How To Blossom A Relationship With A Virgo Man Into A Full-Fledged Love

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
These special men just love helping and supporting the women they are with. A Virgo man really takes his time to fall in love with someone, so what can you do to blossom the relationship you have with him into a full-fledged love?Continue reading to find out how to make this sweet and gentle man sing your name from the rooftops!

Being with a Virgo man is one of the sweetest experiences you can have with a man. He’s super thoughtful, practical, and very caring.

These special men just love helping and supporting the women they are with. A Virgo man really takes his time to fall in love with someone, so what can you do to blossom the relationship you have with him into a full-fledged love?

Continue reading to find out how to make this sweet and gentle man sing your name from the rooftops!

Always Be Honest & Authentic

Virgo men have very strong morals and ethics. They abide by the rules and find a lot of comfort in structure. It is important for them to always do the right thing. 

They have exceptionally high standards, and they expect the people they surround themselves with, to live up to these standards as well.

These men do not appreciate lies and dishonesty. They want everything to be above board, the high road is the only road in their opinion.

Make a point of being real and always being honest and authentic with this man, because if you don’t, you’ll likely never see him again!

Honesty is always the best policy when dealing with a man who is a Virgo! If you can be truthful with him, you’ll come to see how much it means to him.

Try Your Best

How To Improve Relationship With Virgo Man

Like I said before, a Virgo man has superior standards, but it is good to remember that he puts the most of this pressure on himself.

He feels the need to be perfect and tries to control his life as much as possible. It isn’t easy living under so much pressure. 

When things get out of control, he can often lash out and make the people closest to him feel small, because unfortunately he also holds these high expectations that he holds for himself, onto others.

He’s a perfectionist, but doesn’t always realize that being critical of others can push them away, and then he will end up being lonely.

All you can do is try your best and make him understand it is unfair for him to expect you to be perfect. You’re a human and you have your flaws, and it is unrealistic for him to try to “fix” you.

Make him understand he shouldn’t put you on a pedestal and have unrealistic expectations of who you are. 

The more you remind him to see your flaws, the sooner he will realize that it’s your flaws he loves most about you.

Be Compassionate

Your Virgo man has a lot on his mind! He is constantly thinking and over-analyzing each and every situation he is in. 

He feels like he’s under a lot of stress and can struggle to find ways in which to relax. He is always thinking of the ways in which he can improve and do better.

It really isn’t easy being him, but there is a lot you can do as his partner to soften his journey.

He needs a lot more compassion than most people, show him how much you care and be sensitive to his needs. He’s trying his best, and he needs someone else to recognize it.

Make sure you give him the praise he deserves and encourage him to often take breaks. He needs to realize that he needs rest in order to be the best version of himself!

Listen To How He Feels

Ways To Improve A Relationship With Virgo Man

It takes a lot for a Virgo to trust someone enough to open up to them. He doesn’t really want to share his problems with the world, but when he does, you can be certain that you’re really special to him.

When he comes to you with his problems, listen carefully to what he has to say. Virgo men have a lot of trouble being super vulnerable and open about their feelings. They are afraid it might get used against him.

Really encourage him to share his feelings and make sure he knows he is in a safe space when he is talking to him.

He isn’t necessarily looking for advice, he just wants someone to listen to him, and if this is something you can provide for him, he’ll be really happy.

Just note that he doesn’t want you to fix his problems, he can do that on his own. He just wants to feel heard and feel seen by someone. He can fix his own issues, but sometimes he needs to vent to someone he trusts.

Ask Him For Support

Following on the previous point, your Virgo man really likes to be helpful and feel useful in the life of his lover.

If you ever have any trouble or issues going on in your life, you can know that you can really depend on this Virgo man.

He loves solving problems, this is what he does best, plus it helps that he’s such a natural healer. He uses his head and his heart when he supports someone.

This man is super intuitive and knows exactly what to do in any situation. When anything is going on in your life where you’re feeling stressed, overwhelmed or sick, you can turn to him for support.

And when you do, trust me, it will mean the world to him knowing that you think he could help you.

Your trust in him will give him a real boost of confidence and really cement the way he feels about you, because your vulnerability says something about the way you feel about him.

Take Things Slow

Taking Things Slowly With A Virgo Man

Like I mentioned previously, your Virgo go is very slow to trust and open up to anyone. Vulnerability really scares him. He wants to be seen as a source of strength in the world.

This makes it rather hard for him to get into a relationship with someone. Falling in love is really scary to a Virgo man.

It means that he has to be super open, and might have to sacrifice himself and possibly experience heartbreak. He is extremely uncomfortable with the idea of this, and frankly it terrifies him.

He would much rather live in a world where things don’t get too messy, and what is messier than when emotions are involved? He likes things organized and in order, and love is never like that in his experience.

The best thing you can do is just give him as much space and time he needs to process what his feelings are. You really don’t want to push him into something he isn’t ready for.

All he needs is your patience and grace, and trust me, this is something he is definitely going to notice. 

When you don’t pressure him, he’ll slowly open up and get more comfortable falling deeply in love. He just needs his time.

Get Him To Teach You Something New

Your Virgo man is a scholar, through and through. This man loves to learn and study all manner of facts.

He is a wealth of knowledge and loves to teach what he knows. He has so many skills up his sleeve and feels really excited when he can share all his passions with the woman he is with. 

It would mean a lot to him if you asked him to teach you more about one of his hobbies. The mere fact that you’re interested in something he loves will excite him to no end.

You will come to love the spark he gets in his eyes when he talks about something he feels really passionate about, and this will make the attraction between the two of you grow even stronger.

You never know, one of his hobbies might become one of your hobbies and it is really important in a relationship to have mutual interests between two partners. It builds and connects the bonds between the two of you.

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In Conclusion

Being with a Virgo man is definitely an interesting path to walk. These men are deeply complex and complicated individuals, but their love is oh so sweet!

They have deeply caring and nurturing natures. They just want the best for people and see the potential for success in every person they meet.

Yes, they can be super critical at times, but they only mean well and see their comments as helpful. 

If you’re dating a Virgo man, you can know that your life is going to improve drastically. All his positive qualities will rub off on you, and sooner than later you’ll be as meticulous and productive as he is.

Are you dating a Virgo man? What is your experience like, and what have you come to learn about these special men? I’m dying to hear your stories, so please leave me a message in the comment section below!

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Wishing you all the love in the Universe.

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer

Anna Kovach

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9 thoughts on “How To Blossom A Relationship With A Virgo Man Into A Full-Fledged Love

  1. Thank you Anna, I have written to you before, your advice was spot on, unfortunately my virgo man passed away on June 10th, a month ago, I was there at his house, I went to see him as usuall on a Thursday, I was met by the police and a coroner, asking all kinds of questions, I went into shock, I was crying so hard, I couldn’t breath, it’s been a month but still feel lost, I miss him so much. We had our problems, sure, but what I miss most is how he made feel loved. Virgo men’s hearts are pure, and full of love, which makes it worth it. Thank you for your help, Anna, his name was lane, it’s still very hard

    1. Hi Cheri cunitz!

      Oh my! I am so very sorry for your loss sweetheart. My heart goes out to your grieving. I am so glad you had the chance to experience the kind of love a good Virgo man can give. Yes, the work is typically worth it with him and who knows… he may send you someone else. Sometimes passed loved ones tend to do that as they don’t like seeing you so sad. Blessings of healing to you sweetheart.

  2. I am a Capricorn. I have a Virgo man in my life. When we started becoming friends he was open about wanting to take things slow and that he wasn’t even looking for a relationship. Over the course of the next 5 months we started dating, me spending more and more time at his house, talking every night on the phone- anything but going slow. And then he had a panic attack after thinking about all the “what-ifs” with us and told me we had to slow it down. That is what brought me to you- trying to figure out what that all meant. We have done things together, sometimes it feels close and sometimes distant or really awkward. He started the slow down by still giving hugs and some quick kisses when we would part. Now 3 months later we are like a yo-yo. A couple weeks ago he had to much to drink and wanted to hold me and didn’t want me to leave, asked me to stay the night (didn’t even touch in bed) then this last week we hung out for many hours and as time went on he was more and more distant and wouldn’t touch me at all and barely acknowledged me. Then I saw him briefly today while we were both working and we stood there awkwardly and we couldn’t even get a conversation going (we usually talk to no end). How long does this pull back, distance, come a tiny step closer, back way off again cycle last? It’s been 3 months and we’re so far apart even though he had said he wanted to build a solid base. It tears my heart out every time I feel he could care less if I existed and then I come running like a puppy everytime he reaches out at all. I truly believe he is worth the effort. We get along great- when he allows the contact, lots of common interests and beliefs, etc.

    1. Hi Jenni!

      He’s being indecisive and overthinking things. I am not surprised he slowed things down. He probably did panic that thinks were going so well and worried that he could get really hurt because of the intensity of feelings. Clearly he cares about you or he wouldn’t be pulling toward you at all. He’s going back and forth because he cares but is also terrified. I think time and patience will cure this. I know it’s not easy for you when he pulls back but if you give him what he needs, he’ll come to a conclusion and solution for building a better bond with you. I think he wants it and eventually it will happen if you can wait him out. It depends on if you think he’s worth it or not. You can find out more by reading my books on Virgo Man Secrets.

      1. Hey,Anna! Me and my virgo man has a smooth relationship from 5 and a half year but now the things has changed between us. Our past years are so lovable and understanding. We understand each other and my virgo man open up to me without any hesitation he tells me about the things he is going on but now things changed if I asked something to him so he says it’s not your matter why I tell you these things it is mine and all and now he now he doesn’t share much anything with me also I found that he is more distant and critical towards me and always finding the mistakes in our relationship. And now he says he can’t see a future now even when i met his family his mother her sister have good relations with me he does all these things but now he says this that I need space from all this i can’t do these things more he has some issues with his career he said that i want space until my career not built i asked him that you will come back and make things better with me he said it all depends on time. And we even have a good time together spending nights he even didn’t block me and in a touch with me and he sometimes msg me whenever he wants some help what should I do he will ever come back?

  3. My virgo man, lies about everything so that part about values honesty is a crock. He lies about small and big things and I’m sick of it.

    1. Hi Kim!

      Oh my gosh. I am sorry to hear that you got a bad seed from the Virgo man pool. The good news is that they are not all like that. It’s not a crock that they have values and are brutally honest. You probably got one with some sketchy water signs in a prominent place in his chart. That can make him different from the “norm”. If you feel he’s not worth it then you’ve got to follow your intuition sweetheart. Don’t ever ignore that voice! You do you and be happy.

  4. Hey in Rachel and Ive been talking to a Virgo man for a month……thing where going so great we texted and talked all the time now I’m lucky if I get a response….. he just stopped answering my calls and texts… if I text him good morning or have a good day at work he responds but nothing after that. I’m completely confused if he’s still interested or not…

    1. Hi Rachel!

      Ask him directly what is going on and why he has gone cold. You have a right to know and you need to find out so you can act accordingly. Don’t be afraid to ask him honey. That’s how you get answers. If you try to analyze it then you may not find out. Tell him how you are feeling and and you should be able to find out what is on his mind. I wish you all the very best!

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