Virgo Man with Rising Sagittarius: Who Is He?

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Have you met a man that seems hard to pin down? If it's a Virgo man with rising Sagittarius he’ll be a difficult guy to catch.

Have you met a man that seems hard to pin down? If it’s a Virgo man with rising Sagittarius he’ll be a difficult guy to catch. Read more to find out what he may be like:

A difference in Life Values

These two signs are very different from one another. Virgo has a set of values he follows to a “t”. Sagittarius is freer flowing and fun living. One is set in his ways and the other is like a fluid.

The two of these signs when separated; are very different and don’t understand each other for the most part. So when you combine the two energies, it makes for a constant internal conflict for this Virgo combination.

He will believe things have to be a certain way but then the Sagittarius side of him will want him to be more of the go with the flow type. What they do share is their love of travel so this Virgo/Sagittarius combo will likely want to take many trips.

They also both enjoy the outdoors and are typically humanitarian types. Sagittarius teaches Virgo to open his mind up a bit more instead of Virgo being so set in his ways.

Since both signs are mutable, this means that they are both able to find a way to adapt to whatever situation or relationship they may be involved in. This is a very good thing.

Speaking up may be an issue at times for this Virgo. He is one that likes to think things over while Sagittarius rising wants to speak his mind and tell it like it is. He may stress himself out trying to figure out when to speak up and when to wait.

What Is He Like in Relationships?

Virgo Man with Rising Sagittarius

This is another one of those combinations that will see through you. Virgo men are highly observant and Sagittarius has a sixth sense. The two together will not let you get away with anything.

They have a natural ability to find out anything they want to. They will observe your behavior and your actions. They will know you better than you know yourselves.

This can be really helpful at times but at other times it may be rather annoying and off-putting. No one wants their every move examined or questioned. Virgo cannot seem to help himself.

He carries with him all the information he learns from you. He’ll either use it to uplift you and help you accomplish your dreams or he’ll use it against you should you two get into a falling out.

He will nitpick about things he thinks you should improve on but it’s normally done out of love. The Sagittarius rising in him will help him to speak out about what is bothering him.

The Virgo/Sagittarius man needs a partner who will stand up to him and put their foot down when he’s in the wrong. Don’t allow him to bully you by his critical comments.

It’s not that he’s trying to be mean; he’s trying to help you realize there are things you can do to improve your quality of life. He doesn’t understand that it’s for YOU to figure out on your own and not his business.

Communication may be an issue with this guy and it will require a great deal of patience to make it work. However; if you truly love him; you’ll be more tolerant of his blurting things out. As long as you know it’s coming from a good place; you should be able to continue bonding together.

Sexual Encounters

What might it be like to be intimate with the Virgo/Sagittarius guy? One word: ADVENTUROUS. Virgo men hide their sexual cravings or fantasies until they get to know their partner better.

Sagittarius rising is very creative and likes to try everything at least once. They’re open to all sorts of fantasies. So when this energy combines with Virgo, he is very open-minded and ready to try just about anything new.

He’ll take pleasure in finding excitement where he can get it. If you want to try new toys, new porn, or even possible new partners; he may be up for it. Tell him what you like and give him a chance to respond or try it.

There is not a whole lot that this guy won’t be up for. I say he may be up for trying new partners as in swinging or “open relationships” but his Virgo side may mandate that it’s cheating and won’t take part.

The thing is, you won’t know until you try or suggest it. Anything can happen with this guy and why not try getting all the excitement and pleasure as you can? Go for it and see how hot it can be.

Taking Control of Life

Virgo Man with Rising Sagittarius

The Virgo/Sagittarius blend may get confusing at times. Virgo is one to want to take charge of life and make sure success is his in the future. Sagittarius is more of a free thinker and tends to give into daydreaming too often.

There has to be a happy medium somewhere between these two energies for this Virgo guy to find out how to line his path up and manifest success for the future he truly wants.

This is the Virgo man that you may find daydreaming when he should be getting up and getting after it. As his partner, you’ll need to be a proactive person who can give him a kick when he needs it.

He needs a partner who will inspire him to take action instead of sitting still thinking about things. If he sits around thinking too long, he may lose out on opportunities that come his way.


Loving the Virgo/Sagittarius man means helping to push him out of the house and into steps for his success. He’ll love you for it! It may also help you to learn as much as you can about the Virgo man by clicking here.

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