A Moon in Virgo Man – Discover his Inner Self

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
As I write this it’s a Full Moon in Virgo in the sky, and a totally perfect time to touch on the psyche of the Moon in Virgo man. The secrets of the Virgo Moon man are about to be revealed, so keep on reading to get all of his secrets! 

What To Discover In A Virgo Moon Man

As a Relationship Astrologer, I have seen time and time again people who believe that the only indicator of personality in Astrology is the Sun sign. Nothing could be farther from the truth!

Perhaps the even greater marker of personality and the inner life is the sign of the Moon. To know the Moon sign of your man means to know his deep, dark inner motivations. Sign me up!

As I write this it’s a Full Moon in Virgo in the sky, and a totally perfect time to touch on the psyche of the Moon in Virgo man. The secrets of the Virgo Moon man are about to be revealed, so keep on reading to get all of his secrets! 

What’s Up With Virgo Moon Men?

What’s Up With Virgo Moon Men

So, you may be asking, what’s so important about the Moon sign? I’m glad you asked, because it’s the single most significant placement in my humble opinion! 

The key to understanding the Moon sign is that this energy is often directed inward. This is why understanding the Moon sign is important to understanding the psychology of your man. It also rules the mother, his habits, the food he eats, as well as what he needs to feel safe. 

They’re mutable Earth signs which mean that they’re grounded and practical but looking for change and stimulation in some ways. Between an old stable mountain or the shifting desert sands, Virgo is a desert kind of Earth sign! Always moving, but still very much a part of the Earth. 

This means that while the Virgo is one of the most empirical and grounded signs, they also don’t mind navigating change and may even enjoy it. These Earth signs are less slow and steady and more “let’s do something about this now.” 

The Virgo Moon’s Roots

When we were small, the person we probably spent the most time around was our mom, or another important female figure. This is largely where the Moon sign comes from. Virgo Moons may feel that their mother was perfect, since Virgo is always striving for flawlessness. 

Their mothers or nurturing figures may have instilled in him a penchant for self-examination and improvement! Virgos never stop striving for ideals of excellence, and this includes Virgo Moons. 

His mother or other nurturing figure likely carved out for him what’s considered “good enough.” He likely is trying to reach the standards of a parent or parents, even as an adult. This is the type that subconsciously feels he can’t measure up!

Virgo Moons are the type to carry around complexes from their past. Unraveling them is a hard time because his inner voice of self-criticism makes him feel defeated (I wasn’t kidding when I said Moon = psychology!). 

Since one’s partner can often play a nurturing role in the relationship, you can actually help him feel safe and supported while he works on himself. If the Virgo Moon had a love language it would be words of affirmation and affection! Remind him that he’s doing a good job and that he is appreciated. 

The Virgo Moon’s Emotional Nature

The Virgo Moon’s Emotional Nature

One thing to recognize about the Virgo Moon man, is that because he is careful, he will have a hard time opening up in many cases. Don’t be offended if it takes him time to be real with you… it isn’t you. They can just be cold and standoffish at the beginning!

But why? They actually have a deathly fear of being judged! Since Virgo Moons themselves see everything that they perceive as “wrong” with themselves in 4k Ultra Hi-Definition, they are afraid that those he opens up to will see these things and kick him to the curb!

The best way to help a Virgo warm up to you is by proving to him over time that you are a safe person to expose himself to (not like that, you weirdo!). If he reveals an insecurity, thank him for sharing and never use that thing against him, or he will clam right back up!

Virgo Moons are nearly always their own worst enemy! They set very high standards for themselves and others and when the standards aren’t met, they cannot stop trying! It can be a futile battle at times. Coincidentally, reminding your Virgo Moon man to do some deep breaths is a good way to keep sane!

The Emotional Needs Of Virgo Moon Men

You will find that your Virgo man rarely asks you for help with his emotions. His worst fear is burdening those around him and so asking for help or emotionally unloading is something he needs to work on! He’ll get around to it, though. Come on, he’s a Virgo Moon! Self-improvement is totally his shtick. 

Since he won’t request assistance, it’s important to ask him if he needs help or at least reassure him that you’re there for him if he needs you. This alone is comforting to a Virgo Moon man. 

A great way to emotionally reassure a Virgo Moon man is to make sure he knows how helpful and useful he is to you. Praising his obliging nature is going to reassure him that his good intentions are being seen and appreciated. And who doesn’t want to be acknowledged for their hard work anyways?

Virgo Moon men take great comfort in their routines as well. A happy Virgo usually has a tight knit routine and specific habits that make them feel good. The repetitive nature of their Moon sign means that they really need you to respect their routines! 

For example, even if it makes you late for something, you still need to let him go through his steps of getting ready. It’s what he needs to stay content and happy and you’ll be proving to him that you aren’t a threat to what makes him feel safe! 

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Virgo Moon men likely think their maternal figure from childhood was the epitome of perfection and they often are subconsciously spending their lives attempting to meet that person’s standards. For this reason, it’s important to assure the Virgo Moon that they are good enough as they are.

Virgo Moons are a sign that may not seem like they need a lot of emotional maintenance from you, but it’s still important to check in with them to ensure they aren’t carrying the load alone. This is going to give them permission to relax around you, something they struggle with. 

They are great guys who are just a little high strung…. okay, maybe VERY high strung. But they are gentle and helpful types who will make sure all of your needs are fulfilled – when they feel emotionally connected with you, that is!

Are you dating a Virgo Moon man? Have you noticed any of the above characteristics? Fill us in down below!

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