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How to Tell If a Virgo Man Is Cheating on You

No woman ever wants to think that her partner is cheating on her.

She doesn’t want to look through his phone, or start searching to find out if her intuition is right… but if this does happen, it’s comforting to have non-biased help.

As an astrologer, I’ve found that Astrology can be a useful tool for relationships, as it helps you understand and identify key personality traits and behavioral patterns based on one’s Zodiac sign. 

Astrology can help you communicate better and find more efficient ways to express affection. 

Astrology can also help you identify essential indicators to know if your partner is cheating, and what to do if it happens. 

Although Virgo men are known for their service-oriented, honest, and go with the flow attitude in love and romance, their keen attention-to-detail and profound capacity to keep their feelings in order makes them skillful cheaters behind the scenes.

Whether you have noticed a change in his mental focus, sexual appetite, or emotional availability, this article will help you pinpoint five key signs that the Virgo man is cheating on you. 

Keep reading to find out what they are… 

5 Ways to Tell If a Virgo Man is Cheating on You

1. He’s Mentally Checked Out

How To Tell Is A Virgo Man Cheating

As one of the signs ruled by Mercury, the planet of thought and communication (Gemini is the other), the Virgo man is naturally philosophical and analytical in thought. 

Logical and practical by nature, he is comfortable with solving problems and getting himself out of tense spaces, especially in a tense relationship that he is no longer mentally focused on.

If the Virgo man is committed and invested in the relationship, it will be obvious because he will be mentally involved and engaged in what’s going on. 

For example, the Virgo man may not be present at all of your appointments, but you better believe that he knows it’s on your schedule. 

And if he’s in a good mood, he may randomly send you money to pay for your hair appointment, or have a meal delivered to the salon so you aren’t hungry while you wait. 

These are simple examples of how thoughtful and considerate the Virgo man can be when he’s mentally focused on your relationship. 

However, if the Virgo man is not mentally focused on you, you’ll notice because those thoughtful gestures will go out the window. He’s too busy thinking about someone else. 

2. He Stops Showing Up For You Emotionally and Physically

Again, the Virgo man is known for his calm, cool, and collective nature, especially in his relationships with the opposite sex. 

As the sister sign of compassionate Pisces, Virgo is known as a healer of the Zodiac. One of his greatest experiences in life will be learning how to selflessly provide and give.

Therefore, when the Virgo man stops showing up for you emotionally or physically on a consistent basis, you know something is going on. 

This may not be well known because Virgo men are discreet lovers, but behind closed doors (or in familiar spaces) they are very affectionate. Virgo men can be extremely touchy feely when they are in love. 

So, if the Virgo man stops cuddling you after sex, doesn’t kiss you before he leaves for work, or stop calling you at night before he goes to sleep, he may be cheating on you. 

What’s most important to remember here is consistency. If your Virgo man is consistently now providing you with these displays of love anymore, then it’s a sign that he might be cheating on you.

If he’s tired one day of the week and doesn’t want to be intimate, give him a break. 

3. He Starts Hiding Information Or Changing The Passcodes To His Devices

Virgo Man Hiding Information - Are Virgos Cheaters

When it comes to his personal information, the Virgo man can be secretive, but not with those he loves, with loved ones, he believes in being an open book. 

In relationships, the Virgo man doesn’t believe in locking his phone or keeping a tight rein on his devices, he has faith and hope that his partner is being just as transparent as he is. 

However, if you start noticing that the Virgo man is hiding his phone at night, changing his passwords, unfollowing or blocking you on social media, taking unusual phone calls and texting new people, then you have cause to question if the Virgo man is being as faithful as he makes it seem. 

4. He’s Short Over The Phone and Text

Virgo Man Short Over Phone - Do Virgos Cheat

The Virgo man is he loves to talk, so if his communication with you becomes noticeably shorter… this is a red flag.

Whether it’s sharing insights from the latest self-help book, recommending his favorite podcasts, suggesting healthy foods and supplements to add to your diet, complaining about his coworkers, or giving financial advice, he enjoys talking to people, especially the one he loves. 

In a relationship, communication is essential to the Virgo man. So, if he’s serious about you, then he will make it a priority to call and text you so you can connect. 

However, if you notice that the Virgo man starts rushing you off the phone, or consistently takes hours to respond back to your text (and he doesn’t have a logical explanation for it like work), he may be cheating or entertaining someone else. 

5. He Becomes More Socially Active At Unusual Times (Creatures of Habits)

As the ruler of the sixth house, which governs health and daily routines, the Virgo man is a creature of habit. 

Although some would say his life and routine are mundane, repetitive, and insanely boring, the Virgo man finds comfort waking up every morning knowing exactly what he has to do. 

Keeping a clean home and organized schedule helps him stay balanced and maintain a joyful mood. 

If you’ve been around a Virgo man long enough, you’ll pick up on his daily habits and routine too. You’ll notice that he goes to the gym in the morning on Mondays and Wednesdays, and on Thursday and Friday, he works out in the afternoon. 

As a low-key homebody, the Virgo man isn’t big on going out. 

Instead of going to the club and getting drinks, the Virgo man would rather host a themed get together and have the party at an exclusive venue or at his private home. 

So naturally, the Virgo man’s partner will get to know all of his associates and close friends. 

Therefore, if you start to notice that the Virgo man is acting irregularly, and consistently going against his regular routine, he may be cheating. 

Also, if you notice that the Virgo man is hanging out or talking on the phone more frequently with a friend you’ve never met (or heard of), especially at unusual times of day (late night or early morning), there’s a problem. 

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Final Thoughts

Now that you’ve read five ways to tell if the Virgo man is cheating on you, do you believe your Virgo man is being unfaithful? 

If yes, why and what do you plan on doing about it? 

Also, if you’ve ever dated a Virgo man and been cheated on, how did you find out? 

Please share your stories and ask any additional questions about cheating and the Virgo man in the comments. 

And if you’re looking for some more insight about the inner workings of a Virgo, then check out my Virgo Man Secrets Book here:

Your sister and friend, 

Anna Kovach

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