Virgo Man Horoscope For November 2021

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
November is going to be a bumpy and challenging ride for most of the Zodiac signs. Let’s dive into this month’s Horoscope for the Virgo man. 

Hi darlings, how have you been? How has October treated you? Well, I hope. November is going to be a bumpy and challenging ride for most of the Zodiac signs, so without further ado, let’s dive into this month’s Horoscope for the Virgo man. 

The beginning of the month finds the Virgo man in a successful and yet stern state. His mind will be plagued by spiritual and esoteric questions. He’ll find the time for his romantic life as well, but the mood won’t be lighthearted.

The New Moon will put him in a spiritual mood and will awake occult topics in his mind. He’ll want a deep interlocutor who comprehends the inner workings of his mind. Dates undertaken during this transit will end up in a more esoteric valley. It’s a very interesting and profound time for the Virgo man and his love interest or partner…

The middle of the month will be perfect for romantic walks by the water or in parks that will be vivid with autumn colors. Enjoying a gentle night under blankets or drinking pumpkin spice lattes while immersed in powerful conversation is what I envision for the two of you. 

It’s not advised for the Virgo man to travel during the Full Moon Eclipse. Instead, he should consider staying close to home and spending time in meaningful conversations and daydreams with his love interest or partner. 

The end of November will put him in a festive and cheery mood. The Virgo man will pass into the last month of this year in good spirits. He’ll be especially happy to share this time with his love interest or partner and his family together. 

If you want to find out more, keep reading down below and let me know what you think in the comments. 

Feed Your Head

The beginning of the month looks benevolent for the Virgo man. His ruler, Mercury, is in Libra, his second house of finances and income, conjunct with Spica, the fixed star from the Virgo constellation. This is a great placement because this star brings good fortune to people in power, gains through investments, and a rise in position.

Mercury makes a beautiful trine with Jupiter in Aquarius in his sixth house of work and health, so he will feel vital and smart; success will find its way to him at work. Additionally, the Moon conjuncts Vertex in his rising house, so work-related voyages are possible. 

He’s going to experience a rise in his spirituality, too. This lunar placement will bring him luck and good earnings at this moment in time. 

Now, onto the part that I know you all want to hear the most. His house of fun and pleasure will be activated through a nice trine with the Moon and sextile with Neptune, which is already lighting his seventh house of marriage and long-term relationships. 

The beginning of November will be a good time for some solemn dates (after all, Pluto combined with Rx Neptune cannot provide a crazy party mood), spiritual topics, and spending time on the mountainside or nearby water. 

His mind will be focused on communication and the more meaningful topics. The Virgo man’s mood won’t be lighthearted, but it will be positively oriented towards spending time with his love interest or partner. 

The Third Eye Opens

November’s New Moon casts a positive yet occult light on the Virgo man’s mood. His ruler (Mercury) will conjunct the Izar fixed star from the Bootes constellation, filling his mind and wonderings about the occult and lesser-talked-about subjects. 

This transit will inadvertently affect his seventh house of partnerships, and he’ll seek out his love interest or partner to try and share his inner musings that others find weird or simply strange. 

This lunation will be an opportunity for the Virgo man to “test” the communication waters with his love interest or partner. And the date ideas will be odd requests, too. He’ll find it very amusing to visit a house of horror or a museum of illusions during this time. 

Mercury conjuncts Mars in Scorpio in his third house, where Mars as a planet feels very good, so his words will be keen, and his mind will absorb psychic properties. His sixth sense will be quite strong in this period, and he might even share some very clairvoyant dreams with you, asking for your take on their meaning.

You should see this as a sign that he’s opening up to you and letting you in. His twelfth house of dreams will also be strongly affected by the energies of this lunation, so he might even foresee what kind of fate many relationships in his life will have. 

The Virgo man’s fourth house of family matters will have some turbulences during this period. There might be a death case in his family or a tragic end to life among his friends. Coupled with Saturn and Jupiter in his sixth house of health and daily habits, he could be pushed to explore some more holistic approaches to life. 

Darling, Let Us Grow Together

The middle of the month transit highlights his fifth and seventh house, respectively. This means he will want to find out more about himself through his mirror – his love interest or partner. 

He will act (and feel) unusually romantic and idealistic at this time, and this is because his core values will be shifting and changing to take on a deeper dimension. He might experience some digestion problems and food poisoning at this time if he’s not careful with his diet. 

His tenth house of public image and career will procure excellent results at this time, but he won’t feel so satisfied with that; on the contrary, he’ll begin to realize that outer success and renown are not all that there is to this life. 

This is a perfect moment to spend time together and go on dates that have a meaningful impact on your lives. Activities like a sunset walk through autumn-colored parks or a walk by a body of water will be extremely beneficial for romantic development. 

Being soft and gentle towards each other, sharing caring words and meaningful conversation is the kind of opportunity the sky is presenting to Virgo man at this time. 

Through spending quality time with his love interest or partner, the Virgo man will come to realize things about himself, his patterns, and the way his mind works, resulting in becoming a better man and evolved human being.

Stayin’ Alive, Stayin’ Alive

The Full Moon Eclipse happens in his ninth house, as well, the Moon will conjunct the Algol fixed star from the Perseus constellation. This will make him vulnerable to severe injuries and accidents. 

The Moon doesn’t just conjunct Algol – the most maleficent star in heavens – but also the North Node that happens to be in his tenth house of career and public image. This means that the possible accident will be something on a major scale that can affect many others. 

The Virgo man should skip any airplane travel during this Eclipse and stay home. Perhaps he will even have a strong intuitive feeling to do just that.

Either way, he’ll feel a bit overwhelmed during this lunation, and spending time with his love interest or partner in a more intimate and cozy setting will be perfect. The Virgo man will feel the need to continue talking about metaphysical topics and sharing his private musings. 

If we skip the pending catastrophe in the stars, this time is perfect for spending more time together and sharing each other’s souls through long eye-gazing and honest conversations. 

Daydreaming together, devising fairytale scenarios, and being optimistic about the future can prove to be really bonding at this moment in time and this can lay a solid foundation for the future development of the relationship.

All’s Well That Ends Well

The end of November holds a similar note as the beginning for the Virgo man. The Moon is once again in Libra, his second house, and it makes some nice aspects with both Jupiter and Saturn in his sixth house. This means that his finances and health are going to be in a “good mood.”

His fifth house of romance and sex is especially highlighted with close conjunction between Venus and Pluto, but holding Fortuna and Juno in it now, too. This means that the Virgo man will confess his deep feelings and expose himself raw to the other party (his love interest). 

His home life will be in good spirits, he’ll have purifying conversations with his family, and if there was any sickness among his family members, they will likely be cured. 

There is a chance that there will be a family dinner around this time and that he will invite his love interest or partner to (finally) meet his family. Other than that, it will be an ideal time to have dates that somehow fit the theme of harvest and warm lights. 

Going to fairs and apple picking will prove to be great activities for the Virgo man and his partner at this time. All in all, the end of November will see him pass into the last month of this year with a smile on his face. All is well that ends well, is it not?

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The Final Word

During November, the Virgo man will be focused on his inner growth and spirituality. He’ll come face to face with his deeper emotions and darker parts of his soul. But, as far as the months go, November is on the more pleasant side for the Virgo man than for some other Zodiac signs. 

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Be good and stay safe my darlings! Until next time…

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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