7 Essential Pieces of Knowledge If You’re Married or Engaged to a Virgo Man

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer

If you’re married to—or in a committed relationship with—a Virgo man, consider yourself lucky! These men possess hearts of gold and are among the kindest signs in the Zodiac. Sure, they are also hyper-critical, but they mean well. What else do you need to know about being married to the sensual and clever Virgo man? 

Marriage is on of the most rewarding things we can do in life—and one of the hardest! I get so many questions from clients about what to expect when signing on for life with a Virgo man.

Astrology can be a huge help in making your marriage a more peaceful and fulfilling place. When we see our partner for who they are—and accept them—it becomes so much easier to live with them!

The Virgo man is one of the best to be married to. It doesn’t always feel like this, with his ultra-critical nature, but these men are some of the kindest you can find. They mean well, and they will do just about anything for you and your marriage. 

Here are a few important things to know about being married to the grounded, practical, and level-headed Virgo man.

7 Essential Pieces of Knowledge If You’re Married or Engaged to a Virgo Man

1. He’s Totally Committed to You

Virgo men are earth signs, and earth signs are totally devoted and committed to their relationships

They’re not the types to stray, to play with casual relationships or be indecisive about what they want. They take your bond seriously, in other words. Seldom will you find this man cheating on you or playing you for a fool. 

A Virgo man will also make any sacrifices and compromises necessary for you both to thrive. He will move across the world, change careers, or work himself to the bone for you—his teammate. Of course, he expects the same in return

This is one guy that you can completely rely on to go that extra mile! 

2. He Wants to Provide for You

Virgo men can be quite traditional in their outlook. He may want to let you stay at home while he happily puts his nose to the grindstone for you. 

He likes providing—it makes him feel like he has a purpose in life. 

That may be in a financial sense, but it can also be through providing for your health and happiness, mental and physical. 

Maybe he provides you with healthy food or encourages you to get healthier. Maybe he provides for you by buying you lovely clothing, gifts, or essentials. Maybe he’s your unrelenting supporter in your dreams.

Whatever it is, let him do it!

3. He Needs to Feel Useful

A Virgo man who feels like he’s not being useful can really suffer. This man adores having something to fix, whether it’s your mood or the broken washing machine. 

Maybe being useful means he gets to do the financial budgeting, or that he’s in charge of the garden. He’s happiest when he’s solving some kind of problem in a practical, useful way. 

Most women will jump for joy at hearing this—finally, a man that isn’t lazy around the house! 

He’ll make his own to-do lists, too. He may even make yours—and inform you of all the things you also have to do. Try not to get too annoyed at his micro-managing. It’s all for the greater good! 

4. He’s Ultra-Critical

Let’s face it: Virgo is a hyper-critical sign! 

You’ve probably been criticized more times than you can imagine for doing something small in the completely “wrong” way in his eyes. You’ve probably been lectured a million times on what you need to fix in your career, about yourself, and around the house. 

It’s hard to live with sometimes. 

But here’s a secret about Virgo men: this all comes from a place of self-criticism. In my experience, Virgo men are far more self-critical than they will ever be of you

He may be projecting some of his own feelings of “not good enough” onto you. Remember to set boundaries if this is the case, and let him know that he can’t mess with you! 

And don’t take it all to heart. His high standards often have very little to do with you! 

5. He Can Worry Too Much

Virgo men are total worrywarts! He worries about everything from that noise in the car engine to the world’s plastic problems. He overthinks and overanalyzes every little thing

Some Virgo men may even be slightly neurotic. It helps if you don’t let yourself get dragged into his neuroses. 

Although he is rational and level-headed, a Virgo man sweats the small stuff. You can be the person to show him that this stuff just doesn’t matter in the bigger picture. 

Some Virgo men suffer from anxiety—hence his need to “fix” all the flaws in the world. Be gentle, kind, and reassuring. That’s what he needs. 

6. He Needs Order and Routine

Having a clear plan, to-do list, and routine makes a Virgo man feel at peace in the world. He just feels that much safer when he knows what’s coming and what’s expected of him. 

When things go upside down in terms of his plans, the Virgo husband will become extremely stressed out. He will eventually adapt, but initially it’s tough. 

Let him make his plans and routines, and even if it seems like he has a controlling energy, realize that this is his way of coping with anxiety. It brings peace into his world to know that he has some say in what’s going on! 

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7. He Is Kind-Hearted

Most women dream of marrying a truly kind man. The Virgo guy is this treasure! 

He has a very pure heart, which not only extends to you but also to the kids, the animals, and his community. He may even have a profession that focuses on service. 

So, even though this guy can be tough to live with at times, he really is one of the best. It’s worth all those little criticisms, his many worries, perfectionism, and flaw-finding. 

This man has so much true compassion, and he always wants to do his very best with you. Enjoy it!

Are you in deep with a Virgo man? What are your hopes and fears? I’d love to hear from you in the comments!

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