The Virgo Man: How Do You Know You’re His Girlfriend?

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Some women write into me saying they are dating a Virgo man but aren’t sure whether he’s serious or not. So, how do you know you’re his girlfriend?

Some women write to me saying they are dating a Virgo man but aren’t sure whether he’s serious or not. They may even like him and spend time with him but aren’t certain if he’s thinking about her as a potential girlfriend or not.

Here are some things you should know to help you determine what is on his mind and to answer the question: How do you know you’re his girlfriend?

He will Call More

Many Virgo men prefer hearing your voice on the phone rather than text message with you. If he desires to date you or become something more, he’ll start calling you daily if not more.

He wants to talk to you to see how you are doing, to ask you questions, or just to simply hear your voice. It soothes him to hear you talking to him. At times he may actually be the one doing most of the talking.

Having you on the other line listening to him makes him feel safe and stable. It’s one of the things he’ll do when he is comfortable with you. It does take Virgo a long time to settle down with someone.

Once he’s there with you, you’ll know because he’ll make it fairly obvious with his phone calls or messages every day. It’s rare for him to go more than a day without talking to you when he’s into you. This should help you answer the question: how do you know you’re his girlfriend.

This may not secure you as his girlfriend but it certainly puts you on the right track to becoming that actual status. If you stick with it and allow him to talk to you as much as he wants; you should be able to get what you want.

Spending More Time

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Naturally, if he’s calling you a whole lot it stands to reason that he will also make plans with you as often as he can. Calling is one thing but actually physically spending time is key to building a relationship.

If you find that he’s spending more and more time with you, you’re probably on the way. This isn’t the most emotionally obvious guy but he will show you how he feels.

Being his girlfriend will be felt more than discussed. He will daydream with you and discuss future plans. This means that he’ll discuss the fact that he sees you in his future in his own way.

He may not say “you are my girlfriend” but he will take you by the hand and show you how wonderful life can be with him. The one thing that may make a difference is when he starts to introduce you as “my girlfriend”. So, this will definitely help you solve the mystery: how do you know you’re his girlfriend.

It may not happen as quickly as you’d like, but he’ll do it when he feels ready to reveal this to others.

Introduces You to Family and Best Friends

If you’re thinking: how do you know you’re his girlfriend? There are some solid signs. The girl that he brings home will be very special. If he not only takes you home to meet his family and/or best friends, he will say “this is my girlfriend”.

If he doesn’t say it but he is still bringing you around the people that are most important to him, then you are his girlfriend. He doesn’t take this sort of meeting lightly.

He will not bring just anyone home. This is especially true if he is close to his parents or if he has children. He knows the importance of stability for his family and unless you are THAT important; he won’t take you home.

So if he does take you home it’s a HUGE ordeal for him and it means he plans on keeping you in his life on a more permanent basis. He wants you to be part of his “tribe” and means you are indeed his girlfriend.

When He Goes Above and Beyond

When a Virgo man will do anything at all to make you feel good, happy, safe, and just… yourself, then you are his woman. Even if he hasn’t claimed it, his actions are speaking much louder than words.

Even if he ever tells you, he is a little afraid; if he sticks with you and has to have daily contact, he’s yours. He’s big on actions much more than he is with words; though he does seem to know the right things to say to make you smile.

If you find that he pays attention to all the things you love and uses them to make you feel at ease – you ARE his girlfriend. He’s nice to his friends yes. However; he’s going to go above and beyond for his girl.

Naturally, he will never forget important dates for you, i.e. birthdays, anniversaries, or any other important date that is close to your heart. Keep this guy! He’s a good one!

He Will Be Honest With You

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The most direct way of answering your question: how do you know you’re his girlfriend, is simply telling you. He may talk to you about some particular topic and throw in there “you know; as my girlfriend…”.

Yep, he slipped that one in there! Accept it and know that he’s speaking from the heart and being true. There is NO question where you stand in this man’s life. Words aren’t easy for him when it comes to his “feelings”.

However, if he feels or senses that you need to hear it, he’ll go ahead and say it. Otherwise; pay attention to his actions and see how he responds to you. You’ll know when you’ve “arrived”.

It will all click and feel very real. It will feel effortless and wholesome. Go with it and don’t try to question it. It should be relatively easy to tell if you are his girlfriend or just a friend.

His girlfriend always gets higher regards than his friends. You get more of his attention, love, and devotion. Even when the word isn’t used; he will still show you his adoration.

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Are you wondering: how do you know you’re his girlfriend?

Wishing you all the luck of the universe!

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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  1. Hi Anna, I’m in love with a virgo man who said is in love with and also is married.
    This guy spend hours and hours msg me, call me when he can, other day 5 times in less than 2 hours. But he also claim he is scared of love me, and his confuse about what to do with his life. Please if you can give me any advice, I would thank you for life. Xxx

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