Virgo Man Compatibility: 12 Female Virgo Man Matches

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Virgo has a few that he is well suited with but if you don’t see your sign; don’t be discouraged. Here is how a Virgo man matches with women.

Are you curious what signs the Virgo man matches best with? He has a few that he is well suited with but if you don’t see your sign, don’t be discouraged. His moon sign may also play a role with who he will work well with.

The Best Virgo Man Matches:

1. Taurus Woman

The practical and steady Taurus woman is an excellent fit for the Virgo man. She’s reliable, truthful, and will bring stability for the Virgo who seeks a life of routine and peaceful waters.

However, if not careful, the Taurus woman could smother her Virgo lover. If she can pace herself and not overwhelm him with too much attention, she’ll find him more responsive. Click here for more.

2. Cancer Woman

The warm and loving Cancer woman could brighten his life and provide him with the affection he seeks. She’ll also give him a well-matched home as well as family to grow with.

Cancer Zodiac Sign - How A Virgo Man Matches With Women


The Virgo man will have to be careful with his sensitive crab though, as she may get her feelings hurt by his sometimes crass criticisms. More on Cancer woman with Virgo man here.

3. Scorpio Woman

The Virgo man matches great with her. She will be exciting and mysterious which draws him in. She has plenty of love and romance to share with him. She’ll just need to be careful with her passion being a bit too much at times. Read more about the Virgo man and Scorpio woman by clicking here.

4. Capricorn Woman

The Capricorn woman may be a sure-fire fit. They’re both trying to find success in whatever it is that they do and they both crave stability. They’ll easily be able to work together whether in a relationship or in business. Take a look at the Virgo Man with Capricorn woman compatibility here.

Virgo Zodiac Sign - How A Virgo Man Matches With Women

5. Virgo Woman

Sometimes being with someone of the same sign can work nicely. However, with Virgo, there may be things that they have too much in common with causing them to bump heads often. Take a look at the Virgo with Virgo man matches more closely.

Other Signs:

Don’t feel discouraged if your sign isn’t listed in the “best” options. There are always different circumstances and facets to each person that could trump this and so before you write the Virgo man off. Here is more information for you.

6. Aries woman

You may be a bit confident and possibly abrasive for him. However, where there is a will there may be away. Check out more information on Aries woman with Virgo man by clicking this link.

Aries Zodiac Sign - How A Virgo Man Matches With Women

7. Gemini Woman

She can provide a lot of fun and adventures but you’re almost opposite to each other. Communication may prove to be a bit difficult but not impossible. Learn more about the Virgo man and Gemini woman connection here.

8. Leo Woman

There is also the lovely Leo lady who can rev up his engine to be sure. However, she will not like his laid back approach in life. She may become cranky with him and accidentally hurt his feelings.

There is more you should know about these two. If you want to read more about the Virgo man with Leo woman, check this article out that I wrote a while back: Virgo Man and Leo Woman Compatibility.

9. Libra Woman

How about the Libra woman? She and the Virgo man matches. You may have a very cerebral match-up which isn’t bad. However, you could also feel somewhat uncomfortable around each other. Libra is indecisive and it could drive the Virgo man nuts. Is there hope?

There may be but there is more than you should know about this union. Take a look at the Virgo man with Libra woman matchup here.

10. Sagittarius Woman

With her, it will depend on her level of maturity as far as what she’s ready for and can handle with her Virgo man.  They connect intellectually and he loves her mystery.

Learning more about how these two can interact and possibly make it work could be useful for you. Check out the article I wrote on the Virgo man and Sagittarius woman here.

Sagittarius Zodiac Sign - How A Virgo Man Matches With Women


11. Aquarius Woman

She will turn his brain on for sure. However, her reluctance to be serious when he’s ready could turn him off. You two could become far too detached from each other if you’re not careful.

Still,  there is always a chance to make it succeed. It may help you to take a look at my article here.

12. Pisces Woman

Finally is the connection that Virgo man could have with the Pisces woman. She’s a bit more sensitive than her and he could hurt her with his critical words toward her. Yet there is still a possibility if they work at it.

Read my article regarding the Virgo man with Pisces woman right here.

Dependent on a Person and Situation

Virgo word - How A Virgo Man Matches With Women

Picture this, a Virgo guy you had a huge crush on and was friends with in high school was completely oblivious to how you felt. You meet up with him 25 years later and he’s lived a full life.

Now suddenly, he isn’t so oblivious and because you were friends, he’ll easily talk to you and feels comfortable enough to completely open up to you. Next thing you know he’s telling you how he feels about you.

Then you’re off to live a good romantic life with one another no matter what your sign is.

Even if you’re a Sagittarius who was once considered “flighty”; you’ve found a reason to stay on the ground and stick it out with your perfect Virgo guy.

So honestly, each situation is different as is each person. While we can project some basic behavior patterns, it’s always going to require a bit more detective work and getting to know someone to know if you can make it work or not.

Did you enjoy this article on Virgo man matches? Let me know in the comment section below.

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