How to Date a Virgo Man – The Ultimate Guide in 6 Easy Steps

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
How to date a Virgo man? These are seven of the most common attributes, and the best-selling points for dating Virgo men.

If you want to date a Virgo man you know, there’s something special about him. It’s the way he holds himself, it’s the way he acts around other people and when he’s alone. Everyone is unique in their way, but these reasons to date a Virgo man will blow you away.

They are honest and kind and a little more rebellious than most. Being with a Virgo is like being on a rollercoaster, the exhilaration, the twists, the winding down, and the rush. Virgo men have many things to offer, and these are just a few.

I’ll explain to you how to date a Virgo man in these six easy steps:

1. He is honest

Virgo men are typically sincere people. They don’t like it when people lie to them, and they figure that they shouldn’t do it to others if it makes themselves feel just as bad.

When you’re friends with a Virgo, there’ll be some tough times where he may be too honest, but he’s only telling the truth because he cares. If he didn’t care, he probably wouldn’t say anything at all.

When telling white lies, fibbing, or exaggerating, a Virgo can pick up on it. They’re incredibly intuitive, and they might call you out if they think you’re lying to them.

If you date a Virgo man, be honest with him, he’ll be correct back, and the grounds for any good relationship is honesty.

2. He is charming



These Virgo men could charm anything out of anything. The drip with charm, everywhere they go they leave someone falling for them. It’s not like they can help it, either.

Charm comes naturally to Virgo’s, and it’s what makes them so outgoing and robust.

They exude confidence because they know how they affect people. When dating a Virgo man, he may test his limits with you by using his charm on someone other than you for a minute.

Jealousy comes natural to a Virgo, so when he tests you, you have to claim him as your own. He loves being free, but what he won’t tell you is that he likes being possessed more. If you want to date a Virgo man you need to know that a stable relationship is everything a Virgo man craves.

3. Headstrong

Being headstrong shouldn’t always be considered a bad thing, it can mean that you’re very tenacious and dedicated, it can mean that you know what you want and you go for it.

It can mean a lot of things that people may normally brush off as being particular. Virgo men are all of these meanings and more, they are so dedicated to the things and people they love that they’ll rarely give up on them.

Virgo is ruled by the planet Mercury, and Mercury moves around the Zodiac so quickly that it’s ahead of everyone else and it seems to be going back in time because it’s moving so fast.

Mercury is filled with organized chaos and unknown information, and that’s what a Virgo man inhabits. Virgo men will work towards what they want, and they won’t give up until they get it.

4. Nurturing

Virgo’s in general, but more specifically Virgo men have a hard exterior. They don’t let many people in, they don’t show people their weaknesses very often, but once you manage to see what he’s like, he’ll keep you around because he may feel vulnerable.

Inside a Virgo man, past the rock and rubble, there’s a sensitive side that stays hidden.

Virgo men are secret softies that will care for anything and everything in their path. They don’t usually show this side of them because they believe people will deem them weak or too emotional, and that’s the last thing any Virgo wants.

5. Clean


No one likes a dirty person, and that’s just a plain fact. Virgo men may be messy, but they are in no ways dirty.

Organized chaos is a term thrown around when describing Virgo men and their habits.

Things may be all over the place, but your best bet that he knows where everything is because everything has its place and meaning. His mind may be like his room in a way; messy but organized. If you date a Virgo man, you need to accept this.

6. Attractive

There are some model-worthy people out there, and many of them are Virgo’s. Virgo men are naturally handsome throughout their entire life.

A beautiful baby is a lovely adult in any Virgo’s case. Their planet’s alignment blesses them with their foreign genes, and it may seem like they’ve won the genetic lottery.

Having some eye candy on your arm is rarely ever a bad thing, so take your time looking at your Virgo man and his beauty, it’s not going anywhere soon.

Virgo men are amazing beings and dating one will give you an experience of a lifetime.

They’re kind and honest, and hot. There are more pros than cons at this point, so there’s no reason not to date one.

If this is not enough for you, then I strongly recommend you to read my book called Virgo Man Secrets. There you will find everything you need to know on how to date a Virgo man and much more about your Virgo man.


Do you know the right way to date a Virgo man?

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