The Virgo Man: 6 Reasons Why Women Find Him So Sexy

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
What is it about that Virgo guy that is so alluring? Why is he delicious and completely irresistible? Why women find a Virgo man so sexy?

What is it about that Virgo guy that is so alluring? Why is he delicious and completely irresistible? He’s so smart, witty, and seems to know what he wants in life.

Here are some of the top reasons that we women cannot help but notice this amazing guy:

1. Witty Banter Is a Turn On!

Ladies, this guy is amazing with telling jokes that are also intellectually stimulating. If you tell a joke, he’s quick on the draw with a comeback you wouldn’t have expected.

He’s a brainiac and it makes him very appealing. He will want to talk to you about things he’s well experienced in. He’ll also want to hear about the things you like and are knowledgeable about.

This is the guy you can talk to for hours on end about the things you are passionate about in life. If you hit on a topic that both of you are into, you may talk into the wee hours of the morning.

No matter what you discuss, he’ll always seem to know the right thing to say that piques your curiosity to maximum velocity. The way he talks will surely give you chills. I do mean that in a good way.

2. Sharp Dressed Man

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Whether this guy is in jeans, t-shirt, and sneakers, he’s still well put together and has that hair styled to perfection. You may even find him dressed in the latest fashions in menswear. He always wants to look his best.

What woman doesn’t like a sharp dressed man? Even his supposed rugged look; is somehow classy and alluring. His hair is tousled perfectly and when he smiles at you; you melt.

The draw to this guy is strong. He knows that if he looks his best. He emanates his best from the inside out as well. That means that his energy pulls you in and finds him extremely irresistible.

It doesn’t matter if it’s casual Friday or Black Tie Monday; this guy always looks amazing. I’m not sure if it’s possible for him to ever look rough in a bad sense. He’s always appealing and hot.

3. You are the only woman!

When the Virgo man commits to one woman; she’s the only one alive to him. She becomes his world, his sun, and his moon. She is everything he’s always looked for and he will cherish her.

He can be a bit critical at times but mostly out of concern. If he learns she doesn’t do well with criticism; he’ll be a bit more careful. He wants his lady love to be happy and feel loved.

The Virgo guy is the one that calls and texts often. Having lots of contact with you makes him feel happy and solid. He will want to maintain that feeling. You will absolutely feel like the only woman alive.

Unless you’re the type of woman that doesn’t want someone to make you his world, then he may not be for you. Otherwise, enjoy the love and adoration.

4. The Sexy Gaze

The Virgo man can look at you in such a way that you feel yourself undressing and becoming intimate with him in your mind. You can’t help yourself. The eyes make you weak in the knees.

Some of them even stare but it’s not a stare that is uncomfortable. It’s one that makes you wonder why he’s looking into your very soul. It will make you curious and if you’re not talking to him; you will be.

The Virgo man is obvious when he likes someone. He knows what he wants and though he can be shy at times; he can also be outspoken depending on what his moon sign is.

He has a lot of confidence typically and you’ll see it when he looks at you. Again, this will likely be quite a bit of a turn on and make you want to get to know him a bit better.

5. Mystery Man

Attractive fashion couple posing on the old street in sunny fall - why women find a virgo man so sexy

The Virgo man is one of the mysterious of all the signs. You never really fully know what he’s thinking. Even if he tells you a little bit; he will always seem to have more going on in his mind.

He’s like an amazing, smart, sexy puzzle that you want to find all the pieces to solve. They also have this self-controlled demeanor going on which makes you that much more curious.

When he’s around; you’ll always be wondering what’s going on in that sexy brain of his. His humanitarian side is also very appealing and makes you want to just grab him and have your way.

He’s laid back and just oozes mass sex appeal. It’s like you know you’ll have a really relaxed time around him which makes him feel a bit like home. What an incredible combination, right?

6. Netflix and Chill

If this guy invites you to do Netflix and chill; you very well know where that will end up. Some of them will have high standards based on their moon sign which may make them respectfully send you home after the movie.

On the other hand, even though they’re called the “Virgin” of the zodiac; this isn’t quite a proper title. Virgo men are men above all else. If a gorgeous woman who is well put together is in his arms; he may not be able to resist.

He isn’t too much into one night stands as it doesn’t fit his typical moral code. I’m not saying it never happens but the probability is very low. He thinks about it before he does anything.

The Virgo man that you do “Netflix and chill” with will depend on how the night goes, who you are, and what both of you want. It can either be a one night shot or it may be something that leads to more.


These are just a few reasons why Virgo men are so sexy. To find out more; you may want to check out my helpful guide about the Virgo man.

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Anna Kovach

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