Best Matches For A Virgo Man - How Compatible Are You With Him?
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Best Matches For A Virgo Man – How Compatible Are You With Him?

In a world of so many different signs, which women are most compatible with the Virgo guy? If you are currently dating one, make sure to check out what are the best matches for a Virgo man.

The Best Signs for Virgo Man

In the list of wonderful women to choose from, there is a handful that is most suitable for the Virgo man and his ways. The first to mention is a Taurus woman. She’s strong-willed and independent.

She will not only be a rock for this security seeking man, she’ll be able to give him the personal space he so often requires. He’ll give her a loyal and trustworthy partner that she craves. This is a fantastic duo. They will give each other all that they need to succeed.

While this may be a very fulfilling romance and life partnership, there are other ladies that can make a wonderful match with as well. The next in the list is Cancer woman. She’s very caring and will provide him with nurturing.

She may be a bit too emotional for him and so they’ll have to work at understanding each other. He will give her the secure life she seeks and she’ll take care of him in whatever way he needs. This is a beautiful pairing if the work at it.

This brings us to the next woman who is emotionally driven but gives Virgo the sweet passion and love he secretly craves – the Scorpio woman. While he can live without a mate, he also can thrive being with someone who will love him intensely.

He could resist her at times which can cause a rift for Scorpio who wants to engulf her Virgo man. These two have to learn to communicate properly so that they can always remain on the same page. Success is very possible with these two.

Possible, but Some Work is required

best matches for a virgo man

When the Capricorn woman steps into a Virgo man’s life, she’s virtually like him. They probably have a lot in common and they both have high integrity. Their life values, if similar, will help them build a forever bond.

The problem that could arise between these two is Virgo man’s desire for personal freedom becoming far too often for Capricorn lady who wants to build a strong life together. These two will need some serious talking and being open with one another to make it work.

As long as they give each other some space, this should work out nicely. Next up in line for Virgo’s compatibility is the Aries woman. She is full of fire and active. This suits Virgo’s need to also keep himself busy.

The two can go on many adventures together and keep life exciting. Aries woman can come across as abrasive while the Virgo man may pick her apart with his analytical mind. They will have to learn to be more sensitive to each other’s needs and feelings to make it last but they certainly CAN work it out.

Lastly in the list of which signs work the best with Virgo would be Sagittarius. Just like Aries, Sagittarius loves adventure and traveling which will appeal very much to Virgo. However, there may be times where she could flake out on him.

Sagittarius will stay true to her Virgo man as long as he is able to allow her to fly like an eagle once they are together. His jealousy may drive her away if he’s not careful. Sagittarius will also need to learn to really talk to her man instead of cutting and running.

If you don’t see your sign

If you don’t see your sign amongst the most compatible for Virgo man, do not fret. These are just the most likely to succeed. There is always a possibility with any sign as there are many factors involved.

If his moon sign or rising sign is different than his sun, then he can be open to other signs with the ladies. The same goes for the ladies if their moon or rising signs is one of the signs I listed in this article.

There are more opportunities and certainly plenty of hope for more women than you can imagine. So if you are not one of these sun signs, don’t worry about it. You may still have what it takes to work it out with a Virgo man.

Remember he looks for certain things in a potential partner that can possibly be obtained by any woman that is willing to work with it. It will depend on who he is totally and who the potential partner is as well.

Be sure to read the compatibilities a bit deeper on my site to help you get the most information you can. There are always situations that differ. You have to look at things like compatibility as a whole (love, communication, and attraction), sex, and communication.

To conclude…

best matches for a virgo man

Communication is the #1 tool that anyone can have when in a relationship. So no matter what sign you are; communication can make or break your potential with the Virgo man.

It may be important to learn everything you can about Virgo man so that you can see how he thinks, what he expects, and what he wants in a partner. Then look at yourself and figure out if you are able to live up to his expectations.

If you think you can hang with him; you should go ahead and give it all you’ve got. When you’re not that great at communication; it may be something you want to learn before getting tangled up with this inquisitive man.

Sometimes him questioning you to get to know you feels more like an interrogation. He doesn’t mean it that way but it can make you feel nervous or defensive. This then makes him wonder if you’re telling him the truth.

What to do next?


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Wishing you all the luck of the universe

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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  1. I’m a Virgo man and I felt like a Pisces woman could’ve been mentioned in this article. The Compatibility between Virgo and Pisces is very strong and are opposite signs but they are like a match made in heaven and balance out their opposites unlike the other signs mentioned in this article, but except for Sagittarius woman and Capricorn woman because they also go well with Virgo. But that’s my opinion I just feel like Pisces woman could’ve been added to this article

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