The Virgo Man With Rising Aries: Who Is He?

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
The Virgo man with rising Aries may find conflict within himself as he is likely to take action too easily without thinking things over. Keep reading...

Have you met a Virgo man who seems to be a bit more bossy or hyper than the norm for his sign? If he has Aries rising, he may have some other qualities that you may not know about.

Keep reading for more information about a Virgo man with rising Aries:

Problematic Mix

When a Virgo man has Aries rising, he may find conflict within himself as he is likely to take action too easily without thinking things over. Virgo is normally somewhat calculated.

Aries rising may make him a bit more impulsive which will not sit well with his Virgo mentality. He may want to argue more or criticize much quicker than he normally would.

The Aries rising may make Virgo man feel a bit more emotional than he’d like and make him seem more callous toward others at the same time. This can be really confusing for anyone involved with him.

It’s almost as though he’ll be a hardcore guy that is willing to be bitter toward anyone else who may have what he doesn’t. Virgo men aren’t normally that jealous of other people in that way.

Aries rising can make him feel things he wouldn’t ordinarily feel which can make him feel confused. Depression and/or anxiety is possible for the Virgo/Aries rising man if he isn’t careful.

The Positives

Virgo can sometimes take too long to get a project off the ground. He may take his time making a decision as well. The Aries rising side of him can kick in and make him actually get after it more effectively.

He may actually motivate and take action quicker than a normal Virgo would. This is great if he has some ideas that are going to significantly improve his life or the life of his family.

While he can more easily be motivated to take care of things, he will also have a possible hard time relating to others. If he isn’t careful, impatience can get him into trouble or land him into arguments that are unnecessary.

It’s truly strange when you observe the Virgo/Virgo rising guy who takes care and time in decision making then compare to a Virgo/Aries rising man with zero patience.

This is a difference of night and day. This goes to show you how different each Virgo man may actually be based on something as simple as their Rising sign. It’s helpful to know more when you can get it out of them.

Virgo Man with Aries Rising in Relationships

Most Virgo men tend to want to take relationships nice and slow. They want to fully get to know someone and they want to make sure that this person is who they want.

They will absolutely know right away though if they are with someone that isn’t what they want for the future. This is a feeling they get and will typically act quickly with it.

If they feel there is something there with someone they have an interest in though, they will take it slowly to ensure that the bond can be built on knowing each other and knowing there is stability.

When Virgo has Aries as a rising sign, he may jump into relationships a bit quicker as he isn’t as patient. He won’t look at the pros and cons over time, he’ll just take the risk and see how it shakes out.

The Virgo side will not like this though and will start to find problems with the partner as to use it as a means to break it off. Aries rising thinks it’s alright to get to know someone after the fact. Virgo man doesn’t roll that way.

So this could cause internal conflict for him if he doesn’t stop and take inventory. You may find that your Virgo guy is super hot and heavy very quickly and then suddenly cools off to almost being icy.

This may very well be the reason he’s going back and forth. He dove in too quickly and is now trying to backpedal or figure out if what he did was the right thing for himself or even for you.

He can be rather difficult and the best approach for this guy is for you to make sure he doesn’t rush in. Put your foot down and insist that you both take your time. That way he won’t resent you or himself for making the wrong choice.

Under the Covers

young sexy couple in love lying in bed in hotel

Since the Virgo/Aries man is prone to take risks and dive on in, he will also likely engage in sexual activity sooner than he probably should. This could lead to a woman thinking he wants more when he may not.

This is what gets Virgo in trouble when he inadvertently establishes a “friends with benefits” situation without the other person knowing it. The other person is left confused and possibly heartbroken.

Sexually speaking, if you do manage to snag a Virgo/Aries man, you’ll likely have a man that wants his cake and eat it too. He won’t be as much concerned with your needs in bed as he is with yours.

You’ll have to remind him that you also have needs and that it needs to be a two-way street. Otherwise, he may assume that you’re alright with him getting what he wants and being done.

In other words, you’ll need to stand your ground and make sure he’s not just giving you a quick “wham bam thank you mam” type of scenario. He’ll do it only if he can get away with it.


Remember that there are other facets to Virgo himself that are important for you to know about. If you want to learn more about him, please consider checking out this link by clicking here.

Getting to know as much as you can about the man before you get deeply involved will help you to either cultivate a special bond or it will help you determine if he’s even right for you.

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