Virgo Man and Cancer Woman Sexually: Are You A Good Match In Bed?

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer

Have you ever wondered how the Virgo man and Cancer woman sexually match? Many people would assume that this kind of union can be somewhat boring, but I have to tell you honestly that is far from the truth. In many cases, a Virgo man and Cancer woman can be a match made in heaven. So, please read on.

Not Just a Hookup

Virgo guy and Cancer girl are both usually a little shy and hard to access in the beginning. She will appear a bit cold for people who don’t know her well and he will seem distant. However, those traits will be a great starting point for their friendship which will eventually turn out into a committed relationship if the other planets in their natal charts are making beneficial mutual aspects.

Getting to know each other will take at least weeks before they start the intimate phase, and this will be a good thing also because they will understand each other’s needs very well. Cancer woman seeks security in her life, while the Virgo guy is all about the sense of duty. And they will complement each other beautifully in every way, especially in bed.

The Hidden Pleasures Water and Earth

Virgo Man and Cancer Woman Sexually

Their initial intimate experience is somewhat colored with the fear and it can be slow like they both are little afraid to show naked and let the other person explore their body.

However, after this first contact, Virgo man will get rid of his stiffness and the Cancer woman will finally open up because she is building her trust in him through the sexual connection. After a while, they both will relax and then the real excitement can begin.

Some other Zodiac signs can perceive both of them as a rather conservative couple, but in today’s world of on and off relationships, friends with benefits or “complicationships” as the “modern” relationships are named, two of them will create deep and devoted bond, which will lead them toward the magical pleasures.

Transformation of the Elements

In the world of astrology, the sexual pleasures can be seen in the area of so-called “eighth house”, which is the house of transformation and sex. For the sign of Cancer, the eighth house falls in the sign of Aquarius, and for the Virgo sign, this eighth house is located in the sign of Aries.

Now, you can imagine what can take place between the nice, warm and traditional Cancer girl when she attaches herself to an honest, well-mannered and sometimes nitpicky Virgo guy.

Their sexual life is everything else than the one you may expect to happen. In this case, the Cancer woman will, after she emotionally opens up, seek for variety, new poses, many experiments, and even some high-end sexual toys.

The Virgo guy will, on the other side, show the power, passion and even aggression. In this way, her Cancer water as her main element will transform into the air, and his earth will become a fire.

You might think that they are very conservative when you meet them in a public place or in a friendly environment, but their hidden life is a completely different story. She will suggest something new and exciting, and he will accept her ideas with a powerful zest and an experienced smile on his face.

Astrology Insights

Usually when the two natal charts are compared the level of passion and the quality of the sexual experiences of one couple is seen through the contacts of their natal Venus and Mars. Venus is the planet of pleasure, while Mars is the action drive. Having in mind that the signs of Cancer and Virgo are placed closely, only Leo stands between them, her and his natal Venus are never very far.

And in many cases, the position of this planet is often in the sign of Leo, which makes them prone to the royal joy of kissing, touching and all those small, but important moments of soothing each other.

The planet Mars can be positioned anywhere in their charts and if the Virgo guy has his natal Mars in the strong place or making the beneficial aspect toward her Venus, then his desire for her is usually sky high. And, with her hidden bed pleasuring ideas, two of them are able to create unforgettable moments.

Take It Slowly and Rock Me Through the Night

Virgo Man and Cancer Woman Sexually

Intimacy between Virgo guy and Cancer girl starts at home because they both don’t feel so good in an unfamiliar environment. That is why is hard to expect from them to have the satisfying experience in hotels, cars or any other places than the security of bedroom.

They both need to have long and sweet foreplay which will turn into long and exciting sex, which can last for hours and hours. In many cases, they can become experts in the tantric techniques, even not knowing this consciously.

However, the main rule of their relationship has to be fulfilled and this is their need to feel secure. Everything else will come easily like the topping on the cake. And in the case of Virgo man and Cancer woman, sex is a deep, transformational and a powerful game for sure.

But please, tell me about your experiences if you match with one of those signs? Did your Virgo guy surprise you when you got to know each other better? Was it an endless joy or you might say something else? I would love to read your comments and get to know your desires better.

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Are Virgo man and Cancer woman sexually compatible? What do you think? Share your story (or situation) with our community in the comment section below (don’t worry, it’s anonymous).

Wishing you all the luck of the universe

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer, Anna Kovach

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4 thoughts on “Virgo Man and Cancer Woman Sexually: Are You A Good Match In Bed?

  1. I’m currently seeing a Virgo man. After 1 month of talking over social media, he came to my city (5hours away) to see me. We had the most passionate sex and fore play I have ever experienced. He is so passionate and intense. We ended up spending the weekend together.

    1. Hi N,

      Wow sounds like a pretty fantastic weekend. Yes, Virgo men are quite passionate. They’re closet freaks even though they’re supposed to be the “Virgin” of the zodiac. For a Cancer woman, there is definitely really hot times bound to happen. I hope you keep it going but if it was just a weekend then enjoy that memory. I wish you nothing but the best.

      1. Hi kyleah!

        Well each couple is unique but Cancer and Virgo are two signs that tend to be kind of freaky between the sheets so I would say that yes, they absolutely can have amazing sex. Again, it will rely on experience and the person individually. As long as both of them stay open and honest with each other, they can have mind blowing sex.

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