. Even if he’s been with you for 10 years; he’ll always want to know you are grateful for what he does for you.

Getting help from him is one way to open up the door to being able to talk to him on a more intimate level. Be sure to look your best when you do. It’ll get his brain going into analytical mode.

Be a Little Mysterious

To flirt with a Virgo man, you need to be a bit mysterious. While you can talk to him about some important facets of yourself when you finally get to have a lengthy chat with him; you won’t want to reveal everything.

If you tell him everything up front; there is no fun in getting to know you.

This holds true with just about every sign. Maintaining a little bit of mystery keeps things interesting and gives him a good reason to stick around. He may want to unravel the mystery that is you.

It’s a bit more fun to get to know someone overtime anyway. If you know all there is to know about someone right away things become dull and you run out of things to talk about. Keep that in mind when you’re flirting with your Virgo.


To truly know for sure what the Virgo man wants, likes, and would like to do in his life; it’s best to talk to the source. However, I do have a step by step guide on how to get with a Virgo and how to keep him.

Check out “Virgo Man Secrets” to really unravel everything you can ahead of time and get closer to the guy you have your eye on.

Do you know how to flirt with a Virgo man? Let me know in the comment section!


Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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