Virgo Man Predictions For May 2023

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Monthly May predictions for your Virgo man. What will his mood be for the spring season? Read on and discover.

Hello sweetheart, I trust that you have had a productive April and that you and Virgo guy have been working on yourselves and are having some success in terms of personal goals and getting ready for the summer.

I can’t believe it’s already May, and year seems to be racing by, so let’s take a peek at May, which is an action-packed month.

I know April was busy, but May is exceptionally busy because the planets are producing lots of magic and forming some important conjunctions and squares, which are causing a lot of potential for change, new perspectives and also ups and downs in all of our lives.

Venus enters Cancer Trine Saturn (8th of May)

Venus entering Cancer has particular relevance for friendships and interactions with family members, like his siblings. This is an excellent time for going away with friends or reuniting with family members that he hasn’t seen for a while.

Sun Conjunct Uranus in Taurus (9th May)

This stimulates the restless, adventure-seeking side of Virgo man, and he’s very hard to satisfy.

He’s keen to get his adrenaline pumping, and this is an ideal time to encourage him to get into the outdoors to do sports, or alternatively, highly competitive activities so that he can burn off a lot of that impetuous energy.

He can be rather opinionated right now, and it’s quite possible that he could get on his hobby horse and want to ram home his point of view.

He doesn’t like being wrong or hearing advice, and it’s probably best not to encourage him by getting involved in lengthy debates because he’ll debate till the cows come home.

It’s important for him to have lots of activities to focus on, otherwise, he can become quite argumentative because, as they say, the devil makes work for idle hands, so it’s important for him to have something intellectually stimulating for him to sink his teeth into.

Ideally, he should get involved in a community project, political cause or some activism because this can totally occupy him when he is not at work.

Virgo guy can be a little bit of a handful this month, simply because of the extra energy surge he’s having, and thus he’s not necessarily that receptive to affection or sexual advances, but if you can stimulate his mind and get involved in something together that will certainly help keep the relationship strong.

Mercury direct Sextile Saturn (15th May)

Mercury going direct in Taurus is particularly good for Virgo guy because he is ruled by Mercury and can find the retrograde period quite frustrating.

From the 15th is an excellent time for making travel arrangements for business or for pleasure; it doesn’t particularly matter if you travel now or later in the year, but this is an excellent time to finalize the arrangements.

This is a great time for him to formulate strategies and plans for his work and business, so do encourage him to think about putting together new plans and strategies, particularly for promoting himself or his business.

This can also be an ideal time for him to do a little bit of extra study or reading to help him advance his career, so do encourage him to enrol on courses, particularly if they will only take six weeks or so.

This is certainly a fantastic time for him to make a good impression and he should be positive about his image or brand development. If your Virgo guy is it all interested in affirmations encourage him to do some affirmations, some mantras or even to engage in prayer.

It’s very important for him to be open to the abundance that the universe offers because right now there is a wealth of positive energy on tap for him which can help him to achieve personal satisfaction and personal growth. He can gain a great deal more stimulation through his career as long as he’s in the right mindset.

Jupiter Enters Taurus on the (17th May)

This represents a really outgoing time for Virgo Guy, as we know, he can be shy, he’s a perfectionist, and he can get bogged down in details, but the important thing now with the Jupiter transit, is that he’s able to see the bigger picture.

He’s kinda widening his horizons by seeing options that he didn’t see before. It’s very important for you guys to be brainstorming and just bringing novelty into life by swapping up the routines and not being slaves to the chores and to the schedule.

This may also be a period where you both enjoy opening your home up, not only receive visitors, but to do more business entertaining or coordinating of activities to do with your children.

Mars in Cancer Square Jupiter (21st May)

This is a powerful time for leadership, and it’s also a good time to take money matters into your hands, so you and Virgo Guy can achieve some lasting financial security or even have some success with Investments if you pay attention to world economic developments.

Maybe do a little bit of your own research together, so it may be a good time to just spend more time getting a better understanding of your financial options either from an advisor or through your own research because that can help you to feel a lot more secure going forward, and is a great way to cement the relationship.

Theme of the month –  This month the little things are not going to get him down as he’s tuned into a vision and has a sense that love, healing and strength are coming together to create a tornado of positive change in his life. He can make great progress in many areas of life but it’s often with a philosophical insight, and that’s what makes it more meaningful.

Magic Phrase – “You have everything you need within you and I believe in your vision, everything is unfolding as it’s meant to.”

Magic Text – “You are always my light at the end of the tunnel.”

Do: Stay calm and allow his positive energy to inspire you. Be ready to travel or suddenly do something very different at short notice.

Encourage him to spread his energy over a wide spectrum of activities and talk to many different people. His life needs to expand now, but you have to let him have a certain amount of freedom because he’s too much to handle alone.

Supply the moderation and balance he requires, along with a lot of patience. Encourage his expression but keep him away from extremes.

Avoid: Don’t get sucked into his whirlwind. He should be cautious of property deals and major changes to his house, he may well feel dissatisfied with his/your house or living arrangements, but he shouldn’t throw the baby out with the bathwater.

Help him to avoid being presumptive, he can jump to conclusions, and while he may not be totally wrong, he does need to put more thought into the most effective way to problem solve rather than the fastest way.

He should be careful of dealings with large corporations because the people on the other side of the deal can be unreliable.

He should avoid associations with people who have serious issues as while he wants to help, the problems may be bigger than he realizes.

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Week One – Two to Tango

This is a week where Virgo Guy is concerned about other people in his life and ready to go the extra mile. It’s true that giving is better than receiving, and it’s rewarding for him when he makes a difference to a loved one; he’s quite chivalrous.

It’s a week where he enjoys the teamwork element of relationships, and it’s awesome if you guys are able to find activities which you can sink your teeth into together.

If you are single, this week is ideal for introductions and getting to know Virgo Guy better in a romantic way.

You should be careful in a new relationship with Virgo Guy as he’s a touch insincere, he’s inclined to be very easygoing and relaxed when he meets people, but he could be creating an image of himself that’s going to be impossible to live up to.

So don’t take this week as a ‘normal’ week in the life of Virgo guy, as it’s going to be exhausting keeping this up and in the following weeks he could prove slightly different.

Week Two – Firm Friends

This is a very sociable time, and it’s quite important for you and Virgo guy to renew the bond that you have with important friends.

They say you can’t choose your family, but you can choose your friends, and friendships have a valuable role to play right now, and that’s why it’s important for him to tap into the support and love available through friendships right now.

This can be a really positive time for social media, publicity and networking, and it can be fun for you guys to use the various social platforms to help increase his profile or gain more attention for any hobbies or events that you guys are coordinating.

It may be the case that within your social life, you and Virgo Guy are very enthusiastic about steering events, education or other community-orientated activities and this is a fantastic time to supercharge those with better use of social media.

Week Three – Feeling Hot Hot Hot Hot

This is a very exciting time for you guys sexually. It’s great to spend time out with friends whose company you really enjoy because this can help lift your mood and create a lot of positive energy.

Remember, his energy level is high this month, it’s not necessarily always expressed in an affectionate way, however after a night out or a good concert, you guys can really get together and have some fantastic sex which can be quite a thrill and can mark a new phase of intimacy between you. A wonderful week to spice up your sex life.

Week Four – All cried out

This is one of the quietest weeks; as you close out the month Virgo Guy is a little bit exhausted and possibly seeing the glass as half empty, so he definitely needs some quiet time.

He may require a period of retreat, as he could be a little bit less talkative and more evasive. It’s almost like he’s emotionally exhausted, and suddenly, he just needs to push the cutout switch and have a little bit of downtime.

This is not the greatest week for new romances, so if you’ve recently become involved with Virgo Guy, don’t be concerned if he goes off the radar and doesn’t reply to your texts or seem particularly enthusiastic, he simply has had a lot on his plate and the last week of the month is his opportunity to just kind of process it all because he’s naturally a little bit cautious and he may feel that things have moved too quickly so far.

Closing Thoughts

He has a great need to champion something at the moment; he is a lot more distracted by events in the outside world and feels the need to do something. There’s a strong call to action within him now, and this call for action can mean that he’s a little bit more distracted from family and personal matters. He tends to be quite preoccupied with things in the wider world or possibly even activities connected to foreign travel.

If money allows, this is a fantastic month for a trip of a lifetime, alternatively, if you are able to get away on the weekends to somewhere totally new and immerse yourselves in a different culture or environment, that is fantastic.

If this hasn’t quenched your thirst, you know where to find me, same place, as always.

Wishing you love and luck with your Aries Man,

Your sister and relationship astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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