Virgo Man Predictions For March 2023

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Monthly February predictions for your Virgo man. What will his mood be for the Valentine's season? Read on and discover.

Hi, there ladies! How was your February? Full of love and romance I hope! March is probably the most important month of the year, so hold onto your bootstraps because a lot is about to change in the world and the psyche of your Virgo man. Everything is about to change!

Jupiter and Venus are both in the sign of Aries this month! Your Virgo man is going to experience a lot of luck and blessings when it comes to his debts, taxes, and money from other people. He may get an inheritance of some sort. This transit is also good for his intimacy.

The Full Moon in Virgo on March 7 will give a boost to your Virgo man’s sense of self and identity. He may feel a certain culmination brewing within him as he experiences a greater sense of self. This Full Moon can be very healing for your Virgo man.

Saturn enters Pisces on March 7 which is going to bring massive changes to the world and your Virgo man is most definitely going to feel this in his area of relationships. He may start to feel more serious about settling down and committing to someone. All his one-on-one relationships are going to take a serious turn. Wedding bells anyone?

Pluto enters Aquarius on March 27 and this brings a turning point in the world as this planet is going to stay in this sign for the next 20 years. The changes will start out subtle, but a very big shift is about to take place in his area of health, work, routines, and daily tasks. 

virgo man horoscope for march 2023

The theme of the Month: A lot of change is taking place for your Virgo man this month. He is on the cliff of a huge transformation and he may not even recognize himself after this process. Most of this energy is going to play out in his relationships and intimate bonds with people. But much of this has to do with his self-image and the way he takes care of himself.

Magic Phrase: “You do so much for me, you are the best.

Text Magic: You still give me butterflies.

Do: Admire him, give him a boost of confidence, couples therapy, talk about goals, plan for the future

Avoid: Pressuring him to open up, nagging him, being needy, being unsupportive, disrespecting his space

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A Refresh

Your Virgo man is very blessed to have two of the luckiest planets in his 8th house this month. The 8th house isn’t always a particularly fun house in Astrology because it deals with things pertaining to death, debts, and taxes, and also quite often involves one’s psychology and trauma. 

But, these two planets will definitely mitigate any bad luck that might be coming his way as Jupiter and Venus always bring blessings. I have a feeling he might receive an unexpected sum of money over this period. 

Perhaps he receives an inheritance of some sort or his tax comes back with a nice rebate. There is also the possibility that he might experience a bit of an aha moment and finally be able to heal a part of himself that he was struggling to move on from. 

This can be quite significant for him and definitely help the two of you to experience a deeper kind of relationship with each other. 

The Spotlight

It is an especially great time for your Virgo man seeing as there is a Full Moon taking place in his sign this month. The spotlight is right on top of him. This is a really great time for him to exert his independence and to be himself totally authentically. 

You should definitely take this opportunity to celebrate your Virgo man and to make him understand that you recognize how special he is. Make a fuss and allow him to see all the things about himself that he should be proud of. 

It is very difficult for Virgo men to recognize their greatness because they are so critical of themselves and their pursuit for perfection is very intense, so it can be difficult for them to accept what they have achieved. 

This is where you come in, shine a bright light on him and make him understand that you recognize his worth and how amazing he is. This should encourage him to step into the world with a bit more confidence and self-esteem. 

If he doesn’t recognize how amazing he is, then it is your job to point out all the amazing attributes he has and why he is so special. Support him and help him see his worth.

A Time For Seriousness

This is a turning point for your Virgo man and how he relates to his serious relationships when Saturn moves into his opposite sign of Pisces for the next few years. This can be a particularly challenging time for your Virgo man as he might realize he needs to grow up.

His one-on-one relationships will definitely take on a much more serious tone than ever before. Your Virgo man is going to start thinking about the future and all of his responsibilities. He may feel unsatisfied with casual dating and think about settling down with someone.

However, this transit may also make your Virgo man realize that he is unsatisfied with his relationship and that it isn’t going anywhere. This can be a very scary thought for his partner, but sometimes relationships break because both parties learned what they needed to.

If this happens between you and your Virgo man just remember that this happened for a reason and remember everything you have benefitted from knowing him. It is much better to set him free than try to control him by staying with you. But just remember, this is only a possibility and it isn’t necessarily going to happen to you and your Virgo man.

Health Shakeup

Out of all the signs in the Zodiac, your Virgo man is probably most concerned with his health and well-being. It is a very important thing for him as it is something he can control and we all know how much Virgo men like control. 

So it is going to be a very interesting time to see how the transit of Pluto into Aquarius is going to affect him. It might totally shake up his health routines and make him try out all kinds of weird and wacky futuristic gadgets to help him become a healthier version of himself. 

You might also notice that he has a new obsession taking hold regarding his health. He might want to completely transform his body. Just remember, this transit is very slow and very subtle as it will take 20 years to finish.

This may also influence his relationship with his work. He may get totally stuck into a new project that takes all of his time, or he may completely transform and work in a totally new field that might surprise everyone. Wait and see!

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My Final Thoughts

And there you have it my darlings, if this hasn’t quenched your thirst, you know where to find me, same place, as always.

March stands to be quite an exciting month for Virgo man and his companion, so make sure that you’re prepared for better or worse, and that you sharpen that sensual spirit within him. Be his rock and don’t take his changes personally, remember these changes are happening to you on some level as well. 

The two of you should be able to work together as a team to grow closer. Allow the energy of March to unfold naturally, and do your best to try and not control the outcome. Life is much easier when you can accept the shifts and live in the flow of the moment.  

This is a month of major changes and it may feel like a bit of a rollercoaster ride, but if your own spiritual practice is sound and strong and you know how to soothe yourself, then dealing with the changes of your Virgo man shouldn’t knock your confidence too much. 

Ask him how you can support him and what he needs from you, but don’t forget about your own needs and take care of what you need first. Neither of you is ever going to be the same, but it is better if you can manage to grow together instead of apart. 

So have fun, go wild, and I’ll see you next time around, 

Wishing you love and luck with your Virgo Man, 

Your sister and relationship astrologer, 

Anna Kovach

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