Why Does My Virgo Man Ask so Many Questions All the Time?

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Are you trying to figure out why Virgo men ask so many questions all the time? This may seem frustrating but is completely healthy for you both.

Are you curious to know why Virgo men ask so many questions? Being with a Virgo man may seem a bit exhausting at times as he does seem to ask lots of questions. At least when he’s trying to get to know you at the beginning of a relationship.

This may seem frustrating but it’s completely healthy for you both:

Figuring You Out

While these brainy guys are getting to know you, you may be wondering why Virgo men ask so many questions. Whether it’s what you are eating for dinner tonight, what you had last night, and what you plan for tomorrow; he wants to know.

This is actually helpful for him to get to know you at your core. No other sign wants to know you that intensely. This is a compliment and should be taken as such even when it feels annoying.

Sometimes it feels like prying; I get it. However; he’s trying to learn what he can so that when or if he decides to build a future with you; he’ll know what he needs to in order to make you happy.

This also teaches him what you love, what you want, what you don’t like, and what you would like to build for your future. This is the guy that wants to help you accomplish your goals or dreams.

If you have always wanted a man who REALLY listens to you and remembers everything (or almost) you tell him, THIS is the right guy. He genuinely wants to know how you tick.

He Is Taking Inventory

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When the Virgo man wants to shower his woman with the affection he likes to figure out what she loves in life. That way he can try to provide her with it in some way. He stores this information in his mind.

If he shows up at your door with your favorite soda and snack, you’ll be happily surprised and he’ll be happy to do it for you without expectation. It’s the little things that build up and mean so much.

This is the way Virgo men show their affection for you. Perhaps your car needs an oil change and he remembers you mentioning it so he takes your keys and goes to get it done. If he’s able he may even change it for you himself.

The man is immaculate when it comes to remembering birthdays, anniversaries, and other important events in your life together or even just in yours. Things that other guys tend to not remember, he will.

He’s not one you’d ever have to worry about forgetting your wedding anniversary or birthday. He’ll be on top of it and be very well prepared so that you’re shown the utmost affection and love. You may wonder why Virgo men ask so many questions, but the end result will surprise you.

He May Not Know What to Say Sometimes

There are those times with the Virgo man is being shy or just doesn’t know what to talk about. Maybe he isn’t a big talker in general. This then leads him to ask questions to try to get the conversation flowing.

It also allows him to learn enough about you so that he knows what he can talk about next time he calls you, texts you, or emails you. He knows what you like and what you want.

Ultimately he would not have any idea what to talk to you about if he didn’t ask you loads of questions. While it may seem overbearing at times; keep in mind that he’s not doing it to be annoying.

He is doing it so he can really get close to you and know what he can to do make you really happy. At the beginning phases of a relationship with him or the “get to know you” phase. This is why Virgo men ask so many questions.

He Needs To Know

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Honestly, how would he know that you don’t like carrots because you’re allergic to them any other way? What if he baked you a carrot cake and brings it to you only to find out then that you’re allergic.

There is always a method for what seems to be his “madness”. He isn’t trying to be pushy or run interference in your life. Though sometimes he does tend to offer up advice you didn’t ask for.

He cares is the bottom line. If he didn’t he wouldn’t ask you a bunch of questions and wouldn’t try to offer you advice. He also wouldn’t care to get to know you. He doesn’t do this with just anyone.

When the Virgo man asks 101 questions, it’s because he is absolutely enthralled with you and wants to get to know you more. He may not want to be grilled in the same manner which can be problematic.

You’ll need to be careful when you start asking him the same questions. Though if you’re having a casual conversation you can say “how about you” after you’ve already answered.

That could open up the door for him to let some of his own emotional walls down thus helping the two of you get closer. Bottom line is, he won’t waste his time with a woman whom he isn’t into.

In fact, I’d wouldn’t be worried as to why Virgo men ask so many questions. I would be a bit worried if he didn’t ask me loads of questions. I’d be concerned that maybe he isn’t into me enough to want to know who I truly am.

Be Careful With Him

The Virgo man is sometimes rather sensitive. Be careful with his heart. If he starts to ask you lots of questions it sure-fire fire sign he’s interested in you. If your heart isn’t ready to be swept away; you may not want to answer him.

Also if you shy away from answering his questions; he may take this as personal and not want to ask you any more questions. That may lead to backing off entirely. Click here to learn more about what makes a Virgo tick.

I hope that this helps shed some light on why he plays the question game. It’s simply to know you and to fall in love with you.

Do you know why Virgo men ask so many questions?

Share your story (or situation) with our community in the comment section below (don’t worry, it’s anonymous).

Wishing you all the luck of the universe

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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