Virgo Man Horoscope For October 2021

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
If you want to find out more about what the October horoscope brings to Virgo man, then, by all means, do keep on reading and see what you can expect!

Spooktober is here! …And not looking very good for the Virgo man whereas his finances are concerned. He’s going to have a lot of financial struggles as his second house will be in focus this month. 

The overall theme for October for Virgo man is not overly enthusiastic, nor romantic. But, we work with what we have, so despite it being a bit of a gloomy month for him, I’ll try my best to nudge you in all the right directions when it comes to romance him. 

The New Moon will prove to be explicitly difficult for him, and no amount of enthusiasm or positive humor will manage to get him out of his funk. So, it’s best to just skip over the entire New Moon and focus on the days that come after. 

The Full Moon is a bit of a different story, there are more options for romance during this period for Virgo man, as the Moon is illuminating a prominent place in his chart. He’ll be in the mood for some lovin’, but you’ll have to work your part too. 

If you really want to discover more about what’s coming for Virgo man in October horoscope, then feel free to keep reading to find out what this month has in store for him (and you!). 

What Goes Up, Must Come Down 

At the start of the month, the Virgo man will have to deal with financial outflow. He’ll experience some communication problems at work and in his dating life. He also will be prone to gambling more than he usually is, and it’s strongly advised not to gamble during this period, let’s see if he will listen…

He’ll feel frustrated about his financial situation and what is happening with his money, but there won’t be much that he can do about it; he’ll still try and be of service to his love interest or partner, he might even make some good jokes, but his overall aura will be a bit dark. 

Especially, since the Moon will illuminate his twelfth house of fears and suppressed emotions, so he might fall into the pit of self-examining the successes he’s achieved thus far and feeling a bit underachieved. 

A good way to get him out of his funk is to actually talk about weather and topics that interest him, to make his mind wander to familiar places and themes in his life. He might even open up about what’s bothering him on a nice coffee date. Buying him a coffee and a pastry might sweeten him up! The Virgo man loves desserts and all kinds of treats, especially if he’s been feeling down. 

Money Makes The World Go ‘Round

October’s New Moon falls into Virgo man’s second house of income, body image, and material wealth. Since his ruler is also there (and is in retrograde) alongside Mars, which is not a good influence in Libra, this means that the Virgo man will likely face a major financial setback, and he won’t feel good about himself. 

This New Moon will definitely not be his jam, as it will also activate (in a negative way) his fourth, seventh, and ninth houses. This means that problems will arise for the Virgo man in his family life, his love life, and his area of faith. He’ll struggle to believe in anything good and nice while all these negative things keep happening to him. 

This New Moon is not a good look for him and he’ll experience it as bad business. What he needs to do is realize that this life is more than mere money. Yes, money is important, for all of us inhabiting these bodies and existing in 3D reality, but it’s not all there is to it. 

He is too stuck up on his finances and money, and it’s making him cranky and tired, and not a good company at all. But this is his problem and only he can solve it. So, I’d skip on dating during this New Moon. Instead, I’d focus on either texting, messaging or video calling your Virgo man. 

Things Are Heating Up

The Full Moon holds a slight improvement on the Virgo man’s mood. It activates his eighth house of inherited money, ancestor’s wealth, and sexual needs. So, he’ll be forced to mull over his financial situation at the back of his head supported by the life experience he (and his ancestors) accumulated thus far. 

He’ll also be in a very sensual mood, so he’ll want to spend some intimate time with his woman, which is a great change in his mood that he’ll exhibit this month. He won’t be much for texting or chatting, he’ll want to see some action during the Full Moon (ooo la la!), so it could be a great moment for a more intimate and private setting. 

His financial state will be a bit better by the time the Full Moon comes around, and the celestial map will be set for him to explore his emotional state and his intimate connection with his loved one. He’ll want to spend more time (and more money) on his love interest or partner, so be prepared to receive his generous mood and affections!

He will also want to impress you, so he might even take you out to an opera or theater night. He’ll be in the mood to dress up, and if you end up going to a masked ball, he won’t disappoint you. His attention and focus will be entirely on you, so just enjoy the show! 

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Sometimes All We Need Is Patience 

The end of the month will put focus on himself and his inheritance and ancestors once again. He will go into a detective mode, and he’ll focus his research on some topics that will help him expand his income. 

His thoughts will be on monetary gain and marketing. He’ll want to know how to advertise his services and that which he has to offer. So, his love interest or partner might feel a bit left out or ignored. 

This won’t last long, of course, but his karma is such that he really needs to put his life into perspective right now, and it struck him through the only language he knows – money and gain, and that is why he will seem scattered and unfocused when it comes to his relationships. 

Hang in there, because that too shall pass. Now is not a perfect moment to force conversations about love matters and romance topics. Instead, it’s better to just let him do his thing and watch him grow as a person. Each time he makes a breakthrough and reaches the next level, it means betterment as a whole. 

The Virgo man is like that, he likes to work on himself constantly in order to be of better service to his loved ones. Nothing wrong with that, he just needs gentle reminders from time to time, that he too, is of blood and flesh. 

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All the love and happiness in the world.

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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