Virgo Man Predictions For April 2023

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Monthly February predictions for your Virgo man. What will his mood be for the Valentine's season? Read on and discover.

Hello Darlings, are you involved with a Virgo man, are you looking for advice on how to handle him.

It is April and it’s a time to bite the bullet and start working on some major decisions together!

This can be quite a pivotal month, it’s all to play for but nothing is as it seems, so it’s very important to have an open mind and not to steer away from any emotional confrontations. This is a great month for purging, so it’s important to get rid of anything that is inauthentic or nonessential and work on your core aims as a couple.

Solar Aries Eclipse 20th April

This month the eclipse in Aries is right in the final degree of Aries, and thus it is important for Virgo guy at number of levels. It heightens his appreciation for what is subtle and hidden, there’s a great increase in his ESP. In many instances, it will be easier for him to use his emotional intelligence in your relationship, and in the business world in order to understand what’s going on. The bottom line for you, is don’t lie even white lies, as he’s going to sniff them out.

New insights come to the surface, however because he’s so much more sensitive, some of what he perceives may be a little bit disconcerting, and he’s a little touchy, but this is your opportunity to have conversations you wouldn’t usually have with him, look for information he usually hides and nip problems in the bud.

This is an excellent time for you guys making savings in terms of money, but also being more frugal in terms of your interactions with others i.e. family and friends. You guys want to have strong boundaries and that means NO must mean NO.

It’s very important for him to pay attention to his stress levels and psychological health and not allow toxic people to deplete him. Help him to identify unhealthy attachments and toxic people in his life.

This month he will be a lot more aware of what is controlling, confining and detrimental, and he will have the strength to move away from those relationships without feeling any guilt. Be warned, this is definitely not a month to show any jealous or possessive behavior.

Mercury Retrograde in Taurus conjunct Uranus21st April

This retrograde is not ideal for any of his ambitions connected to further education and plans involving publishing and marketing are not favored, and so it’s best for him to attend to those activities earlier in the month.

This retrograde does, however give him the opportunity to do deeper research and gain more complete understanding of things that he was only superficially aware of, so it’s not a bad thing if he’s buried in a book or reading voraciously.

This is a time period marked by great social and economic change, and he is ideally placed to understand things at the most subtle level and deeper level. While there is massive risk to everyone at the moment, there’s also massive opportunity and he will be able to take advantage of it, simply because he’s more alert, aware and has the analytical skills to put you guys in prime position financially.

Sun Conjunct Jupiter in Aries on 12th April

This indicates that issues regarding power and expressions of extreme emotion are significant this month, and you guys may find yourselves either engaged in significant power struggles with other people, or having to deal with very intense emotional situations.

If you are newly in a relationship with Virgo guy, the relationship could be very time-consuming and quite draining because it’s intense and demanding emotionally, however it can also mean that you are having a very powerful, transformative and positive effect on Virgo guy. In fact, new relationships started now can actually be quite transformative, but they will ask deep questions of both of you and cause a lot of reflection and self-questioning.

Venus in Gemini Square Saturn on 12th April

This is a time when you may have to encourage him to hold his nose and deal with people that he doesn’t really like, but he has to be patient and diplomatic with them, which is hard because, as you know, Virgo guy doesn’t suffer fools gladly.

They say you can choose your friends, but you can’t choose your family, and this month, it’s a case of he can choose his friends, but he can’t choose his colleagues, and so he has to hold his nose and be as conciliatory as possible without being a walkover. This can pose problems if you are a work colleague of his, as you guys may find yourselves at opposite ends of an argument or issue.

Luckily April can be a good month for him at work, and he can make an impression on the boss, but he has to do so by being quite conservative, remind him not to make any moves that could rock the boat or rattle cages. If you are a couple who work together, be systematic and methodical when it comes to managing your social media profiles and public image, be careful to keep them consistent and uncontroversial.

Theme of the Month: Things that happen now will challenge his deepest perceptions and his beliefs of himself, they will enable him to free himself of what was limiting or superfluous, as long as he can let go of these crutches. He could be quite unpredictable during this phase but it’s often because he’s questioning.

Magic Phrase : “Your strength is in your ability to adapt and understand things others ignore, I know you have the focus to achieve what you desire this month.”

Magic Text : “I have something very exciting in my glove compartment for you”

Do: He should allow himself time to retreat from battle, to rest and recover, as even though this is a month to enter the fray and tackle challenges, he’s needs encouraging to chill out and let things go. Try to help him relax through playing games like chess, card games etc.

A new relationship with Virgo guy should be seen as an adventure rather than a cozy, predictable venture.

Avoid: Don’t put off for May what you guys can do in April. This is the month for decisiveness, so don’t let others stand in the way or hold you back, trust your instincts.

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Week One – Marriage

Consistency, patience and loyalty are the key ingredients when it comes to longer-term and medium-term relationships. In general, Virgo men are helpful, thoughtful and they know that actions speak louder than words, and that is key right now.

Words can get in the way, and conversations can be difficult, so it’s important to be there in a supportive way for your Virgo man. If you are struggling to connect with Virgo man, showing empathy and compassion is probably the easiest route to ensure the relationship is stress free and more harmonious.

This week is one where emotions tend to run quite high, and that’s why you have to take a commonsense approach and not get drawn into any drama.

Remember, however, that Virgo guy will need space within the partnership, as the intensity and the level of responsibility is quite high in relationships, and they can be emotionally draining. So it’s important for him to be able to get involved in activities that can help him release stress away from any feelings of duty in the relationship.

Week Two – Long lasting

I said that this is a month of important decisions, because right now, you and Virgo man can initiate changes that will have quite a significant and enduring effect.

In many cases, the experiences you have together, whether by chance or by design, will leave an indelible impression upon you both, and will be a catalyst for taking further steps in new directions that possibly weren’t expected.

You can grow exceptionally stronger as a unit right now, by facing things head on. This is not a time to be conflict avoiding; you should be diplomatic, but don’t be in denial about when a more assertive approach is needed in terms of debate within the relationship.

In some cases, you may need to take on additional debt simply because this is quite a stressful economic time, but you should be able to manage this.

It’s very important right now to be as diversified as possible, to be well insured and to have all bases covered because economically, it’s set be one of the most challenging weeks of the year for every star sign, but Virgo guy is usually good at planning ahead and so you guys should be able to stay on top of it.

Week Three – Romance

This is an excellent time for hooking up with Virgo guy as there is likely to be a lot of chemistry and a powerful attraction, and while a very significant relationship could be forged right now, you do have to be careful of immense differences in terms of values, priorities or financial circumstances.

Often these differences will provide issues further down the line, so it’s likely that you and Virgo guy may have had a very different upbringing or very different financial circumstances, which can make relating on a practical level quite challenging.

This is an excellent week for fasting, strict diets and detoxification. It’s a very good time for him take care of his digestive health, particularly to do with renal and colon health, and to do a deep cleanse.

It’s very important to take onboard lots more quality water and eliminate processed foods, fats and sugars. It’s perfect if you enjoy health and fitness as well, and can encourage him in these healthy eating habits.

Week Four – A Puzzling Time

While it may sound trivial, things like crossword puzzles, online poker (not involving real money of course) and Sudoku or even videogames can be a vital tool in finding a safe space, some escapism and disconnecting from the emotional side of life.

So don’t feel guilty if you guys engage in some unproductive, yet stress relieving activities. Virgo people often find things involving puzzles or mental challenges a great way to distract them, so don’t neglect this as an option.

April is fantastic for pruning and cutting back, so it’s a good time for you guys to reduce unnecessary expenses and redeploy money where it is most productive.

So, how does that all sound my Darlings. Remember, I’m always here to guide and support you.

April should be groundhog month. This is a month that sets the stage for things to come. It’s time to be brave in terms of facing up to realities and making decisions or at least developing a strategy to take you foreword.

It’s an important time for deeper emotional understanding in terms of yourself and your partnership.

If this hasn’t quenched your thirst, you know where to find me, same place, as always.

Wishing you love and luck with your Virgo Man,

Your sister and relationship astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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