How To Show A Virgo Man That You Really Love Him

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
How can you show a Virgo guy how you really feel? How do you let him know that your heart craves his love? It’s definitely your lucky day, because I am going to help you learn how to show a Virgo man that you really love him so keep reading! 

Are you madly in love with a Virgo man who has no idea? I’m not surprised. Virgo men don’t always pick up on hints and signals. They are sometimes oblivious to a woman desiring them or even loving them!

How can you show him how you really feel? How do you let him know that your heart craves his love? It’s definitely your lucky day, because I am going to help you learn how to show a Virgo man that you really love him so keep reading! 

Now You’re Cooking!

I know that sounds funny but Virgo men love it when women cook for them. Virgo men are typically good cooks themselves, but when a woman cooks for them, they are very impressed.

If you are dating him then this should be pretty easy. Cook a romantic meal for him either at your place or his. Light some candles for ambiance and wear some delicious scents like warm vanilla on your body.

This romance may surprise him and he’ll analyze it for sure, but he will also feel as though you’re making him feel special – which is huge! He wants to know that he’s special to you, so go for it.

If you aren’t that great with cooking, try out something easier like making him a dessert with coffee or wine. He’ll dig that too. It’s the thought and effort you put in to show him how much you care for him that counts! 

You can even get a card for him with hearts on it that say how special he is to you, without coming out and saying “I love you” if you aren’t ready to. The hearts are a sign that he will recognize and will know it’s not just a friendship thing.

Special & Practical Gifts

Gifting A Virgo Man Showing Him You Really Love Him

Virgo men love pragmatic gifts because they can use them. If you have been paying attention to what he loves to do, you’ll know exactly what will work. If he’s into art, you could get him materials to work with.

If he’s into music, you’ll get him his favorite artist’s record or a t-shirt. Figure out his favorite movies and do the same. It’s really quite easy, and surely if you love him, you know what he’s passionate about. 

That’s what you can do to show a Virgo man that you really love him. He may act like you shouldn’t buy him gifts, but he actually does secretly adore it!

Anything you can do to make him feel as though he’s an important fixture in his life will show him how much you care. Virgo relationships are more successful when he’s happy. 

Shower Him With Support

Showing A Virgo Man You Really Love Him

Look… your Virgo man tears himself apart being his own worst enemy. For him to believe in himself, he needs help. YOU should be the help if you really and truly love him.

Showing him he has your heart, you will need to shower him in support. A Virgo man loves you when he feels you have his back. When he talks down to himself, lift him up. 

Remind him that of his greatness and that can do anything. He may not always believe it when you say it, but it will sink in after a while and then he will start to evolve into what you see.

He will also be ever so grateful for all the support that you give him. A Virgo man in love will adore you and cherish the time and effort you put in for him to feel good. Optimism is always better than anything.

Pumping him up and reminding him that he can accomplish anything he wants; he will be stuck to you like glue. All he’s ever wanted is a partner who would have his back in times of greatness and times of despair. 

Appeal to his intellect and show him how smart he actually is. Encourage his creative side and his abilities to manifest what he wants in life. You can do this better than anyone else!

Physical Attention For Love

Virgo men do love sex. They also love being intimate (not just sex). They love to get kisses and hugs from you whenever you want to give them to him. He may not always be affectionate toward you because he’s the “strong” type of guy.

He may not be used to all your love either. However, once you do give it to him, he’ll expect you to give it to him consistently – or else he might start to think something is wrong. Be sure you are physical with him to show him the care you posses.

Hold his hand, kiss him on the cheek, or kiss his lips. Put your hand on his thigh while he drives or while you’re driving. Any sign of passion you can show him will be good.

Naturally, he responds well to sexual activity, as long as you’re showing him it’s not just about that. He doesn’t want to be with someone if that’s all it is. He wants reassurance that you want everything with him.

He wants to be loved and appreciated, so giving him the attention and affection he craves is a perfect way of how to show a Virgo man that you really love him. Don’t be afraid of his beauty. Remember, he’s all yours! 

Have Fun With Him!

Having Fun With A Virgo Man

Virgo men love to have a good time. They love it even more when it’s with their person. Plan to do things with him that will make for an interesting and exciting date. You know what he likes so take him somewhere special.

You can secretly plan a date that will include lots of laughs, food, and joy. This can be a group date or a private one. Try doing something that will make him feel alive. He loves the outdoors, for one. 

Whatever his passion is, you can include something he likes in your plans. If he’s ever mentioned something to you that he’d like to try but hasn’t done yet, then take this as an opportunity to hook him up! He’d love for you to show him the ropes or try something new with him.

The Virgo man wants his life partner to be someone he can have fun with and enjoy both the serious and silly moments. He wants you two to be best friends. Show him how much you love him by treating him like he’s your bestie.

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Final Thoughts

Virgo men are pushovers once you show him how much you care. Of course, the most effective and direct way you can let him know you love him is by simply telling him. 

I know that may sound scary, but a Virgo man appreciates when someone tells him exactly how they feel and what they want. It takes the guess work out of it for him, and it alleviates the analytical side of him that is trying to figure you out.

Mystery is fun, but when you want him to know how you feel, it’s not good to keep it to yourself. It doesn’t help either one of you. Tell him what you feel so that he knows and you can both move forward together.

And always show your loyalty to him because that is VERY important to a Virgo man in love. He needs a solid, independent woman who has her head on straight. 

Have fun with him, be romantic, show lots of affection, and basically treat him how you want to be treated. You will not be disappointed and neither will he! This is all how to show a Virgo man that you really love him. 

Again, he’s not good at subtle hints, so you’ve got to turn it up so that he knows what is going on with you. He’d rather you be blunt with it anyway. Speak up and get it out. 

Tell him that you want to be closer and build your bond. Talk about your future and include him in it. He wants to you know that’s what you want and what you see going forward.

If he doesn’t agree, he will tell you at that point, but most likely if you’ve gotten this far with him, he probably is a Virgo man in love anyway. What have you got to lose by being honest? 

One last important thing to remember about Virgo men… they require space sometimes. Let him do his thing because if he is with you all the time day in and day out, he will start to lose himself which can cause lots of problems. 

Let him go out alone, have time at the house alone, or go out with friends and he’ll be happy as can be. 

Speaking of happy, did you know that hot stuff Nick Jonas from the Jonas brothers is actually a Virgo? Wow, it probably takes a bit to win his heart but well worth it I’m certain. 

Did you show your Virgo man how much you love him in a different way that I didn’t list? Tell me all about your own experience!

Share your story (or situation) with our community in the comment section below (don’t worry, it’s anonymous).

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Wishing you all the luck of the universe.

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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12 thoughts on “How To Show A Virgo Man That You Really Love Him

    1. Hi Elle!

      It’s my absolute pleasure to share with you my knowledge on Virgo men. One of my best friends is a Sagittarius and she’s married to a Virgo man so I get to hear all of her experiences and everything she’s learned being with him. It’s very useful and I love passing it on to other women who want to know all they can about their Virgo men. I do also have my books you can check out on Virgo Man Secrets!

  1. I’ve tried all of this. Support, understanding, care and love! Cooked for him, went out of my way to make time for him. Talked intellectually about every single problem he had. After 5 years, he still pushes me away, cheats with other women, seems to care very little for me. I’m done. He’s nothing but a narcissist megalomaniac. I’m so done!!

    1. Hi Di!

      I’m sorry that your Virgo man turned out to be a jerk. They are not all this way though sweetheart. They are all different. Also you have Virgo in your chart as does everyone else. Don’t write them off because of a bad egg. Keep your heart open until you find the right one for you whether that be a Virgo or another sign. I wish you all the best!

    1. Hi Daisy!

      I’m glad you can relate and find them to be true for you. I have the advantage of one of my best friends being a Sagittarius woman who is married to a Virgo man. She knows him pretty well and has learned so much. I’m grateful she shared all she knows about him as it’s helped me to pass it on to other women who love Virgo men. You can always learn more also by reading Virgo Man Secrets!

  2. I watercolored a pillow with his favorite colors and his last name, he didn’t show it but I could tell that he absolutely LOVED it! He asked me if he sweated on it would the colors be ruined and also if he could wash it without ruining it. He got the message I am very fond of him. ❤️ Thank you Anna Kovach for all of your wisdom!!!

    1. Hi EvolvingSeason!

      Awww how lovely! That was very sweet of you and yes, of course he would love it. He’s sentimental even though he comes off as hard or tough sometimes. You got right through to his heart. I’m glad to hear that this went over so well. Thank YOU for sharing this with me. If you ever need anymore help with Virgo man, check out my books on Virgo Man Secrets.

  3. Your advice and analysis of the Virgo man are very true and I relate because I am a Virgo myself. I am in a relationship with a Vrgo man and sometimes it is difficult because we are so much alike. Perfectionists!

    1. Hi Jade!

      Thank you for chiming in as a fellow Virgo. I love hearing from the actual signs. It helps me know that I’m on the right track. I really appreciate that. You’re right when you’re two peas in a pod, it can be frustrating because you want some things to be different enough to keep things interesting. Also you both have strong minds and standards. As long as you’re both talking to each other and keeping it honest then you’ll have a happy road ahead with your fellow Earth Sign.

    2. Hi,
      I been friends with a Virgo Giy for 20 years just got back in contact with him but he is married . Told me that they were separated and getting a divorce. I’m his friend so I encourage him to work it out and seek counseling but he said he tried all that. Ok to make long story short we started to kick it and he started to grow feelings for me but then when 3 months passed he told me he love me I met his dad and mom everything was going fast and good then suddenly he went ghost he went back to his wife but then when I come to town he leaves home to be with me he always make a scarf ice to be with me I’m confused because I told him he have the power to choose and I don’t want to mess up a family but he continue to want to be with me . Please Ann tell me what I should do I love him now and I got introduced to most of his family.

      1. Hi Confused!

        Yikes. I am so very sorry to hear that he went back to his wife. She must have convinced him to give it another try. If he says he still wants to be with you then you’re going to have to tell him that he needs to choose because you’re not going to be anyone’s second choice. You deserve to be someone’s one and only. I mean that! Tell him to figure it out and get back to you. If you want to know more about Virgo men, check out my books on Virgo Man Secrets.

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