How To Maintain A Strong Emotional Bond With Your Virgo Man

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
If you’re with a Virgo man or searching for one, then you’ll likely have questions on how to best connect emotionally with him. What activities will open him up for emotional connection? Is there anything that you should be doing to connect with your Virgo man better emotionally? 

If you’re with a Virgo man or searching for one, then you’ll likely have questions on how to best connect emotionally with him. What activities will open him up for emotional connection? Is there anything that you should be doing to connect with your Virgo man better emotionally? 

Luckily, I have many years of experience as a Relationship Astrologer, and I know a thing or two about the nature of the Virgo man! Are you ready to take advantage of the knowledge that I have?

If you’re prepared to hear my four EPIC tips for building a stronger emotional bond with a Virgo man then you’ve got to keep reading to access this exclusive and life changing information! 

Do Errands And Chores Together

Cleaning With A Leo Man

If you’ve been searching for some way to bond deeper with your Virgo man then you’ve probably looked high and low! Would it surprise you to find that your answer was as close as your own vacuum or a run to the grocery store? Well, it is! 

Virgos are associated with the sixth house of mundane activities. Sounds like a blast, right? It actually can be lots of fun to connect with your Virgo through things like chores, grocery shopping, and housework! 

Virgos typically don’t skimp out on these activities, which means you know it’s something that you can count on happening again and again. Virgos are practical and so they see the merit in doing menial activities. It keeps them busy and occupies their active minds! This means you’ll be catching the Virgo when he’s in his true element. 

I think you’d be surprised by how emotionally connected you’ll get with the Virgo while doing dishes with him or making some stops in the car together. You’ll see him when he’s feeling his best, good, busy, and productive.

The emotional conversations you can slide in here will be fruitful. I think that you’ll really get to like doing chores once you see how much deeper it can bring your emotional bond to the Virgo!

Keep Him Guessing

Emotionaly Connected With A Virgo Man

As you likely know, the Virgo man has a mind that won’t stop firing on all cylinders. His sign ruler is Mercury, planet of intelligence and intellect. This means that he has a keen mind. He’s always attempting to figure out life’s riddles. 

I’ve noticed that if you want to activate the Virgo man’s potential in love then you’ve got to show him that you’re a tough problem to solve. Since the Virgo man’s emotions are sometimes overshadowed by his mental capacity. His emotions can actually get most involved in mental activities.

This is exactly why I advise you to show him all of the contradicting sides of you. I know that there is more than one version of you, so don’t just be the version that you think the Virgo man wants to see! Show him some parts that are expected and others that he’d never guess.

This is what will keep you on the mind of the Virgo. He’ll be turning you around in there like a Rubik’s Cube while he tries to assign you into a label. When you’re on his mind as much as you will be in this case, he can’t help but get emotionally invested in you! 

Make Your Emotions Practical

Strong Emotional Bond With A Virgo Man

As I mentioned, the Virgo is not an overly emotional guy. He has emotions, don’t get me wrong. It just takes a lot to activate them. Being ruled by Mercury, he’s more concerned with solving daily practicalities and problems than getting emotional about them. 

The Virgo will better understand your own emotions if you communicate their practical effect on your life. You’ll find that he’s much more able to understand your feelings when put in the context of how they effect your life. 

I’ve been able to observe that women who say things like “when you do x it makes me feel y, and when I feel like that, I can better relate to you and understand you.” This makes the Virgo man better understand the real life, practical impact of your emotions. 

I know that you’ll be able to find your own good ways to phrase how your feelings impact you and your relationship with the Virgo man. When he knows exactly what the pragmatic meaning of your feelings are he will know far better how to accommodate you and he’ll feel closer to understanding why you feel like you do! 

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Let Him Help You

One thing that a Virgo man is great at is being of assistance. If he had a love language that he’s best at executing, it’s acts of service. You’ll notice that in lieu of emotional support when you’re struggling, he’s far more likely to find some physical, real world way to help you out instead. 

A Virgo’s strong suit is not comforting words or hugs and kisses, though they can indeed be good at those. The best thing that he’ll know how to do for you is give you assistance in tasks. 

If you’re in a sad spot and just don’t feel like leaving bed that day, the Virgo wants to help! Ask him to run a few errands for you or to clean your kitchen while you work on feeling better. 

I can attest (and I am sure that other women can to) that a lot of emotional struggles are made worse by looming issues in the world outside yourself. Your bills, your dishes, your laundry, etc. all pile up while you try to get in a good spot! 

This is where the Virgo can be the greatest help. He wants very much to help you but sometimes intense emotions are just out of his depth. So, allow him to shine where he operates best! This will allow him to feel immensely useful and he’ll feel more emotionally connected to you while you feel supported in your emotions by the Virgo man.

If you’re in a relationship with a Virgo man and you’ve successfully maintained a deeper emotional connection with him, I need to hear how you did it! Chime in in the comments below! 

Wishing you all the luck in the Universe, 

Anna Kovach

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2 thoughts on “How To Maintain A Strong Emotional Bond With Your Virgo Man

  1. I’m a Pisces woman in love with a Virgo man and have been for 30 plus years. We haven’t been together the whole time but we’ve known that we were meant for each other since we were teenagers. We were high school sweethearts and just getting started with our relationship when he got into some trouble and had to go away. He told me not to wait for him so I went on with my life but we never forgot about each other. When he came back a few months later he found me but I had already moved on. We reconnected a few years later but it didn’t last because I was in a relationship with someone that I thought I wanted to be with forever but deep down I never really got over my Virgo guy. We eventually went on with our lives but never got over each other. We have just recently reconnected again after 20 years and it’s just like we never left each other. He recently reintroduced me to his mom and sister whom he’s says are the most important people in his life. The feelings that we have for each other now are as strong as they were back then. We keep reconnecting and I truly believe that we’re meant to be together and are making plans to make that happen. I believe he is my soulmate and can’t wait to be with him for the rest of my life!

    1. Hi Tee!

      What a wonderful story! Thank you so much for sharing it. It’s amazing you two found your way back to each other and yes, it’s meant to be. I wish you all the happiness you deserve with your Virgo man. Blessings!

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