6 Ways To Nurture The Passion With A Virgo Man

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
If you are really in love with your Virgo man and love the passionate bond you two have, then you’ll need to consider doing everything you can to make sure he stays put. Now you are wondering that will it take to make your Virgo man stay. I can help you! Keep reading to find out the six ways to nurture the passion with your Virgo man. 

Do What It Takes To Keep Your Virgo Man Happy

If you are really in love with your Virgo man and love the passionate bond you two have, then you’ll need to consider doing everything you can to make sure he stays put. 

Now you are wondering that will it take to make your Virgo man stay. I can help you! Keep reading to find out the six ways to nurture the passion with your Virgo man. 

6 Ways To Nurture The Passion With A Virgo Man

1. Make Him Feel He’s The Only One For You

A Virgo man that is ready to settle down will want a partner he can rely on. More importantly, he wants to feel as though he’s the only one that turns you on. 

Keeping the passion going between you and your man comes from complimenting him in the bedroom. Make him feel good about the intimate time you spend together.

Tell him he’s the one for you. He wants to feel desired by you in a big way. That’s part of what turns him on and makes him feel needed and wanted in the bedroom. 

Pay special attention to his needs but also be sure to share with him exactly what he can do that will really please you. He wants to know these things. It takes out the guess work and helps him make you happy.

Believe it or not, he does want to make you happy, but you cannot leave him guessing on what it is that fuels your fire. This is one of the biggest ways to nurture the passion with Virgo man. 

2. Maintain Your Independence

How To Nurture The Passion With Virgo Man

Yes, he wants to feel needed and wanted, but he doesn’t want you to be needy. What’s the difference? Well, you can ask him for help sometimes and you can express your desires.

When you’re being needy is when you seem to have lost the will to do things on your own. Don’t be that woman that obsesses about his text messages or lack thereof. 

I’m not saying that you have to change who you are, but if you went into this doing your own thing sometimes then he expects you to keep that. It was one of the sides of you that he acknowledges and appreciates. 

It’s healthy not to text all the time. It’s also good for the both of you and your relationship to do things independently from each other sometimes. It’s good for him to have alone time and it’s good for you as well.

It gives you time to miss each other. Virgo man will love you and be more passionate about you when you don’t try to control him or become his shadow. If he helps you to do something, watch him so you can do it yourself for next time.

The Virgo man loves to help a woman in need but when she asks too often, he gets turned off and his passion for you will start to dissipate. Stay who you were from the beginning. 

3. Keep Communication Flowing

Communication Flowing With A Virgo Man

Remember that Virgo men don’t respond well when you go at them while you are emotional. Keep your cool when you want to talk to him about something. Wait until you are not as upset, if you can.

This is not to say that you are bending to his will – no, this is about you making sure you say what you need to say but not doing it while you’re not thinking straight.

The Virgo man is a thinker and analyzer. Anything you say will be examined by his mind over and over. On that note, give him some good content to chew on. I know that’s hard to do sometimes but if you work at it, you’ll get it. 

Virgo men want the truth from you but it has to sound logical. If you feel absolutely passionate about him, tell him if he doesn’t already know. He’s not good at trying to figure stuff like that out.

Give him a big kiss and tell him “you’re the guy for me” then explain to him why. If you don’t, he will surely ask you. Positive feedback is very important to him. 

Being on the same page with your Virgo man is absolutely necessary. He’s more likely to stay passionate about you this way. He wants someone he’s in tune with. 

4. Keep Looking Your Best

Woman Looking Her Best For Virgo Man

Every Virgo man will differ in what he likes in a woman’s appearance. If he’s really attracted to you then clearly you have what he wants! You can also ask him what else he likes.

You don’t have to dress up every time you’re going to see him… but looking dynamite sure will help your case! You can be wearing jeans and a t-shirt and he’ll still think you’re gorgeous.

It’s all in the way you present your looks. Fix your hair nicely, wear minimal makeup but just enough to enhance your features, and smell nice. He loves the way you carry yourself.

Confidence is definitely sexy. Hold your head up, look him in the eyes, and you’ll definitely be able to nurture the passion with your Virgo man. When you’re sure of yourself (not ego filled), he will find you to be irresistible!

If you get arrogant or cocky, he will likely be turned off, so try not to brag too much. Do tell him about your successes though. He’ll love knowing that you’re doing your best. 

It’s all in the look you give him when you’re talking to him. Don’t let your eyes wander off. He may think that you’re talking but don’t really mean what you say. 

Yes, he reads your eyes and your expressions. He’s one that will watch people’s body movements to determine who they are. Just be aware that you need to be “all in” when you’re with him. 

Trust me when I tell you, this really revs his engine up! He loves the attention from you and makes him feel important. That in turn makes him hot!

5. Always Tell The Truth To Your Virgo Man

Virgo men can tell when you’re not being honest, so it’s best if you always tell him what is going on. You also need to speak up if there is something you don’t like or want to change.

It doesn’t do anyone any good when you withdraw important things that could affect your love and passion for each other. Virgo man passion maintains when he knows he can rely on you to speak up.

Just remember that when you do it, be diplomatic and calm. It’s much more effective. He’ll love talking to you and hearing your opinions. If he’s wearing a shirt that doesn’t look good on him, tell him!

He may not like it for a few seconds, but when you explain to him that it doesn’t flatter him and doesn’t match the rest of his look, he’ll appreciate it. This is yet another thing he’ll love about you. 

If he needs a pedicure, tell him! This seems like such a small thing or like you’re nitpicking but honestly, he really doesn’t realize sometimes that it doesn’t look appealing.

He wants you to care enough about him that you want him to be and look his best. It’s inspirational to him. Some people won’t speak up to him so it’s important that you do. 

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6. Virgo Men Are Visual & Mentally Turned On

This is the most important out of all of these methods of keeping the passion burning with your Virgo man. When you’re going for keeping the heat, you need to give him what he really likes.

Put on a peep show for him with sexy lingerie. He’s a classic guy so he loves things like garter belts and stockings with high heels. 

This is much like one of his very favorite sexual positions being where you’re sitting on him in a chair facing outward so he can pull your body back and grab your breasts. He will be able to see even better if you do it in front of a mirror.

Most Virgo men enjoy watching porn or looking at erotic magazines. Keeping him well satisfied in bed will make him desire you all the time. This desire is part of his passion for you in general.

A woman who gives him all he could ask for and is a porn star in the bedroom with him will make him feel like the luckiest man alive. His love and appreciation for you for all these things will keep him around.

He also appreciates loyalty. It’s alright to look at me in erotic magazines but if you check out the waiter at the restaurant you’re having dinner at with your Virgo, he’ll get jealous.

Be very careful. Your Virgo man wants your love, your attention, your care, your communication, and honesty. He also wants to feel that he’s the only man for you in and out of the bedroom.

I know it sounds like a lot but Virgo men are typically worth it. Make sure you’re not getting short changed. If there is something you need from him then tell him. That’s the honesty thing. 

I hope this helped give you a plan to implement the best ways to nurture the passion with Virgo man.  

Did you maintain the passion with your Virgo man in a way that wasn’t mentioned here? I’d love to hear how you did it! 

Share your story (or situation) with our community in the comment section below (don’t worry, it’s anonymous).

Wishing you all the luck of the Universe.

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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