Virgo Man with Leo Cusp: What Is He Like?

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Have you been seeing a Virgo man who seems to be outspoken and flamboyant? If you know a Virgo man with Leo cusp, here are some things to keep in mind.

Have you been seeing a Virgo man who seems to be outspoken and flamboyant? If you know a Virgo man with Leo cusp, here are some things to keep in mind:

Shared Planets

Both Virgo and Leo are ruled by the Sun and Mercury as well. This makes them more apt to say what they’re thinking and at times seem to have no filter. This could make them blurt things out when they shouldn’t.

They have the foot in mouth disease every now and then. He may feel as though it’s all about him and thus thinking that the world for sure revolves around him and his standing in life.

The Virgo man with Leo cusp will seek attention and adoration but will also want people to be honest with him. He’s practical and wants to help people find their personal best. He will still always look after his best interest first.

Mercury is the planet that makes you think about everything before you take any action. This could make him take a long time about making a choice when time may be limited.

The Sun will make him out there and in your face type of guy. The Sun rises and so does the Virgo man with Leo cusp. He will expect lots of attention from any partner he gets involved with.

He’ll also want to be the center of attention at any event or meeting. On a date, he may ask a whole lot of questions but he’ll turn it back around to put him in the spotlight and tell his date all about him.

Skills He May Possess

Virgo Man with Leo Cusp

The Virgo man with Leo cusp is likely to be driven and very productive. He’ll make sure that anything that needs to be done will get accomplished. He isn’t one to procrastinate unless he’s having a hard time deciding something.

He is a very hard worker and will always make sure that the work he does is quality. Whether it’s his business or if he’s working for someone else; he takes pride in what he does.

He also has the capacity to be very inspiring to people. He has influence and will do well if he uses this influence to help other people accomplish their goals. This man is practical and likes to make use of himself.

This man likely has high ambition and wants to be something better than he was before. He’ll strive to be better and more experienced each day he lives as he knows it’s important.

Virgo/Leo man is optimistic and always looks forward to what the future has the capacity to be. His communication ability is likely very strong and will help him to thrive in love and business both.

When It Comes to Relationships

The Virgo man with Leo cusp will be attentive and nurturing. The Virgo side wants to take care of his lady and the Leo side wants to be very affectionate. So you’ve got a winning combination between the two.

He is a very thoughtful type of guy. If he knows you use a certain type of toilet tissue and notices you’re running low, he’ll have no problem picking some up on the way to your home.

Of course, if you live together; he’ll notice most things and be able to quickly replenish whatever is needed in the home. He may also call you up and ask you if there is anything you need.

This is also the type of guy that knows what kind of candy you like and may randomly show up with some just because he thought of you when he was at the store and saw it.

He’s fantastic with gift giving when it comes to the love of his life. They may be very small gifts such as your favorite soda, candy, or any other things you may enjoy that are reasonably priced.

He is careful with his money but if he does see something he thinks you should have; he may very well decide to buy it whether or not you asked him to. This is what makes a partner want to be very close and cuddly with him.

It’s easy for a Virgo/Leo man to draw in a woman. However; he’s very picky. Virgo men typically want to take a great deal of time to get to know their perspective partner where Leo may go a bit faster.

This could mean he could commit quicker than other Virgo men are willing to. What this man will want is lots of lavish adoration and love. Honesty and communication is also very important to him.

Securing these qualities when you get involved with him will help you open up a beautiful partnership that has the capability to last for the long term.

Sexually Speaking

Virgo Man with Leo Cusp

This man is a loyal lover. Virgo is a closet kinky freak. He comes across as somewhat of a prude when he doesn’t want to divulge his secrets yet. He may not even have sex right away.

If he does; he’ll be somewhat modest while he tries to learn what his partner is into. The Leo side of him will want to get the maximum pleasure which means lots of foreplay to make the most out of it.

He’ll be really attentive and you shouldn’t have too many complaints in the bedroom once he becomes comfortable enough to share with you who he really is as well as what he likes.

Satisfaction is likely what you’ll get with the Virgo man with Leo cusp. Naturally, it may be wise for you to learn as much about Virgo himself as you can because there are some personality qualities that may be important to you.

Leo will make him more social and open but he IS still a Virgo so that side will dominate much of the time. Please click here to learn more about the Virgo man. It just may help you get a real line on him.

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Wishing you all the luck of the universe

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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4 thoughts on “Virgo Man with Leo Cusp: What Is He Like?

  1. Although very sexually alluring and satisfying, this particular cusp can be distracted by sensitivity in bed. Especially if it’s an open relationship, they deep down really can’t accept that. Which can cause inhibitions and distance… Also, once this man feels u were dishonest a stubbornness take over.. From which side of the cusp idk. But it’s nearly impossible to turn the relationship back around.. My advice,,, good luck,,, don’t fall inlove!!!

    1. Hi!

      You’re absolutely correct. Virgo men don’t really like the whole open relationship thing. They will try it and if they’re really closed off to love for whatever reason, they’ll do it but deep down, they don’t truly gel with it. Absolutely he will hold grudges when he feels slighted. I wouldn’t say it’s nearly impossible though. It always takes the right partner to learn how to get through to him. The right person will make him engage and work past his issues. I wish you the best sweetheart. You deserve it!

  2. Why was it an open relationship? If you were so in love with him, then why stray with other people? Not wanting your significant other to cheat on you isn’t being overly sensitive. Anyway, I hope both of your hearts can heal.

    1. Hi Wondering!

      Well Virgo men are open to it but their heart ultimately doesn’t like it very much. If the woman he’s really into says that’s all she can do at the time then he may have agreed. If he’s the one that suggested it, it was a way for him to put a shield around his heart. Either way, Virgo usually end up ending that because it weighs too heavy against their moral code.

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