Virgo Man Predictions For February 2023

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Monthly February predictions for your Virgo man. What will his mood be for the Valentine's season? Read on and discover.

Hello my lovelies, how are you, and how’s the mood for February? 

I hope you are doing well and are feeling the end of all retrogrades we had entering this year. How did January treat you? Tell me all about it in the comments, but before we get to that part, let’s dive into Virgo man’s predictions and see what the most romantic month of the year has in store for him. 

The first week of the month is going to be crazy, I’m warning you now, it’s going to hit him like a full Moon hits the werewolf, and there’s not much you can do, except witness it and occasionally spill “I love you too, babe, yes, but keep your poise and stay calm, please”. 

2nd week is good to mess with him, but also to give him attention and accept his odd ways of expressing love. Don’t forget to praise him from time to time, and assure him that you love him. 

3rd week is a great time to go deeper within your relationship and to prepare the (battle) field of love for some new and exciting growth, and changes. 

4th week is a great time for both adventure and closure. He might need you to hold his fear and lend some courage, be a trooper and indulge him, he’ll need it for real. 

Theme of the month: Virgo man will work on his loneliness, and fears, as well as on his relationships and how emotionally (non) expressive he can often be. He might even question his sanity on occasion, but that’s just in his personality description, nothing new there. 

Magic Phrase: at the start of the month, it’s good to say to him “babe, I believe you, but tell me what do YOU think these visions and dreams represent on the deeper level?”, and during the final week, the magic is “I am open to receiving your love, you can do it, you’ve got this”. 

Text Magic: “Baby come over, I was calling your name in my sleep.”.  

Do: play board games, diffuse tensions, take him to a massage, spend a day in a spa, get matching tattoos, work on creative projects, imagine soothing bedtime stories, tell each other gossip about your coworkers. 

Avoid: leaving him out in the open high and dry, refusing to sleep with him (next to him), not taking his nightmares seriously, not letting him win even once (video games, board games…), disregarding his cooking, not complementing him on something he did just for you. 

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Color me mad, mad as a mad hatter

At the start of the month, there’s going to be a lot going on for Virgo man; his rising sign part of the transit chart is wild, and he will feel it on a personal level.

His mood will be quite bipolar during the first days of the month, and his libido will be very verbally-oriented (mind your tone, voice, and vocalization of desires, it could set him off), he’ll be asked to process responsibility for his health and at the job, and he will be infatuated with you, very romantically-inclined. 

So you see what I mean he’s going to be bipolar – his mood (and needs) will be all over the place, one moment he’ll be tense and paranoid, the next he’ll want to woe you, then he’ll start sweating about his bloodwork, then his colleagues are going to need his help with something very simple, then his blood pressure will rise, and then he’ll get a pic or a text from you and he’ll want to escape to the Andes and just chill with you. 

The Full Moon in Leo, on the 5th, in his 12th house, is definitely going to enhance all of that, plus his hypochondria might get set off, thus leaving him in an almost cocaine-like haze, and you scratching your head, wondering what to do with your crazy Virgo boy. 

This is a good time to just go with the flow, not put a lot of pressure on him, and accept his sudden and quite weird expressions of love. Don’t forget to give some (love) back, otherwise, he’ll get in his nutty head that you don’t care about him. 

I am flawed, like a monster, but I still want you to look at me 

At the start of the 2nd week, he’s going to struggle with his own identity vs your needs. For the love of gods, throw him a bone – let him be at the center of attention, but not too long or too much, otherwise, he’s going to get mad at you for ‘treating him like a child’. It’s his time of the month girl, so don’t hold it against him, too much. 

As the week progresses, his mood will ease up, and he’ll be open to going on some romantic dates, aka making a public appearance, so make sure you suggest activities you feel like doing, in public. If neither of you is particularly extroverted at the moment, you can always spend quality time cozying up in the bed, under a soft blanket and binging documentaries on serial killers, or you know… unicorns and why they weren’t on Noah’s arc when the flood came kicking in.

At the end of the 2nd week, his mood will be quite “serious” and edgy, which is a good thing, you can always use it to your advantage and enjoy “forcing him” to binge-watch those vampire movies you both (secretly) love so much. (or anything that fits your taste, maybe even the new Wednesday Addams series on Netflix?)

This week is a good time to go deep(er) with him, to give him space to show off his quirkiness freely, and to love him despite all of it. Step by step, you’re convincing him that you’re not a robot sent from the future to mess with his head, but that you’re actually in love with him, and you accept him, weird as he is. 

Super New Moon in Pisces, time for the best deal in the history of romance deals!

3rd week will kick off with fun times at his home, with his family, or both. This is a good time to show off your dry humor and sarcasm and to make light of difficult situations, especially if you know he’s struggled with them in the past. 

As the Moon progresses, it’ll join hands with Pluto on its last degrees in Capricorn, so you can expect his mood to fluctuate when fun and romance are concerned. Don’t be surprised if fear and paranoia hit him hard during this time, but at the same time, don’t be surprised if he proposes to you, or asks you to move in with him… It’s just that kind of atmosphere. 

As the week is drawing closer to its end, his mind will be consumed with work-related topics and possible drama taking place at his work. Now is a good time to put forward an initiative to live a greener life, and to work more on your general physique and gut health. 

At the very end of the week, on the 20th, there’s a Super New Moon in Pisces, and this is a great time to implement those romantic plans and ideas you’ve both (secretly) been hyped about. If you want to move in together, do it, if you’re getting engaged – congratulations, if you’re just falling in love with each other openly – perfect timing! Have fun, you crazy kids… 

The end is near, near I tell you!

4th and final week offers good hanky-panky opportunities, as well as a more passionate and direct approach to romance. Now is a great time for the two of you lovebirds to go all out with each other when your romance is concerned. 

As the week progresses, it might not be a bad idea to go on a short trip, located in a distant destination. You two might have much more fun than either of you anticipated if you undertake this kind of adventure…

Towards the end of the week and month, his focus will be called to his career and his superiors. He might experience a conflict or a falling out with one of his higher-ups, or senior colleagues, but he’ll know he’s right, so it won’t be easy to get him to back down. 

The ending tides of the month offer some great chances for (career/professional) closure, and if he needs the courage to do what is long overdue, make sure you’re there to lend him some. Just a kind thought … 

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Final Word 

And there you have it my dear, now tell me all about your January, how was it, how things are going, and what kind of expectations you have from February, I’m listening. 

This month is going to be quite fun and catchy for Virgo man, and he’ll show that he needs you now more than ever, and that is cute. Very cute. 

If you still feel the need to know more, and you have this vision of going into greater detail, then this is a great time for you to book your very own and fully personalized Astrology reading, and you can do so here, I’m expecting you. 

Stay open-minded and ready for adventure throughout February, make a collage of fond memories and good times, and let’s meet at the same time and same place next month, 

Wishing you love and luck with your Virgo Man, 

Your sister and relationship astrologer, 

Anna Kovach

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4 thoughts on “Virgo Man Predictions For February 2023

  1. My January with my virgo man has been a whirlwind. His struggled with his emotions and general day to day life. Then I found out his still on a dating site but his admit his not talking to anyone. So we aren’t in a great situation at the moment. He knows I love him and my feelings I just can’t work out his.

  2. OMG ANNA!!!!
    I Cannot believe how accurate your February forecast for Virgo Man is and it’s only the 1st of the month.
    I met my Virgo on a dating site in November and for me and apparently it was love a first site. I messaged him first after noticing he’d visited my profile but left not left a message or a hello. He replied the next morning with “WOW WOW WOW” I asked if he felt that way why didn’t he say hello. He replied with “He never thought that someone like me would be interested in him” I proceeded to ask if he was mad and pointed out he was gorgeous!!! Anyway we exchanged a few msgs and with minutes found ourselves having a very “heated ” phone conversation which left us both satisfied and exasperated.
    We then continued to msg and flirt and I asked if we could meet and he was like yeah we definitely need to sort it but ‘I’m very busy up to and over Christmas. So as difficult as it was because I was dying for him, I respected what he’d said.and waited. Went on a few rubbish dates.
    I checked that he was infact single and available and he assured me he was. Anyway his msgs became a bit sporadic not reading mine for days and not replying .when I asked him he said he was just busy etc. Then one day he removed me from the social media platform we were using with no reason or explanation. I was absolutely gutted but thought well its what he wants so removed him also.
    About 2 weeks later I received an SMS from an unknown number. I gave him mine but he never gave me his. When I asked who it was asking if I’d deleted him from snap chst cos his msgs aren’t delivering, he said it’s **** ,My heart jumped my stomach turned a million somersaults. I said I thought he’d deleted me, he said that he hadn’t intentionally deleted me and wanted to add me back. A week or so later last week in fact he did it again removed me. I sent I
    Him an SMS as I now had his number. I asked why,? And that I felt like an idiot. He said it wasn’t me, he was getting rid of all social media consider it a cleanse and it felt really good. Gutted once again i said goodbye but told him he had my number and to contact me if things change.
    Today I couldn’t bear it anymore and msged him I just said Miss you 😔 To my amazement he replied almost immediately and said he was trying to frantically add me back to snapchat last night because he was drunk and horny I asked why keep removing me and then….. the thing I’ve been for since November an out pouring of truths and emotion. He told me that he had been deceitful from the start and that he wasn’t single but couldn’t tell me because of how he felt about me he knew that he’d lose me.Because he couldn’t tell me he just felt it easier to remove me. But he thinks about me morning noon and night every day he has to add me and talk to me.
    Today we have had the longest truthful soul searching conversation we’ve had since November. I know he’s married but at least he’s given me the truth and his feeling for me obviously I can’t do much with it because he’s married but at least now I understand why he behaved the way he did. I don’t think I can let him go though the feelings we have are so intense and real, I am in such a predicament. I want him so much.

  3. I really enjoy reading about Virgo men since I am seeing one. I am confused most of the time by him. One minute he is all lovey- dovey and then he gets busy with work and don’t see him for 2 months. Recently he told me I was a very special friend, what does that mean? I have been seeing him for 1yr and 8 months. At least he told me where I stand, I guess. I don’t even know if that is a good thing or not? I met him online dating app. He is does go on and look at my profile and picture at least once every 2 weeks. Is he still trying to figure out if I belong with him.
    Thanks for all the Virgo information.

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