Do You Make These Mistakes With Your Virgo Man?

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Read to find out of you make these mistakes with your Virgo man and learn how to create a wonderful relationship with him.

At first glance, a Virgo man can appear nitpicky and too serious for any kind of a romantic bond. But you shouldn’t be fooled with the general trait of a Virgo reputation, because the men who belong to this Zodiac sign are very reliable and devoted.

Read about the mistakes you can make with a Virgo man and instead, learn how to create a wonderful relationship with him.

You Appear Sloppy and Untidy

This is the worst thing you can do if you are truly interested in a Virgo guy because he hates the stains on the clothes, people who look messy or even unclean, and certainly, he despises those with any sort of inappropriate behavior which frequently follows this style.

Implement the daily discipline and wear a simple, but elegant hairstyle, and for goodness sake, keep your clothes tidy and neat. Also, remember that too many details like riffles or drapes will make you look like you are going to the flamenco class or opera, and certainly not straight into his arms.

If you truly want to attract a Virgo guy and bond with him, don’t look like you have just returned from the crazy party with your hair and makeup messy, and your dress all over the wrong places of your body.

You Talk Too Much

Make These Mistakes With Your Virgo Man

It’s not a matter of communication. Being the sign under the rulership of a planet Mercury, every Virgo man loves to communicate. However, this is a sign of “quality” communication. Virgo man despises the shallow talk and if you try to cover your lack of interesting themes with the endless analysis of your feelings or common or popular sentences, he will surely get bored and start to look for the polite way to end up your date.

Try instead to think before you speak. And once you speak hold on to “down to earth” subjects. As a man, Virgo man too, can’t quite understand the depths of a female soul and her ability to endlessly chew, swallow, bring it back, then chew again some emotional themes. Don’t do this if you want his attention. And keep your conversation short and up to the point.

You Talk Too Much About Spirituality or Mysterious Subjects

Ok now, you must think. He doesn’t like shallow themes, so he will surely love to hear me speak about something deep like religion, my connection with the divine, concepts of karma or traveling to an ashram in India. But I have to tell you honestly, that those ideas won’t work either.

As the grounded type of guy, a Virgo man will feel lost regarding those issues and as such, he will feel like it’s for the best to leave them as they are. He will fall for a woman who appears with a little bit of mystery in her moves or body, but he will surely have enough and over his head if that woman gets lost in the wide ocean of higher knowledge.

You Are a Party Girl or You Strive to Have the Full Social Life

This is a death sentence for any Virgo guy, let’s not fool ourselves. He simply can’t stand too many people around him, when music is too loud, girls behave inappropriately and what’s worse, when they are drunk or under the effects of some illegal substances. Those situations create an instant panic in his mind and he won’t even think about some excuses, he will just run.

Virgo man knows the importance of having a network of friends and associates. However, he is totally aware of the fact that if he wants to prosper in life, he will have to surround himself with the quality people, not just average Joes who want to have fun all day long. And if you truly want to be the essential part of life for your Virgo guy, then your friends or social circles should resemble his.

You Show Your Ambition and Initiative

Make These Mistakes With Your Virgo Man

There is truly nothing wrong when a woman is stable, grounded, knows what she wants and plans her steps carefully to get the future she knows she deserves. And any Virgo man will respect and highly value such woman, no doubt. On the other side, he is conservative, too.

Virgo man despises girls who are too strong or take on the initiative. If you like him and want to have something more with him, then you will have to learn how to be patient and wait for him to approach you and make the first move. 

Even if he likes you at the first glance and then you call him on a date or just coffee conversation, he might say yes, but he will never truly pursue you because you showed as too strong. The same applies to the girls who love to wear military or sports types of clothing, or they talk, eat or drink like men. This is a big no-no in the eyes of any Virgo guy.

Your Daily Schedule Is Confusing

There is nothing more irritating for a Virgo man, then a person who doesn’t have the clear and timed daily, weekly or monthly schedule. If your life is based on waiting to hear from him and reshaping everything else going on in your life around the date he will invite you on, then you are a person of a low value for him, and as soon as he finds out what is going on with you when he is not around, he will pull back or leave for good.

You must have a life of your own. And also this life has to include your healthy practices like exercising, beauty treatments, real foods and also some foods for thoughts.

Even if you are unemployed, you have to appear like you are working on something, building your projects for the future and having your own mission. If you want to show how strong you are, this is the exact area you should present to him.

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Do you make these mistakes with your Virgo man? What are your thoughts about Virgo men?

Wishing you all the luck of the universe!

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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