8 Pros To Dating A Virgo Man: Things You Should Know

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
There are always pros and cons to dating any man. Here are some of the top pros to dating a Virgo man and why you may flourish with him.

There are always pros and cons to dating any man but what are they with the Virgo guy? Is he reliable and romantic? Is he prone to cheating? How good of a lover is he?

Here are some of the top pros to dating a Virgo man and why you may flourish with him:

1. He is Who He Says He is

Virgo men are typically authentic. What you see is what you get. Yes, sometimes they are very quiet and withdrawn. However, they will never try to act like one person yet end up as another.

When he’s ready to open up, you’ll know for sure who he is. He means what he says and he doesn’t tend to make promises he cannot keep. He has high standards and will keep his integrity in check.

If he appears to be the strong silent type – he is. However, when you really get to know him and bond with him more, he’ll also show you his loving and loyal side as well. He’s well worth the wait.

Patience with the Virgo man will wind you some pretty fantastic gifts. I don’t mean jewelry, clothes or other gifts like that. I mean gifts OF your Virgo man. He is warm, loving, sensual, and considerate. There are great enough pros to dating a Virgo man.

There is nothing like the love of a Virgo man. He’s highly sought after but not easily won. This guy is one of the hardest men to rope in. He’s very independent and doesn’t need anyone but himself.

2. When He Falls, He Falls Hard!


Since the Virgo man isn’t one to fall easily, when he finally does, it will be with great intensity. He’s not one of those guys that fall in love with every woman they have a date with.

He puts in great thought and holds himself back until he knows for sure that the woman he’s putting his efforts into is going to be someone he can rely on. He can find security with and will live a long happy life with her.

Once he lets go of his personal shield, the love gloves are OFF. He’s falling head over heels and so everything he says and everything he does; he really and truly means it. It’s not a game to him.

3. He Will Be Devoted

If you find that a Virgo man has fallen for you, you are probably one of the luckiest women on Earth. What woman doesn’t want a totally devoted man who wants to treasure her always?

This man keeps a wall up around his heart until he’s spent quite a bit of time figuring out if the woman he’s dating is someone he can see as his wife and possible mother of his children. He will analyze everything over and over.

When he lets that wall come down, he’s all in and nothing will change that unless she’s unfaithful or demeaning to him in some way. Otherwise, he’s in for the long haul.

4. Always Reliable

Once this man commits to you, he’s always going to do what he says he will. He’s not one to say “I love you” unless he absolutely knows this to be true. Once he does; you know that you’re his one and only.

If he says he will be there for you when you’re about to do something life-changing – he means it. He will be there and cheering you on. If he says he’s going to make sure your car gets fixed, he will absolutely have it done!

A Virgo man is your rock. He is your stability and security. This guy will always protect and cherish you in all the years to come. He isn’t into making promises he knows he cannot keep.

5. True to His Word

In fact, if he is trying to quit a bad behavior such as smoking cigarettes, he will tell you he wants to quit but he will NEVER promise you that he will be successful. He knows that’s ludicrous and he knows actions speak far louder than words.

Your Virgo man will always strive to be honest, so this one of the great pros of dating a Virgo man. This is why he doesn’t make promises he doesn’t know if he can keep or will keep. It’s best to just tell the truth and tell you he’s trying but isn’t 100% sure that he can quit smoking.

6. Great Eye for Detail


Many men tend to forget important dates such as anniversaries or birthdays. Virgo men are fantastic at remembering things like this. In fact, he can probably recall your first date, what you were wearing, and what he said to you.

How romantic is that? VERY! This man can remember so much it will make your head spin. He will remember your favorite food, color, hairstyle, music, etc. This guy has a knack for storing important information about you.

7. The Memory of an Elephant

He has a database stored in his head that he can access whenever he needs to. This makes him highly valuable. In fact, if you’re bad at remembering things, you can tell him to remind you of something and he totally will.

Just keep in mind that he’ll also hold onto negative things so don’t be surprised if he remembers what you did to him a while back and throws it in your face upon arguing.

He’s a fantastic artist and will perfect whatever it is he works on. These are great pros to dating a Virgo man.

8. He is a GREAT Lover

Not only is this man the type to commit for life, but once he’s opened up to you, you’ll find he’s possibly the best sexual lover you’ve ever had. He knows what he’s doing and is naturally gifted.

He is into details and thus pays attention in bed to what you like. Of course, if you tell him what you like; he’ll bend over backward to make it happen. He can sometimes get too hung up on detail and it takes away from romance.

However, you can steer him back to what is important and he’ll do what you ask. Pleasing you is his priority as it pleases him to make sure you’re fulfilled. This is one of the greatest pros of dating a Virgo man.


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Anna Kovach

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6 thoughts on “8 Pros To Dating A Virgo Man: Things You Should Know

  1. This isn’t true for all Virgo men. I have been engaged to 2 of them and the last one, was the exact opposite of everything described. He told me that he was “head-over-feels” in love with me but was a habitual liar, and sex addict. He was addicted to women and never had been faithful to anyone that he was married to. He also had a very dark side that was disturbing! His only pro was that he was highly affectionate and emotional, at times!

    1. Dawn,
      I married my Virgo in May 2019, I thought I knew him and he was the most kindest man I ever met, quiet and shy, I knew something was wrong though and the red flags were there, but nothing I ever expected. 3 months into our marriage I found out he was paying prostitutes, had 400 pictures of naked women on his phone, and thought he was just being a prude as to why he would not have sex with me and I only saw him on weekends, no pictures of me on his social media and he never told his parents about me til a couple months before we got married. He swears he would never do that again or hurt me, but sex addicts can’t quit cold turkey and I am to ashamed and humiliated to tell my family or his, not even his friends know the ugly truth. I had to comment, cause your post seemed all to familiar. Thank you for sharing your experience

      1. Lisa,
        My virgo ex was shady too. They are secret little sleaze balls secretly having sex with other females on the side. They lie through their teeth and convince you they are telling the truth. They make the worst undedicated fathers to their kids. (my ex hasn’t bothered to contact our disabled 12 year old son in over 2 years. He offers me no help raising him and will ignore every txt or call when iv needed his help) Not all Virgo men are there for you and stick by you as you may have read from numerous sites claiming THEY WILL ALWAYS BE THERE FOR YOU. (total rubbish) They do the vanishing act. Mine did the vanishing act constantly when we were together, and i just got so sick of it that i had to leave him. I’m sure he was having affairs behind my back when we were together and im pretty sure he was also having sex with prostitutes. Virgo men seem to lead a double life. They will criticize you constantly and run you down, never give you praise. They make you feel like crap. They wear you down. (he did it to me) Its true they like to do there own thing and do the disappearing act CONSTATLY , but when you do it they cant handle it. Ill never have a realationship with another virgo again. They keep you suppressed. They can turn nasty very fast and they wont tell you what’s ticked them off, and yes they will take their shit out on you as your an easy target for them. They want their woman to wear modest clothes.. ie..NO low cut tops, no mini skirts or shorts they consider too short (think of an unbearable hot summers day), yet they will think nothing of it too stare and oggle a woman in a barely there bikini or stare at a bare womans boobs on tv !They also like to have a secret stash of porn cds stashed in a hiding place to watch when your not home..(happened in my case) They are NOT as moral as they make out, and as for having high standards…lol.. they are the sheep calling the kettle black ! Virgo men are the worst to have a relationship with. I wish i had my son to another guy such as a gemini or leo as those 2 star signs make good dads to their kids. I know another poor lady like myself who had a child to a virgo man, and he too deserted his child. And her child was young like mine. They make their children suffer by being absent dads in their lives when they break up with the mother. Disgusting ! VIRGO MEN ARE NOT SAINTS LIKE ALOT OF SITES ON ASTROLOGY TELL YOU ! They say youve basically struck gold if you can hook in a virgo man. What aload of rubbish ! I say run for the hills as soon as they start to run you down because it will only get worse from there. They turn a happy go lucky woman into an insecure sad mess !

        1. Hi Dana!

          My goodness you’ve really had some bad experiences. I’m glad you felt you could vent here. No, not all Virgo men are the same. They are all actually rather different and aspects of their charts will change things up quite a bit as is their environment or how they were raised as young men. They are very influenced by their parental figures and are sensitive to it which is why they can turn out to be insecure. What all you are accusing them to be, just please know they are not all like this honey. I can guarantee it. Your experience is not everyone else’s experience. Some Virgo men are quite loving, warm, and tender. Some are extremely loyal and do anything and everything for their family. Please don’t let your bad experience tarnish your view on them all. I wish you all the best!

      2. Hi Lisa!

        Oh my goodness. I am so very sorry you had to go through that. My heart goes out to you. It really does go to show that it depends on what is in the man’s chart as well as the environment he grew up in. There are lots of factors. I have a close friend who is married to a Virgo and he does have an alcohol problem but he’s desperately trying to get better. He is extremely loyal to her. He’s also very good to her. He is a Virgo sun, Virgo Rising. So he’s the stereo typical one in many ways but when it comes to being organized, he only does that when he needs to. He is clean but not “white glove museum” clean. There are differences with them all.

    2. Hi Dawn!

      All Virgo men are different. This is true. My articles are generalized to fit a huge portion of them. Without having each individual Virgo man’s birth charts, I am limited. It sounds to me like your guy possibly had a Cancer Moon or Rising sign… if not Cancer then possibly Pisces. Any sign that has addiction issues and/or cheating issues are typically holding much water in their chart. You may want to check out my book “Virgo Man Secrets” for more information.

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