Virgo Man Predictions For August 2023

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Monthly August predictions for your Virgo man. What will his mood be for the spring season? Read on and discover.

Hello Sweethearts and welcome to the August prediction and forecast for Virgo Guy.

I trust you are all enjoying the year and have been able to use our monthly forecasts to successfully improve your partnership and to empower yourself in terms of your relationship with Virgo Guy.

This is an interesting month because we have Venus retrograde in Leo for the whole month, which is definitely affecting his relationship ESP which can help you guys to establish a deeper, more spiritual connection but there can also be trust issues and some mixed signals that affect you both in terms of understanding conscious communication.

Mercury goes into a station and then turns retrograde in Virgo which is very important as Mercury is his ruler and thus this brings some indecision and self-doubt into his world. This can affect his manner of communication, creating tension but also excitement at the same time.

The New Moon in Leo superchargers his spiritual goals and is excellent if he’s interested in meditation or holistic healing. The New Moon helps encourage him to access inner wisdom and align with a true purpose, this can lead to a period of adjustment and realignment.

Venus Retrograde in Leo – all of August

There is a strong element of karma in relationships this month. New relationships may have uncanny coincidences or links to the past or perhaps a feeling of déjà vu. August may be a time of dreams and premonitions about love or the direction of his romantic life or marriage.

The mystical element comes to the fore strongly in your love relationships, and the challenge is to feed off that enhanced spirituality and fantasy element that is so tangible right now without being overcome by paranoia or delusion which are the negative manifestations.

Whatever happens in love this month, it will be deep – emotions that arise now must be examined rationally and not ignored. Some time to himself is essential and can help him gain more perspective from which he’s able to act in his and the relationship’s best interests.

This is an important retrograde because it can mean a past relationship is casting a shadow and this needs to be dealt with, or it could mean that he has left a relationship, but he still has baggage connected to that relationship that he hasn’t dealt with. Both these problems will continue to haunt you guys, unless you draw a line under things as a great sentimentality over the past which can sometimes skew his appraisal of the future.

New Moon in Leo – 16th August

When the New Moon transits through the twelfth house of Virgo Guy’s birth chart, it signifies a period of deep introspection, spiritual growth, and potential inner transformation. However, it can also lead to avoidance, inability to take responsibility, and escapism.

The twelfth house represents the realm of the subconscious, spirituality, and hidden aspects of the self. This new moon stimulates within him a desire to embark on a journey of self-discovery, healing, and releasing what no longer serves him. Let him have some space for thinking so that he can settle any troubling emotions rumbling up with him.

Although he is known for his practical, analytical, and detail-oriented nature, the New Moon transiting through his twelfth house calls him to explore the depths of his subconscious mind and delve into the realms of spirituality, intuition, and inner reflection.

He may experience a heightened awareness of his own emotional kaleidoscope of dreams and hidden emotions. This is a time for him to pay attention to his intuition, as it may offer valuable insights and guidance for his personal growth.

Mars in Virgo Opposite Neptune – August 23rd August

His physical energy is at a very low point, making any hard work seem like drudgery. He’s more irritated by minor problems and may react in ways that you don’t understand, and he tends to feel discouraged or apathetic. He’s easily distracted by activities around him and things seem to fall apart more easily during this time, sometimes literally.

He’s extremely sensitive around other people and may react more to their moods than what they’re actually saying to him, causing confusion and frequent misunderstandings. This isn’t the best time to enter into negotiations, as his confidence is low and he’s less inclined to stand up for himself. He’s also prone to deceive others rather than engage in a direct confrontation, or to be deceived for the same reason.

Either way, trust and honesty are important, and lies have a way of coming out when he least expects it.

Mercury retrograde in Virgo – August 24th

Mercury retrograde transiting in his solar first house influences his communication style, self-expression, and overall sense of self. Mercury, the planet of communication and intellect, retrograde in the solar first house brings a period of introspection, self-reflection, and potential challenges in these areas of his life.

Normally he values clear communication and logical thinking, but with Mercury retrograde, he may undergo a significant period of self-examination and self-discovery. During this transit, he may find himself reflecting on his self-image and how he presents himself to others. He may question his own beliefs, thoughts, and ideas, seeking a deeper understanding of his authentic self.

He may reconsider or be forced to reconsider his self-expression, communication mode and the impact of his words and actions on others.

There are definitely challenges in terms of clear and direct communication which Virgo Guy.

Theme of the month –  In relationships, Virgo Guy may be scared of emotional confrontations, and can likely be completely avoidant if he is faced with them. Relationships are more cerebral, he’s more likely to love heady discussions but is perhaps a bit more wary of emotional intimacy.

He could be quite closed if he feels that his emotional needs are not being met. Sometimes, small or petty disputes can turn into bigger conflicts which if managed carefully can be incredibly creative and transformative as you address deep-seated issues.

Magic Phrase – “A problem shared is a problem halved.”

Magic Text – “Your secrets are as safe with me as they are with you.”

Do – The new moon phase extends from the 16th of August to the 30th of August. This waxing phase is the perfect fortnight for new initiatives, setting plans, establishing goals, starting anything prospective and being proactive.

This is an excellent time for positive visualization, affirmations and using positive thinking to supercharge his ambitions. It’s a very important time for spiritual awareness, spiritual awakening, and also personal development.

Dreams are particularly significant and maybe precognitive, his ESP is enhanced as is his intuition and he needs to focus on spiritual awareness. This is also a great time for retreats, goals involving groups and traveling with groups of people. Networking is successful.

This is a great period for his finances, cash flow improves. It’s a positive waxing period for investing, buying new assets and gaining new clients. A good month for financial analysis and changes. Long-distance travel and international business relations are favored, and relations with the in-laws can be improved.

A good zone for property and home improvements, a positive period for entertaining with the family and hosting family events or having family to stay. Another excellent time for health, fitness, and medical matters. A good time to improve his health with alternative and holistic means. A great time to start a new diet.

Avoid – This is not a good time to get married or engaged.

Venus is still retrograde indicating an important time for you guys resolving past issues dealing with personal emotional trauma and an important time to keep secrets and to maintain privacy in relationships.

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Week 1Energized

He’s bursting with positive energy during this time and focusing this tremendous potential will be a challenge, partly due to lack of focus. It seems as if he can accomplish anything no matter how great the challenge, as he has great faith in his abilities.

He benefits from having a good overview of the situation and can put long-range plans into effect now, with enough physical energy to see them through. He can create a positive cascade of energy in family life.

He’s a good inner sense of balance between the desire to advance his own goals and the need to be fair and just in his actions, which means that you both can thrive in a more dynamic phase of the relationship.

His body is vigorous and energized, and he may enjoy physical work that’s satisfying (DIY) or competing in a friendly game of sports. He’s quite passionate about philosophical issues, but despite his confidence, don’t believe everything he says as he’s a little too gung ho.

Week 2Holiday

This is a fantastic week to be traveling so if you are on holiday that really suits the mood and the energies of Virgo Guy particularly if it is a long-distance holiday.

Even if he’s not able to take a holiday and you are guys or at home on a staycation, it’s very important for him to recharge his batteries, he needs refreshment in terms of ideas, so he does certainly need a mental break.

Encourage him to get some new reading materials or to do a brand new activity that can totally take him out of his regular space and enable him to do something brand new, so that he can get a different perspective.

It’s so important now for him not to be caught in a rut sexually, it’s great to stimulate your fantasy life by watching different sorts of movies or even reading erotica, it’s very important for him to get out of the mental trap of just talking about and thinking about work as escapism and release is absolutely vital right now.

Week 3Forward Gear

This week is really great for spontaneity, for little surprises, and for you guys taking off on road trips. In the vein of last week, finding different ways to bring elements of novelty into your life is important.

This is also a great time for him to think ahead to his plans for his career, and perhaps to start scheduling some work training or learning that can help him develop new skills to take his career forward. Where he’s at right now, is not sustainable due to the levels of work and stress, and he needs to be thinking of an exit strategy.

So in order for you guys to improve your relationship, it’s also important right now to get rid of toxic influences in your life and to identify the activities that are doing more harm than good.

It’s important to recognize right now what’s beneficial to your life and what’s draining, and to work on incorporating more activities or people into your life that are helpful and forward-looking rather than having activities that drag you backward.

Week 4 – “T” for Team

This is a favorable period for him to review and reassess his goals, projects, and personal aspirations. Furthermore, the Mercury retrograde transit this week may prompt him to revisit unfinished tasks or unresolved issues from the past.

Mars enters Libra this week which encourages him to set targets and go for them. When it comes to work, this is a particularly favorable time for Virgo Guy if he works on commission because he is more motivated to work hard and make those gains.

This is also a great time for him to establish some new business initiatives, it’s a wonderful time of the year for getting cracking on a side hustle or looking to attract some new clients which will help him, not only to earn more money but also to feel more excited about his work.

He’s quite focused right now, this is not necessarily a good time for romance because he’s got his mind on work, but it’s important in your relationship to work together, to be a good team, and to be pragmatic.

This is not a good week for any emotional drama, it’s important to get your egos and your emotions out of the way so that you can focus on the most important things at hand, and get stuck in.

This is not a time to obfuscate or run on tangents, it’s a time to roll up your sleeves and make some progress on either problems or goals you have together.

Closing Thoughts

So it’s time for him and his partner to examine anything that you guys feel is holding you back from expressing your emotions, from having a better sex life or from improving the level of affection, and to talk about this honestly.

It’s not always the most light-hearted month, but it’s certainly a month where you both feel a sense of pride and achievement at the end of it, as long as you don’t procrastinate and you bite the bullet.

If this hasn’t quenched your thirst, you know where to find me, same place, as always.

Wishing you love and luck with your Virgo Man,

Your sister and relationship astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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