How to Show Your Love to a Virgo Man - Everything You Need to Know
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How to Show Your Love to a Virgo Man – Everything You Need to Know

Shy and reserved Virgo men are capable of feeling the love in deep and powerful ways but the traditional trappings of romance tend to make them uncomfortable.

Sending this man a bunch of flowers is less likely to impress him than buying him a load of compost for his garden. The more practical your gestures of love are, the more effective they will be.

Virgo men are thoughtful, intellectual beings who analyze everything around them. Showing him that you have thought things through and that you notice what he loves and enjoys, is much more valuable to a Virgo man than an expensive gift or a fancy restaurant meal.

Virgo is a mutable, or adaptable, sign so you don’t need to twist yourself into a pretzel to please him. He loves honesty, authenticity and sensitivity to his strange preferences and neurotic needs.

A gesture that is thoughtful and practical is much more appreciated by a Virgo man than a showy declaration of love. So pay attention to the small details and listen when he talks, and he will feel loved and appreciated.

Support his work

Virgo men identify with their work in ways that are not always healthy, but telling him not to take it so seriously will just irritate him.

If he is under pressure at work don’t try to force him to have lunch with you, take some healthy sandwiches to his office and leave him to get on with it.

Gestures like that show him you love him more than anything. Yes, it sounds unromantic, but he’s a strange one.

Keep him healthy


Virgo men are the healers of the zodiac but they often forget to take care of themselves and they are prone to strange ailments like allergies and stress-related health issues.

If you love a Virgo man keep him supplied in vitamins and supplements, as he often gets run down, and needs to boost his energy levels. He will feel loved if you notice his health and take practical steps to improve his wellbeing.

Respect his need for space

Virgo men can’t get enough time alone. As much as he may love you, he longs to sleep alone now and then.

Giving him space is the best way to show that you really do love and understand him. He is unlikely to lie to you or cheat on you, but he does need time for himself. He is also a bit fanatical about privacy, so respect his boundaries and don’t pry or spy.

Be the best version of you

Virgo men get a kick out of being good for you, they want to be a positive growth experience in your life.

If you can show him, or tell him, that thanks to him, you are thriving and becoming a better person, his sense of purpose and self-confidence will get a massive boost.

Tell him what you have learned from him, and spell out how he has positively influenced your life, to make him smile from ear to ear.

Tell the truth


Virgo men are big fans of the truth and authentic communication. They have very strong instincts for sniffing out deception and manipulation.

They can tell when you are being less than honest and anything like that makes them feel uneasy. Don’t try to be subtle, tell him how you feel and why you feel the way you do.

He will appreciate and respect your trust, and he will love you for your honesty, and reward it with compassion and loyalty.

Make Meaningful Gestures

Virgo man shows his love in everything he does, he doesn’t believe that love is something you show on Valentine’s day, or with gifts and proclamations.

If you want to show your love to him, make loving and thoughtful gestures a part of everyday life. Show love in how you treat his space, his need for privacy and how you respect his work and his views.

It’s not the most romantic of relationships, but with a Virgo man you have a chance to have a working bond that can last a lifetime.

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One thought on “How to Show Your Love to a Virgo Man – Everything You Need to Know

  1. Very well written, I agree with the Virgo man’s way of being. I have a Virgo brother, sister in law and boyfriend – each of them are selfless beings who give so much to everyone and forget about treating themselves. They need some pampering (in a practical way) and definitely their own free space! I love all the Virgo’s I know, my favorite people indeed.

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