How To Attract A Virgo Man In March 2021

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Virgo is feeling more spiritually open and emotionally in tune than usual. There is a unique sensitive and soulful energy that he both appreciates, and doesn’t usually embody in daily life. Until the 20th, the Virgo man is feeling more connected to his truth and more open-minded than in other months. Pisces is Virgo’s opposite sign, so Pisces season signifies a chance for balance! 

Virgo is feeling more spiritually open and emotionally in tune than usual. There is a unique sensitive and soulful energy that he both appreciates, and doesn’t usually embody in daily life. 

Until the 20th, the Virgo man is feeling more connected to his truth and more open-minded than in other months. Pisces is Virgo’s opposite sign, so Pisces season signifies a chance for balance! 

All in all, you may be surprised at the type of bond and connection you can form this month. This is one of the more positive months of the year for the workaholic and “Maiden-Virgin” of the Zodiac. Read on to discover exactly what you can do to attract this motivated guy! 

How To Attract A Virgo Man In March 2021

1. Show Him The Beauty Of Taking Things Easy

Beauty Of Taking Things Easy With A Pisces Man In March 2021

First and foremost, March is the time to take a chill pill! There’s no better time to show him the fine art of pure and liberated relaxation. Pisces is one of the most easy-going Zodiac signs, which shows itself throughout Pisces season. 

Pisces knows how to take it easy and allow all worries and stresses to merge into the divine, into the ether and spiritual realms. The Virgo man has many beautiful qualities, yet they are often overshadowed by self-doubt and anxiety. These are illusions!

He worries when he doesn’t have to, stresses when he needs not to stress, and disallows himself from feeling blissful or achieving moments of transcendental ecstasy and union in daily life. 

Until the 20th, he is feeling lighter and more at ease with himself. And this, therefore, makes it the perfect time to show him how down-to-earth and carefree you are. If you show him your laid back and friendly attitude now, in March, he will remember it forever and always. 

2. Be Patient

Attracting A Virgo Man In March 2021 - Patient Woman

He needs space to share his views, stories, opinions, and ideas this month. There is a lot of expansive and open-minded, non-judgmental energy this March. His tolerance, acceptance, and empathy are increased and amplified, he is feeling more open-minded and accepting and in many ways. 

This means he is more open to share his ideas and beliefs, or express viewpoints he may have once been scared or apprehensive to share. The Virgo man suffers with the fear of appearing crazy or irrational! Despite this new found openness, he still needs someone with patience, who will listen to him and hold space with grace and non-judgement.

The beauty of March is that there is so much loving and inspiring energy, even the smallest of steps towards bringing him out of his shyness and reserved self will create massive ripples. You can really win his respect and attention simply by being there for him.

Support him, listen to him, and push him that extra bit further than you normally would. There’s a green light on esoteric and alternative subjects, and on how much “woo” this Virgo man can take. If you can be intuitive to his needs and hold space for him to express himself freely you will find a very open and affectionate Virgo man. 

3. Remind Him Of The Power Of Spirit

Probably the least free-spirited sign of the twelve, the Virgo man is quite serious. Bless him! Yet, the energy of March is so powerful and spiritually charged it could turn even this workaholic and level-headed analyst into someone with soul and spiritual insight. 

It’s important that you remind him of his own spirituality, therefore. Most of the time, it’s just that he forgets – his mind is aligned with other things. It’s not that he doesn’t consider himself spiritual, or that he dislikes notions of faith, soul and divinity; his only problem is that he focused on the practical aspects of life. 

It’s your job and responsibility to remind him. Connect him to his soul and spirit. Talk about quantum physics, metaphysics, and esoteric subjects. Spiritual subjects and mysticism are fine subject choices too. 

You don’t even have to worry about disagreements or him not sharing your exact beliefs – this will never be a problem to the Virgo man. Even the most ludicrous or ‘out there’ viewpoint is something he considers interesting and intelligent. “Woo” subjects may be fantasy (to him), but they still stimulate his mind and emotions. And he will appreciate you bringing out this side of him. 

On a different level, Pisces represents faith and purity. Virgo, of course, is ruled by the Virgin, the Astrological symbol of purity. There is a shared resonance here. Furthermore, spiritual energy carries the vibration of faith and hope, purity of mind and spirit, and unconditional love. 

These are qualities the Virgo man deeply respects and secretly admires. Don’t be afraid to talk about messages of hope, stories of unconditional love and compassion, and viewpoints or self-reflections that appeal to his universally loving side. 

4. Kindness Wins

Kind Woman - Attracting a Virgo In March 2021

This guy is very analytical still, despite the powerful emotional-spiritual energies at large. This means he will be analyzing and observing you. He’s watching your every move, he’s overthinking things! 

He mainly uses reason, logic and keen observation skills to draw his own conclusions, and this means his emotions suffer. Or, he is out of touch and tune with instinctual responses and feelings. 

One thing you can do that is almost like a built-in response, is to appeal to his kind and sweet side. Above all else he will always be kind and genuine. 

So, if you wish to remind him of your beauty and strengths – or to simply be seen in a positive light (which can be quite hard when someone’s always analyzing you and every minor detail!), be kind. Be sincere. Give when you want to give and allow your generous, benevolent and selfless side to shine. Virgo men love helpful characters who are genuinely sincere and authentic. 

5. Connect To His Love Of Partnership

There is a Full Moon in Libra on the 28th which opens a portal to a sense of completion in his life. This is happening in Libra, the relationship loving, partnership focused, harmony seeking and loving sign. 

Libra is ruled by Venus – love, beauty, feminine sexuality, and romance. Also, luxury and wealth come under Venus. What does this mean for you and the Virgo man? It means you should be aware of the following…

He is thinking a lot about soulmates and love. Intimacy and partnership are on his mind. If he is single, presuming he still is, he is definitely open to a new relationship. You should make the most of this, perhaps even engage in some positive magic. 

There is a window of around three days before a full Moon where you can set some intentions. Now, at the highest vibration, Virgo is a sign of practical magic- a wizardly/witchy energy. Spiritual and evolved Virgos tend to live a shamanic life.

March is the perfect month to engage in some meditation ritual or conscious ceremony. Light some candles, set some intentions, and pull some tarot cards! Cleanse and charge your crystals or special gemstones, and connect to your source of personal power. Centre yourself. 

It’s from this space where you can set some intentions and aid in positive manifestation, so tune in to the energies of the full Moon. Focus on a loving and harmonious partnership (Libra energy) rooted in commitment and a strong physical foundation (Virgo). 

Let the universe work its magic… 

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Final Thoughts & Key Astrological Transits

Remember to read up on the rest of the Virgo Man Secrets right here! A New Moon in Pisces brings fresh starts and new beginnings in spirituality and philosophy, healing and pathways towards self-development, while a Full Moon in Libra allows for a return to oneness and wholeness in the realms of intimacy, deep and authentic bonds, and personal relationships. 

Wishing you light, love, and all the luck in the Universe on your journey!

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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