How To Attract A Virgo Man In February 2021

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
How to attract a Virgo man in February 2021? Draw the attention of a Virgo man or improve your relationship with one in February!

The Virgo man is pragmatic, reliable, helpful, and generous. Many people mistake Virgo for being solely critical, small-minded, and the worker-bees of society. Yes, he is very reliable and hard-working, and service and helpfulness is integral to his life, but as an earth sign, there is also a sweet, caring, and romantic aspect to him. Symbolized by the Virgin or Maiden, Virgo is on a path of purity. The Full Moon in his own sign on the 27th enhances this, so it’s important to know the best ways to catch his fancy in February. 

How To Attract A Virgo Man In February 2021

1. Remind Him Of His Greatness

Virgo Man in February 2021

First and foremost, the Virgo man will be feeling sensitive in February. It’s important, therefore, to remind him of his greatness and unique strengths. He needs someone to see him, appreciate his virtues, and uplift and support him. He certainly isn’t a baby, but he does need some kind preeminence this month. This is largely due to a lot of harsh and confusing energies, energies not so compatible with his Virgo nature.

During Aquarius season until the 19th, he will be feeling unsure of himself. He has many talents, yet there isn’t a clear path for him at this time, i.e., there’s a lack of clarity and insight into the best way to express his gifts. He is intellectual, analytical, and intelligent however, February presents a lack of opportunity for him to shine and prosper.

So, be a shining light and beautiful support system for him. “Big him up!” Genuinely show him his power and inner greatness. Be gentle, kind, empathic and complementary. Remember that he senses superficiality and false intentions too, therefore being anything less than sincere will only add to his insecurities. Virgo is usually a gem to friends and family – be a diamond to him!

2. Keep Things Light And Easy

He needs some lightness and humor, laughter and joy to uplift his spirits. One secret of the Virgo man, something you possibly will never find out unless he wants you too, is that he feels things very deeply. He is deeply compassionate and sensitive to the needs and suffering of others. He doesn’t show it, and he likes to keep this part of himself hidden, but the truth remains. He is empathic and sensitive with gifts in subtle perception and compassion. 

There’s a lot going on in his personal life and in the world right now. Keeping things light and airy, easy-going and fun will make you magnetic to him. When the Sun is in Aquarius you can be as witty and high-spirited as you like. He is more appreciative of banter, jokes, and a less serious attitude when Aquarius season rules. Being positive and optimistic will also remind him of all he has to be appreciative of. 

This isn’t to say don’t be romantic or explore deep emotions, just be mindful of his tendency towards low moods birthed from sensitivity. Uplift, inspire, motivate, and encourage. Be enthusiastic and lively, keep the energy and conversation flowing in positive and pragmatic directions.

3. Show Some Love And Affection

Attracting A Virgo Man In February 2021


All you need is love… no, it’s not cheesy. It is needed now more than ever and your Virgo guy knows this. He will really, really appreciate love and affection. Don’t be scared or worry about his reaction, as he’s very open to sentimentality, playfulness and physical touch at this time. His emotions are heightened too, thus it’s important to project positive emotions and be in control of the type of exchanges and mental rapport you have.

There’s a greenlight on intimacy this month. Intimacy can be expressed emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and physically, and it’s a safe bet that he’s open to intimacy on all levels. Don’t be put off if he acts a little reserved towards the end of the month, however. There are some conflicting emotions he’s silently struggling with.

On the one hand, the Sun enters Pisces on the 19th, making this guy extremely romantic and connected to his soul. Yet, on the other, a Full Moon in Virgo turns his attention to domestic and practical matters. If he doesn’t respond the way you wish to a touch or show of affection, it’s likely that his mind is overthinking.

4. Stay Grounded

Expanding on, the whole month leads up to the Full Moon in his own sign on the 27th, which brings a sense of completion and integration to practical affairs. Virgo, as you may already be aware, is the sign of responsibility, duty, practicality and physicality. It is an earth sign and therefore deeply grounded. This signifies that he is concerned about his finances, home, savings, assets, resources, career, and virtually everything that binds him to the earth plane.

You should be supportive of his tendency to overthink. But you should also find other ways to connect him to the Earth, the physical environments around, and to his body. Perhaps offer him a massage with healing essential oils and soothing music playing? Ask if he wants to make use of any of your professional services. If you specialize in Reiki, sound healing, Indian head massage or Reflexology, offer to give him a session.

The same applies to talents in the intellectual fields. Being ruled by Mercury means that he is considerably intellectual. Don’t be shy in suggesting ways to help his career or business this month. If you specialize in web development, marketing, social media, IT, or anything related- offer your services. Just make sure you read the vibe and his reaction, he doesn’t like feeling pushed or controlled!

5. Be A Beacon Of Positivity And Change

How To Attract A Virgo In February 2021

Virgo is anti-change – he is quite set in his ways. He can be controlling, dogmatic, and more than content in the world and home-life he’s created. Yet, this doesn’t mean he doesn’t appreciate people trying to rock his ship. Actually, he silently enjoys it, he loves being exposed to differing viewpoints and belief systems. It stimulates him intellectually and shakes things up internally. Okay, a lot of the time you wouldn’t even know the powerful impact you’re creating – he stays calm and apparently emotionless and unaffected on the outside. But you do affect him!

He is a subtle man, externally cool, calm, and collected (or lacking any and all feeling), yet very emotional and responsive. Talk about things that inspire and motivate him into change. Communicate new ideas, “conspiracies,” beliefs, and perspectives to him. Open his mind and continue to initiate conversation and shifts even when he appears motionless. You have no idea of the magic and color that sparks on the inside when you bring genuine joy into his life… 

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Final Thoughts And Key Astrological Transits

Venus is still in Capricorn. And with the Full Moon in Virgo there is a lot of grounding, stabilizing energy. But Aquarius season brings conflicting emotions and insecurities. You should do everything in your power to stay positive and charismatic while remaining kind and supportive. After all, the Virgo man when at his best is a dependable, beautiful, and sincerely generous and caring lover to have. 

Be strong and confident to catch his interest and keep him hooked. There are brighter prospects next month!

And let me know which of these tips you found most helpful to score your Virgo guy. The comments are totally anonymous!

Wishing you love and light on your journey.

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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4 thoughts on “How To Attract A Virgo Man In February 2021

  1. Theses were all great points…however how does a Cancer woman apply it to a Virgo man that has ghosted her…we hit it off great when we first met 2 yrs ago then he ghosted me… recently reconnected (if you call it that) on Instagram has ghosted me again…what is going on??? confused…

    1. Hi Dora!

      It sounds like he is not sure what he really wants. Ghosting you means that he doesn’t want to continue or build it into something more. He’s checking on you to see how you are doing out of curiosity and to see if you’ve moved on with someone else. Ghosting you yet again shows he doesn’t want to be together. This goes for any woman. I’d leave it alone. He is a mess honey. I wish you all the best!

  2. It’s so kind of you to have sent me Virgo man likes and dislikes. Me Capricorn him Virgo we make a awesome couple. I feel for him 46 years ago we were 12…my step mom told him a lie about me. To this day she is keeping us apart lies. He loves me. He is in my life now. She is still keeping us apart by her lies. He agreed to meet with me, then got cool. He is keeping my Facebook hidden from everyone else. I would be blessed with anything you can offer. You got to know I’m living month to month…

    1. Hi Lisa!

      I am sorry to hear you have a meddling step mother. I would for sure tell her to stay out of your relationship. I would also tell him that she cannot be trusted. He needs to trust you over anyone else. Tell him how you feel about him and tell him it’s crucial that you talk about it whether he can meet up or not. Tell him not to let her pull you two apart or keep you apart.

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