How To Overcome A Virgo Man’s Weaknesses In Love

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Virgo men don’t trust people easily because they learned that love can hurt. I want to share with you ways to overcome a Virgo man’s weaknesses in love.

Virgo men are sometimes overly critical, which can cause them to overthink to a point where they are emotionally crippled. This is a vicious cycle for them.

They really don’t trust people easily because they learned in life that love can hurt. That being said, you have to show him that he can trust you. I want to share with you ways to overcome a Virgo man’s weaknesses in love.

Get Your Virgo Man To Open Up To You

One way to help overcome a Virgo man’s weaknesses in love is to help him open up to you. In the beginning, it’s always difficult because that’s not an easy thing for him to do.

What you have to work on with him is building trust between you. When he becomes more comfortable with and can start feeling trust, he will open up little by little.

That means you cannot rush this process. He’s slow and methodical when it comes to trust. He’s much like a Scorpio in that way. He’s born not to trust very easily.

Over the years he’s experienced much disappointment, hurt, betrayal, and being lied to. This builds his distrust even more so. This makes it hard for a potential lover to “get inside” with him.

It can and will come if you are patient with him. Give him time to work past his distrust and let him start to build something healthy with him. Don’t push him or he’ll only back up more.

Combat His Critical Behavior With Kindness

Virgo Man's Weaknesses In Love

I’ve actually had a Virgo man confess to me that his being hypercritical and judgmental are his character defects. I would say that this absolutely speaks volumes.

Most Virgo men are very aware that they are nitpicky and tend to be overly critical when it comes to other people. You may even experience this when you watch television with him or go out in public.

Comments about people in a derogatory sense will show you this. He might not do it right out of the gate, but as you see him starting to get cozy with you, it will come out.

The thing about Virgo men is not only are they critical of others, but they are really critical of themselves. They are very much the biggest enemy to their own character.

They tear themselves apart and make themselves feel guilty or feel down about themselves. It’s a vicious cycle for a Virgo.

That’s something that has to be considered when you are upset with him. He’s already hard on himself so when you come at him with anger, he tends to shut down.

He goes into self-preservation or the Virgo man depression kicks in. That’s something else that’s hard to deal with.

The best thing you can do is be kind, gentle, and take a calm approach when talking to him. That will help him understand and actually listen to you.

Again, patience is definitely needed if you want to have a healthy relationship with a Virgo man or get him to open up to you.

Be Honest About Your Past

This is something that definitely can get on your nerves. He will dig or fish around in your past. He wants to know about your past lovers.

He knows that he won’t like it and that it will hurt him but his curiosity and need to know forces him to be nosy. It doesn’t really make sense.

He’s going to be critical of your exes, no matter what you say. If you tell him that it’s none of his business, he becomes untrusting of you. This becomes a whole mess.

While you’re trying to be honest when you do tell him about your exes, he will be judgmental about why you’d be with them and will wonder what’s wrong with you.

Virgo men don’t mind staying friends with their exes but if you try to do the very same thing, he will absolutely not be alright with it. He will say that he doesn’t mind but that’s NOT true….

It’s not even close to true. He may not always say something, but trust me when I say that he will always have it going on in his head.

When he gets angry enough from other stuff, he will throw that into the pile of reasons to fight with you.

This is definitely a Virgo man’s weakness in love. He lets the view of your past interfere with what is possible going forward.

You may have to explain multiple times why things ended with your exes, why you did what you did, and why you’re now with him.

He definitely has fears of not being like your exes, but then again, he doesn’t want to be anything like them. I know it’s totally confusing but this is the way his mind works.

It’s terrible but if you provide him with comfort and reassurance, he will do his best to understand you and trust you.

Ease His Worries

Virgo Man Behaviour In Love

The Virgo man is one of many burdens; meaning he feels bogged down by everything in life. If he isn’t careful, he could develop an illness, be it physically or mentally. He analyzes absolutely everything he hears and sees.

When it comes to love, he does the same thing. This is absolutely one of the Virgo man’s weaknesses in love. He struggles and has to fight with himself all the time, it seems like.

Don’t be surprised if he is on medication or has stomach issues. He stresses himself out because he cannot easily relax.

In fact, you can help him to unwind from his stress by treating him to a nice dinner, taking him to a spa, or giving him massages with your own hands.

Do things that show him that you care. He doesn’t do these things for himself but at your suggestion or you driving him there will change the reluctance.

Treat him to a healthy, tasty meal. It’s even better if you cook it yourself and make the environment very comfortable, whether it’s at your place or his.

This bonding will show him that you actually are concerned about his well-being. Yes, he will analyze it and ask you “why?” Virgo men are like 5-year-olds; constantly asking “why?”

In fact, if you ask them a question, they often will tell you the answer then ask why right behind it. They now want to know why you’re asking them this.

Take him for some Reiki or get him to meditate with you if you can. It won’t be easy to get him to do it but if you can convince him that it’s for good health and peace of mind, he might go along with it.

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When You Love A Virgo Man…

You will have to be very patient, loving, and tender with him. The care you give is the only way he will see how amazing you are!

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Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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    I am a cancer and I am very caring. This is something he seems to appreciate and thanks me for all the little things I do. After reading I realized some of what you suggest I am already doing and he is responding positively. Thanks!!

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