Virgo Man with Rising Libra: Who Is He?

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
If you met a man with rising Libra keep reading to find out more of what this man may be like and have to offer the right partner.

If you met a man with rising Libra keep reading to find out more of what this man may be like and what he has to offer his partner.

Alluring but Confusing

This is a bit of an odd couple. Virgo/Libra rising can create inner turmoil for this guy as well as anyone he becomes involved with. It also makes him a more difficult personality to deal with.

Virgo men are normally already fairly critical of everyone, including themselves. Virgo man with Libra rising, he has a way of doing it in a very smooth way as to not be detected as criticism.

Then again; he has days where he cuts right to the bone of the person he’s laying it all out for. Libra rising may do it on purpose to hurt the person he’s being critical of as means of revenge.

Virgo men don’t need to be in relationships while Libra rising is always looking for their soul mate. So this is another conflict they have and cause this Virgo guy to not be sure of what he wants.

He may be hot to trot one minute then cold as ice another as he’s going back and forth an effort to decide what may be best thus confusing his possible suitor or lover.

What Relationships Bring

Virgo Man with Rising Libra

The Virgo man with Libra rising guy will need copious amounts of time to figure out what he’s looking for in a match or even to decide if the person he’s considering may have what it takes.

He’s looking for a woman who is a nurturer and will calm him with lots of love. He craves affection and being taken care of in a way. I don’t mean financially though. He will still want to be the breadwinner and main caretaker.

This man is a bit of a traditionalist and so he’ll want to court the right woman until he believes she’s the one for him. He’ll take much time rather than trying to dive into anything that may not work.

Virgo man with Libra rising will want to bond with someone while Virgo’s natural side wants to maintain a certain sense of freedom. This causes arguments with himself as to whether or not the person he wants to be with will understand this.

An independent woman will be the best fit for this combination. He will want lots of loving care but also lots of time on his own to do his own thing. If he has the best of both worlds; he’ll treat his partner like royalty.

It’s hard for most people to grasp the amount of alone time this guy really wants. It doesn’t seem realistic. Just remember that Virgo men don’t actually need a relationship to live their lives.

Libra rising, however; craves to have the right partner and it’s this energy that causes the Virgo/Libra rising guy to become confused yet finds himself wanting a lady love in his life. Any relationship that is romantically inclined with this man will take a great deal of communication and work.

In the Bedroom…

This is one area that likely won’t be an issue with the woman that is lucky enough to get in bed with the Virgo man with Libra rising guy. Libra rising while looking for his “one” will still have a tendency to keep his eye out even while he’s with someone.

This sometimes means he can be a bit promiscuous which again; doesn’t seem to fit well with Virgo’s virtues. Now hold on a minute… Virgo men can sometimes be promiscuous as well; not the “Virgin” they’re supposed to represent.

It’s all in their Moon or Rising sign as to whether they’re more regimented with what they will or won’t do or if they let go and enjoy. Libra rising will pull Virgo to let go and enjoy the ride.

Once in the bedroom, both Virgo and Libra will want to be sensual and make sure you get lots of pleasure out of it. Virgo is a bit kinkier than the Libra rising, however.

So this Virgo man may find himself a bit more reserved on what he’ll do or not do in the bedroom. He’s a bit more inhibited. However; he’ll still make sure to provide plenty of sensual fun so don’t you worry about that.

Who He Is In Life

Virgo Man with Rising Libra

This guy is really intelligent and is excellent at observing people. This can make him the type of man that would be an amazing private investigator if he really wanted to.

He’d also make a phenomenal FBI, CSI, or investigator of any sort that requires much analyzing and putting data together to solve crimes. His brain is a prize and leadership is something he’s a natural with.

You’ll often find a Virgo/Libra rising man in a position of power or leadership. He’s gifted with teaching and inspiring other people to become the best that they can be in life.

He’s a coach, a teacher, or someone who can make a difference in the world. He cares about people and wants to see them succeed in life. When he’s truly tuned in to all the good he can do, he’ll likely be very successful.

Money isn’t typically an issue for this combo as he always knows how to get what he needs and on time. He isn’t likely to fall behind on bills or be unable to pay what needs to be paid.

He also isn’t likely to be lazy either. He’s a go-getter. Libra rising will add that social edge to the Virgo man thus allowing him to feel more comfortable in social settings.


As far as getting close to anyone; he’s rather cautious as he is terrified of being hurt, more so than most other people. So he will naturally keep most people at arm’s length until he truly knows them.

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