How to Attract a Virgo Man in June 2020

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
How to attract a Virgo man in June 2020? The planets change every month, and events in June might be significantly different then what you're expecting.

Every month, the planets change signs and affect our relationships. Depending on the planetary movements, it may be tough to understand the needs and desires of the Virgo man. But with my tips based on the monthly energy, you can draw the attention of a Virgo man or improve your relationship with one in June 2020.

Attracting a Virgo Man in June 2020

1. Respect His Work Ethic and Long-Term Goals

You may already know that the Virgo man has a strong work ethic and values for himself and his family.

However, with the transit Gemini Sun illuminating his tenth house of career and planning, the Virgo man is more focused on translating his thoughts into income than he is pursuing a relationship at this time.

But this doesn’t mean that he won’t make time for you or isn’t interested in pursuing things further; it means that he’s focused on his career and legacy.

If you can respect his work ethic and even help him a little along the way, big things can happen in your love life once Virgo Season rolls around in August.

To keep things going now, focus on how you can align your schedules to stay connected and in tune with one another.

Even if it’s only for thirty minutes a day, make time to stop what you’re doing and check in with each other. This will help him stay grounded and focused on his goals.

On June 20, the transit Sun in Cancer will enter the Virgo man’s eleventh house of friendships and higher vision.

During these four weeks, the Virgo man may be more philosophical or emotionally aware than usual.

He may also be more open to connecting with close friends or introducing you to his family, but don’t push him. Let him welcome you into his circle on his own.

If you push him, you probably won’t like the response you get. With Cancer in the eleventh house, which is natively ruled by Aquarius, the Taurus man may be more emotionally detached and sensitive than usual.

Instead of pushing, show him that you can be vulnerable and respectful. You can share your more private ideas and not get carried away by emotion.

He will find your emotional maturity sexy and a major turn-on.

2. Introduce Him to a New Perspective

Introducing a Virgo Man to A New Perspective

The Virgo man is known for his thoughtfulness and keen mind. You can thank Mercury, his planetary ruler, for that.

However, with Venus completing its retrograde transit in Gemini, the other sign that Mercury rules, the Virgo man may be struggling to communicate his needs verbally in a relationship.

From May 13 until June 25, Venus is retrograde in the Virgo man’s tenth house of Gemini.

During this period, you may find he has a hard time letting go of the past or releasing the hold self-doubt has on his mind.

Instead of criticizing him for his detachment or lack of attention, encourage him to see things from a new perspective.

Although Venus retrograde can be challenging—especially for the Virgo man who already suffers from overthinking—this period is a time of refinement and clarity. It allows the Virgo man to see what’s blocking him from receiving the intellectual stimulation he is craving and what he needs to do (or not do) to receive it.

Exploring new ways to discuss your long-term plans and shared goals for the future in an inspiring way will boost his self-esteem.

It may be fun to create a relationship bucket list. Write down all the things you want to do together, and then work on manifesting them into reality.

An important date to pay attention to is June 5, the day of the Sagittarius Full Moon and Solar Eclipse.

During this lunation, the Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in the Virgo man’s fourth house of Sagittarius may bring challenges within his family and home.

To avoid any unnecessary drama or breakups, think before you speak, and make sure you only say what you mean.

Try not to say mean things to one another or “hit below the belt.”

If you can get through this minor snag, you will find that Venus retrograde not only solidifies your love connection but increases his attraction to you even more.

3. Friendship Over Everything

Friendship Over Everything With A Virgo Man

Out of all the men in the Zodiac, I believe Virgo is the calmest. 

Because he’s known for his ability to go with the flow, show up whenever he’s needed, and provide for everyone he loves, it’s no surprise that he tends to fall in love with his friends rather than his “lovers.” 

With Mercury in Cancer until August 4, the Virgo man is in his element when it comes to love and communication. 

However, Mercury will begin its retrograde station in Cancer on June 18. 

During this three-and-a-half-week period, it would be best to prioritize your friendship rather than focusing on love. 

If you feel like time has altered your paths and you need space to reconnect, this is your chance. 

If you’re dating for the first time or trying to get his attention, take the slow and steady approach. 

It may be helpful to have casual outings with friends or take a walk down memory lane. 

Although it may seem weird in a new relationship to ask him about his childhood, it’s important to understand who he is as a man. 

Shared activities like cooking together and going for short walks in nature will make his attraction to you stronger. 

Just keep it casual and don’t do too much. If you do, you’ll scare this gentle man away. 

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4. Connect on a Spiritual Level

With Mars still in the Virgo man’s seventh house of Pisces until June 27, this is the best transit for connecting with his spiritual side in a way you haven’t before. 

Although the Virgo man is a man of few words, there is deep wisdom hidden in his actions if you look closely. 

During this period, pay attention to his needs and wants. What makes him feel loved and protected? 

What uplifts his soul and soothes his mind? 

As Mars is his opposite sign in the Zodiac, this can sometimes be a pretty bumpy ride. Naturally, Mars is opposing his Sun, bringing conflict between his needs of self and others. 

However, like Full Moons, oppositions can bring great blessings in disguise. Instead of seeing the chaos, you have to look deeper into the spiritual meaning behind life’s events. 

For example, if you keep disagreeing about the same thing, stop only listening to what he’s saying and pay attention to what he’s not saying; this is how you get him to open up. 

Finding a balance between pleasure and privacy is essential for you both, so take some time to tune in and connect. 

Depending on how open he is to new experiences, suggest trying a couple’s meditation or yoga session. 

Doing things that help you stay connected both physically and spiritually is a plus. 

If you want to attract a Virgo man in June 2020, find simple ways to respect his work ethic, show him a new perspective, strengthen your friendship, and connect on a spiritual level. 

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Have you noticed these astrological influences on your Virgo man? Let me know in the comment section below!

Your sister and relationship astrologer,

Anna Kovach 

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6 thoughts on “How to Attract a Virgo Man in June 2020

  1. Hi! I always read you’re advice even I’ve given up on him long time ago.I find them helpful. I just read if he’s coming back. We’re soulmates so i guess his path cross again some day.
    Thank you for sending them.

    1. Hi Beate!

      Thank you for commenting. I’m glad that you’ve been helped by the things I’ve sent you. If you two are meant to be then yes, it will happen. Virgo man always gravitates to “the one” or no one at all. Keep that in mind. He’d rather be along than with the wrong person. If you would like to know more, please read my book “Virgo Man Secrets”.

  2. I have been following u for awhile now. You have helped me understand the complexities of the Virgo man. It has been pretty easy understanding as I myself have Virgo rising and few other aspects in Virgo. As of yet we still haven’t gotten together as a couple. Not even sure if that will happen but he has been like a mirror of myself which has taught me to be a better person.

    1. Hi ana marie!

      Wonderful! I’m so glad that you’ve been helped with my material. Clients like you make my job worthwhile sweetheart. Ah yes, Virgo rising helps you relate for sure. If you haven’t gotten together, what is holding you back. Virgo men need to be told by the woman that likes them that they do. They sometimes grossly oblivious. Check out more information in my book “Virgo Man Secrets for more details.

  3. This was spot on for the Virgo man who just broke up with me a week ago. Several factors lead him to end it but i I know in my heart its for good this time its our second b/u. He’s obviously more concerned with his financial obligations and legacy than he is with the relationship issues. He is very much as described above here. Regrets i cant fix now but enjoyed this read. Thank U.

    1. Hi Jill!

      Ouch… that sounds about right as far as his priorities. This is so true with several of the male zodiac signs. They seem to want to have all their ducks in a row to be a real man and provider for those he loves. When they don’t have that, they tend to sink into despair. They will put love on the back burner. This could turn around those if he gets himself together. You never know! Check out more information in my book “Virgo Man Secrets for more details.

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