Virgo Man Horoscope For November 2023

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Monthly November predictions for your Virgo man. Things to know about your Virgo man this month and how to help him in his journey.

Hello Sweethearts, and a very warm welcome to this month’s reading for your Virgo Man.

Well, it’s the month of November, it’s Thanksgiving month and although it’s a really hectic start and middle to the month, as the month draws to a close, there’s a period for developing relationships, focusing on Virgo Man and furthering your aims as a couple. This is also a really good month for understanding and it can also be a good time to take short trips or do novel activities together.

The New Moon in Scorpio happens in the middle of the month and this is definitely a cue to take action that involves new information, problem-solving, and increasing both light-hearted conversation alongside serious issues.

It’s a rather positive month for dating as well, so for those of you who are just beginning your relationship there is certainly novelty, some excitement and if you surprise him right now, he’ll be thrilled.

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Mercury enters Sagittarius – 11th November

This is a really good time to achieve increased understanding in relationships, it’s a great time to express your feelings, your emotions, and anything that you’ve been concealing to Virgo man. This is not necessarily the best time for dealing with issues that need a lot of calm and detachment, this is a better time for understanding better the emotional side of things.

It’s important to engage your receptive qualities and to use your intuition to navigate your relationship, what’s important is not just what’s said, it’s the subtext and also the feeling you’re getting, so it’s important to be taking note of his body language, his actions and his reactions.

It’s essential not to be totally literal with Virgo Man, sometimes the best way to communicate with him is through thoughtfulness and through your own approach, so lead the way and set the tone through your own actions. By being more diplomatic and be more thoughtful, you thereby you set a tone, rather than say being aggressive and confrontational, which would set totally the wrong tone.

You get more out of him when you both cultivate a more tranquil environment. It’s also good not to invite people who are inevitably going to cause trouble or conflict into your home, so you want strong boundaries with the more problematic family members.

New Moon in Scorpio – 13th November

The New Moon represents an opportunity for a fresh page and new initiatives, so in terms of your relationship with Virgo Man, it’s a good time to get moving on conversation and problem-solving. This represents a fresh new approach, new ideas and tackling things from different angles, so whatever has gone before, don’t be afraid to back down, wipe the sleep clean, and start afresh.

Use the New Moon period for brainstorming, fact-finding and looking for solutions, and this could be fresh discussions about emotional matters within your relationship, talking about family issues from a new perspective, but it can also mean other things like getting quotes, booking travel tickets, getting into gear with certain important administrative tasks or form filling for both business and pleasure purposes.

This is also an ideal time for the refreshment that a short trip brings and that can be getting away for an afternoon to a pleasure park or even staying away for a weekend. Whatever you feel lifts your spirits and helps you draw a line under a situation so you can move into a fresh mentality definitely helps the relationship.

If you are embarking on an internet dating relationship with Virgo Man, that’s really favoured right now, and relationships that have a big communication element get a huge boost forward.

Sun conjunct Mars in Scorpio – 18th November

This particular aspect has a lot of power potential, it represents energy, enthusiasm and a high degree of restlessness, so this is a very good time to get life moving.

This is a wonderful time for you guys to be adopting new technology or trying new things as a couple, similar to the New Moon, it’s very motivating in terms of brand new activities, so nothing in your lives should be standing still.

In terms of the sexual side of a relationship, new relationships right now can be very stimulating on a sexual level as there’s a strong feeling that you are destined to be together and that there’s a powerful feeling of attraction.

So right now chemistry is so powerful and exciting in new relationships, and that’s great for you because it gives you an immediate awareness that even if you don’t know each other that well, or even if other aspects of the relationship aren’t favorable, you have the psychic sense that something good is happening and that can give you the motivation to persist.

In terms of committed relationships, it’s very important to be in tune with each other as couples who are emotionally intelligent and have a good feeling of the vibe that each other is sending off can be very successful.

However, if your relationship struggles right now, it’s a clue that maybe both of you are just being a little bit selfish and inward-looking and you need to be more receptive to each other’s moods and emotions.

Mars enters Sagittarius – 25th November

Now this indicates a time when he can suddenly erupt, now that doesn’t necessarily mean “erupt” in a bad way, it can be in a good way, but it can also be quite surprising as he tends to have very strident reactions to things.

This is not a time to really test him, he can be very possessive and quite controlling. Now all Virgo men have a sharper, more intimidating side, sometimes they’re an absolute pussy cat, and other times they want what they want and they are absolutely determined to get it, and this is one of those times. So it’s important for you to have your own boundaries, don’t always give in to him, and don’t let him have it all his own way.

Right now, if you give him a finger, he’ll take an arm and you can end up in a situation where you have possibly given too much of your own power away.

If you find that he’s being a little bit too full on, it’s time to take a step back. For those of you who are married, this is a good time to encourage him to work off all his excess energy by doing chores around the home, DIY and being more active on projects that will improve your living space.

This is a great time for couples who have some big projects they want to do around the home and it’s particularly good for garage sales and tidy-outs.

Theme of the Month

The important themes this this month is communication: it’s communication on a verbal level but also on a subtle level as the interplay of body language, reading between the lines, and understanding the subtext is also very important.

So while this is a great time for expressing yourselves verbally, for laughter, introducing more humor into the relationship, and definitely trying new things to get the excitement back into the relationship, both on a date-to-day basis and sexually, it’s also a time when you have to focus on deeper emotional awareness between you. Be understanding, compassionate and always cognisant that within anything, there is always a deeper meaning, or a psychological meaning that cannot be dismissed.

Do: The new moon phase extends from the 13th of November to the 27th of November. This waxing phase is the perfect fortnight for new initiatives, setting plans, establishing goals, starting anything prospective and being proactive.

This is a good time for entrepreneurship and brand new activities that are totally out of his experience, this is a good time for improvement of his image or his personal appearance.

Dating is favored. It is also a good time for career development, new business directions, dealing with authority, PR and public speaking.

Avoid: This waxing phase again is not ideal for spiritual and philosophical goals, it’s not great for meditation, retreats or secret love affairs and flings. He should be cautious about meeting new friends or pursuing new romantic or networking goals.

This is not ideal for social, humanitarian or political goals, also not favorable for attending very large events. Dealing with animals is not favored, this is not a good month for a radical new diet. Recruiting staff or outsourcing is not favored.

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Week 1 – Free Spirited

This is an excellent week for dating, particularly if you and Virgo Man are colleagues or if you know each other through family contacts. It’s a good idea to make a move, he’s very open to flirtation and this is definitely a time to impress him with your fun-loving, free-spirited approach to life.

Now the key in all romance with Virgo right now, is an upbeat optimistic attitude, however, you have to tread a fine line, you don’t want to look like you are insincere or reckless, but you do want to convey to him that you are an open-minded, free-spirited person that’s looking for an interesting relationship to take your life forward.

In marriages, you should always be willing to listen to his points of view, to react, and while it’s not necessary to agree all the time, it is important to have brainstorming sessions and frank exchanges.

The key in all relationships is that there is a certain freshness and there should be a sense of anticipation. If the relationship feels very dull and boring and you just can’t be bothered, then there really is something wrong that needs fixing.

Week 2 – Help him off the launch pad

Now this can also be quite a feisty week for Virgo Man, remember during this year his adventurous and impulsive nature comes alive more generally and he’s more likely to want to do things on the spur of the moment, in addition he’s interested in using his leadership skills, so definitely encourage him to express his alpha energy.

Be very complimentary to him especially if you think he’s being very competitive, assertive or taking a leadership role in work. Encourage him to be more open-minded about his prospects, this is a great time for him to explore different options or to just take a few risks in putting out communications and feelers for different work prospects.

So definitely give him encouragement, complement him on his mental skills and remind him about all the great attributes he has.

Virgo Man really underestimates himself, he is modest and he sometimes lacks ambition, but right now he is just waiting to go and grab opportunities so give him a little bit of encouragement.

Now sometimes he’s a little bit snappy and sarcastic but don’t be put off by that, he is simply a little bit edgy, there are some frayed nerves and sometimes he reacts by being in a little bit of a prickly mood. Encourage him, but don’t fuss and don’t look like you’re trying to be too sentimental, this is should be a very objective time.

Week 3 – Mirroring Magic

With Mars trine Neptune, this is a very good time in relationships for improving the physical elements of the relationship, so holding hands, touching, giving each other massages or just knowing how physical contact can be very reassuring.

It’s not necessarily about initiating sex, it’s just about using your body language to show him that you are paying attention, you care and you are engaged with him. If your body language is too closed, he can actually feel a little bit rejected or isolated, so it’s amazing what you can do by using techniques like mirroring for example.

During this week there are some surprises, so whether you are in a long-term or new relationship, don’t overreact to any short-term hitches or hurdles. Even if he sometimes appears a little bit distant or preoccupied, it’s not necessary a relationship problem.

It’s also important for you right now to take control of your own life and to show him independence. Construct a few new boundaries so that you insulate yourself from some of the more unpredictable elements of his life.

Week 4 – Conserve and Preserve

The energy of week 4 is totally different to the rest of the month, it’s far more geared towards consolidation and control. You guys may have to deal with some problems within the family and it’s important for you to come together as a strong unit.

Right now pride and ego has to go on the shelf and you have to look at the hurdles before you and take them on in a systematic way. It’s important for you both to be fairly restrained and adult, there is an inclination right now to feel a little bit defeatist and that’s simply because your energy is low after a fairly busy month. So what’s important in terms of marriages right now is conserving energy, making sure you use your time wisely and adhering to the rule about quality time rather than quantity time in relationships.

New relationships may go off the boil a little bit this week but there isn’t really a need for concern. This is certainly a not to time to pressure him for commitment, it’s rather important to show a flexible attitude and to be there as a friend but take the emphasis off romance.

Closing Thoughts

I’m very excited about this month for you and Virgo Man, I feel a lot can be achieved, fun can be had, understanding can be reached and a lot of problems can be solved. This is a good time to develop a communicative side of your love language, it’s a great time for developing in-house jokes and a comfortable banter.

It’s all about familiarity based around an understanding and becoming more and more in tune with each other, not only through understanding in a literal sense, but through the perceptiveness that you are learning to use in the relationship to grasp the subtleties and the psychology that’s going on between you both.

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