Virgo Man Predictions For July 2023

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Monthly June predictions for your Virgo man. What will his mood be for the spring season? Read on and discover.

Hello Sweethearts, I’m really excited to bring you this month’s prediction for Virgo Guy, particularly because it is going to be quite a communicative and challenging one. Mars in Virgo awakens his inner tiger, and he’s quite energetic. So let’s get cracking!

This guide is aimed at people who are either married to or dating Taurus Guy to help you understand his moves, his moods, his motivations and the themes that will be affecting your relationship this month, July 2023.

The new moon happens on the 17th of the month in the Cancer and it triggers a desire for discussions, clear and honest communication, there’s a chance for epiphanies on relationships and new ground can be reached.

It’s important for you to express yourself openly and honestly, using your words effectively to convey to him thoughts, ideas, and emotions, not only connected to the relationship but also connected to the world or your community. He values truthfulness and expects the same from others.

In his life, he’s much more assertive and wants to act with independence and self-sufficiency, and that will have a bearing on financial and work decisions. He can sometimes be perverse and pig-headed because he’s eager not to rely heavily on others. Encourages him to trust his own judgment and be self-assured in his actions.

Mars enters Virgo on July 11th

This is an awesome placement for Virgo guy as it gives him more confidence and drive to succeed. He’s a sense of urgency and a need to break new ground and attack any problems.

This transit will have a significant impact as the energies are more powerful and noticeable.

You will notice heightened energy and assertiveness. He’s likely to feel a surge of vitality and a strong drive to take action and pursue his goals. This transit brings a burst of confidence, courage, and motivation to assert himself and make your presence known.

He’s also more sexually excitable, and he enjoys a little bit of spontaneous rumpy bumpy. He can be a little less discreet about romance because he’s impatient to get the passion going and feel the heat, so don’t be surprised if he’s more clumsy in love. He’s simply going with the gung-ho energy of Mars.

Mercury enters Leo on July 12th

Mercury in his 12th solar house, is a placement connected to hidden realms, spirituality, the subconscious mind, and solitude. This position adds depth and complexity to how he communicates and processes information. It’s a time of dreams and precognition, it can indicate nagging doubts but often these uneasy feelings lead to positive action to remedy ongoing situations which are gnawing at him.

With Mercury in his solar 12th house, his thought processes are often influenced by intuition and subconscious patterns. Any natural ability to tap into the hidden realms of the mind, accessing information beyond the logical and analytical, is enhanced. This placement suggests a propensity for deep thinking, introspection, and contemplation.

New Moon in Cancer on the 17th

This emphasizes the importance of social connections, friends and networks in his life. It encourages him to re-engage with groups and clubs which he may have neglected.

This is an excellent time for you guys if you enjoy hanging out with similar types of people or have similar political interests.

He’s eager to actively participate in groups or communities that align with his broader interests and goals. This is a favorable time for both of you to be meeting like-minded individuals and establishing valuable connections that may benefit your future aspirations.

This prompts him to set new goals and aspirations, especially those related to collective endeavors.

In relationships, it’s vital to cultivate shared passions and to encourage each other to follow dreams and do meaningful activities with a broad spectrum of people.

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Venus retrograde in Leo on the 23rd

This is a period for reflection on relationships and it prompts deep reflection on past and current relationships. It encourages introspection, forcing him to examine his romantic connections, friendships, and partnerships at a profound level. It may be worthwhile for him to revisit past relationships or unresolved emotional issues, seeking understanding and closure.

This is awesome for creative exploration on a deeper level and you should encourage him to jump into any form of artistic expression that stimulates him emotionally.

Theme of the month –  Resilience and Inner Strength are key themes, and he’s able to face adversities with a can-do attitude

He’s likely to overcome significant challenges in his life and will emerge stronger and more resilient. He is able to tap into his inner strength and persevere through difficulties, often acting as a shining light for others.

Magic Phrase“I have faith in you and you should go for it.”

Magic Text“I’m looking forward to you really shaking me up tonight.”

Do – The new moon phase extends from the 17th of July to the 30th of July. This waxing phase is the perfect fortnight for new initiatives, setting plans, establishing goals, starting anything different and being proactive.

This is good time for him to make a good impression or be persuasive. This is favorable for him taking exams, public speaking and communications-related activities. This waxing period is great for new weight loss or health improvement initiatives or physiotherapy.

Avoid – The waxing phase is not a great time for going on retreats or delving into the occult. He should be wary of entering dangerous vicinities or neighborhoods. It’s not a good time for charitable or voluntary work.

Mediation may be less helpful. He should be careful of new contracts with larger corporate entities or government departments.

This is not the best time for double dating, new romance or social activities aimed at romance. This is not the best period for decisions about your children or starting a family. Sporting and other competitive events are less successful.

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Week One – Variety

In both marriage and new romantic relationships, trial and error is an important concept, don’t worry if any changes don’t work first time around, keep experimenting and seeing what can potentially work, either sexually or in terms of day-to-day understanding.

The whole relationship arena is up for review in terms of Virgo, so don’t wait for problems, get out ahead of potential pitfalls and allow for the dynamism to enter the relationship again.

Be objective and detached when dealing with challenging money situations, because he’s quite knee-jerk financially this week.

Week Two – Share Ideas

This week the transits encourage direct and assertive communication. You guys express your thoughts and ideas with confidence, and you should have a no-nonsense approach in your interactions. He is likely to be more assertive in expressing his needs, boundaries, and opinions.

He’s exhibiting increased independence and self-initiative, so this can be a great period for him to establish new business directions and thus increase confidence in your future as a couple. If you are dating or in romance, he’s more likely to come on strong, and you should begin to understand who he is and what he wants in love.

He’s a strong desire to take charge of his life and he’s less compromising, and so it’s probably easier to go with him or leave him be as he’s got no brakes on his forward motion right now.

Week Three – Turn to Moderation

Mars is opposite Saturn in Pisces, and this can be enormously frustrating, with many delays and obstacles to his progress. Remember to be compromising and try to encourage him because he’s not going to be happy with anything that stands in his way; in fact he can be quite resentful.

If you are critical or obstructive you may touch off his feelings of insecurity. Containing his frustration and managing his energies with a pragmatic approach will be challenging and not always possible. He can’t hold all his energy inside without it coming out somewhere else, and some outbursts or sudden risk-taking is possible. It’s ideal if he has sporting or fitness goals to dilute his passions. Everything in moderation is the motto this week.

He may come to a turning point in business relationships when projects or collaborations that haven’t proven successful over the last months are abandoned, making room for new associations.

Week Four – Time to Reset

This is potentially a very transformative time in your relationship, it’s an opportunity to have a reset and to restart as you mean to go forward by sweeping away things that are worn out and no longer relevant. It’s important to focus on the future and this should be a time of achieving closure, so for you and your Virgo Guy it may be time to look at things from the past that need to be finalized or put to bed. So it can be a month where it’s quite vital to tie up loose ends with Virgo guy.

The tying up of loose ends could also apply to money, so it may be important to develop strategies to pay down debt or to consolidate debt so you can move to a more flexible way of living.

Closing Thoughts

In relationships, July prompts deep reflection on past and current relationships. It encourages introspection, forcing him to examine his romantic connections, friendships, and partnerships in terms of meaning and benefit. Venus retrograde amplifies the introspective Virgo energy, allowing him to uncover hidden motivations, fears, and desires that may be influencing his relationships. However, this doesn’t make him passive, as Mars encourages him to make changes as a result of this internal questioning.

For you guys, July is a month where you must navigate complex situations. You guys should approach matters with intelligence, objectivity, and clear communication while drawing on your inner strength and wisdom to make informed decisions.

If this hasn’t quenched your thirst, you know where to find me, same place, as always.

Wishing you love and luck with your Virgo Man,

Your sister and relationship astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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