Virgo Man Horoscope For September 2021

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Virgo season is here! Read on to discover what exactly the month of September has in store for the Virgo man. 

Virgo season is here! September is the traditional month of the Virgo and Autumn Equinox, and this will be highlighted in the Virgo man’s life. The entire party is basically happening in his “house” and he will have a lot going on come this autumn!

All other signs will feel the weight of the Virgo and 6th house calling them to get their houses in order, but not your Virgo man. He was born in order and he swims in it like a fish in water. But this month is not without challenges – even for him. 

September brings focus on work and his passions. It will test his dedication and will to stay overtime at work. But at the same time, the focus will also be on his 7th house, where there will be a Full Moon later this month, and he will be forced to face his romantic issues and to come to terms with his romantic partner’s needs and wishes. 

The Virgo man will be very productive and very busy during September, and although the tides will be high and keep him preoccupied most of the time, September will call his attention to romance and burning love questions, too. 

September is also the time when all romantic summer vibes come to a close, and we are asked to review our romantic choices and to see which ones to keep and which ones to cut lose. Read on to discover what exactly the month of September has in store for the Virgo man. 

Focus, Work, And Dedication

Virgo Man Horoscope September 2021

Virgo feel right at home during September. Everyone else is hustling and trying to gather themselves into a straight line, while Virgo is dominating this season like a boss. 

This is because Virgo is the natural ruler of the 6th house – house of everyday chores, obligations, health, work, and neatness. And September is the month when the holidays and summer vacations end, and it’s time to get back to a disciplined routine. 

Virgo’s ruler, Mercury, starts the month with an intense square with the Moon in Cancer, and sextile with the Sun in Virgo. Meaning that Virgo man will struggle with unwanted attention and he’ll be forced to be the center of it. 

I have yet to meet a Virgo dominant man who likes to celebrate his birthday and be the center of attention. With that said, the beginning of September is definitely going to put your Virgo man on the spot. 

Especially in the sphere of finances and friends. Someone from his group of friends might mention that Virgo man is having a birthday party, and that will cause him many inconveniences. 

The good thing is that that unwanted attention will bring your Virgo man something that he didn’t know he needed. And later, throughout the month, that will put him in a good mood. And yes, it has to do with romance!

Let’s Get The Party Started

During the first quarter of the month, we have a New Moon conjuncting the Sun in Virgo, in Virgo man’s 1st house, and we have New Moon trine Rx Uranus in your man’s 9th house. This creates a perfect time for Virgo to try to enjoy that unwanted attention and to make good use of it. The stars will align in such a way that romance will bring him many happy returns.

If he begins something now that has to do with his higher education or overseas relocation, he will reap great rewards, and you along with him! So, make sure to support him and give him that extra nudge if he seems like he wants to resist any kind of change. 

As for romance, his focus will now be on personal matters, whether he wants it or not, so it’s up to you to be full of understanding and to play a supportive role. We often take Virgos and their supportive, mild nature for granted and well, now you have a chance to pay it back and you can make it count. 

Around the 9th of September the game changes, and now is a perfect time to make full use of the Sun aspecting Rx Pluto in his 5th house of pleasures and hedonism. Take your Virgo man out on a relaxing date and have some hedonistic activities that can turn into a proper sexy time.

Time Out

Virgo Man Horoscope September

Around the middle of the month, there are some intense Mercury and Sun aspects. It’s quite possible to get into explosive arguments about the past around this time of the month. Past events and grudges will be hashed out, and Virgo will raise his voice – which is very unlikely of him. 

The passions, emotions, and feelings are running high right now, the planets are testing you and you have to show what you’ve learned thus far. Can some of these arguments be avoided? Can some of them be resolved with a compromise? Are some of these topics truly in the past, or are you just fooling yourselves? 

These will be the crucial questions that will raise their ugly head during the midterm of the month, and you better be prepared for it, because a lot of karmic lessons and bonds can be resolved and absolved. 

It’s better to pay close attention now and rest later, rather than to ignore the red flags now and get smacked on the head by karma later. Be ready for it, don’t run, and you’ll be just fine during this time of the month. 

Brace Yourself

Yep, the Full Moon is here, it’s the 20th of the month and the Full Moon in Pisces is opposing his Sun in Virgo. This Full Moon falls into Virgo’s 7th house of marriage, long-term partnerships, and love. 

This is an emotionally challenging time for Virgos, this lunation will bring forth some very unpleasant relationship experience, but they need to happen in order for your Virgo man to learn better.  

He will come to an opposing view with his partner, or with someone who he saw as a potential long-term partner. This Full Moon will shine a light on the partner’s past mistakes and flaws, and all of this might turn out to be a deal-breaker for the Virgo man. 

What’s more, this Full Moon makes a sextile to Rx Pluto, inconjunction to Mercury and a powerful opposition with Mars and this means that this lunation truly is a very challenging time for Virgo man’s relationships, communication, and karma that rears its heavy head from the past. 

The best way to deal with this Full Moon is to face it head-on, but it’s advised that one you have to remain calm. I doubt that Virgo will be able to keep his cool… so I suggest you keep it, and resolve whatever may come in a civilized manner.

Calmer Times Are Ahead

On the 23rd of September, the Sun finally leaves Virgo’s 1st house as it moves to Libra, and immediately conjuncts Mars. This will activate Virgo’s finances, moving him in a better and more confident direction when it comes to his career. And, it will give him an extra boost of motivation to get fit and change his eating habits. 

The Sun will also trine Rx Saturn, Pluto, and the North Node, this will bring some very prominent ideas to your Virgo man’s head about fun, sex, and earning money in exciting ways. It’s advised for him to stay away from gambling. It’s not a good time to invest money into something that just seems like a fun way of spending it. 

Instead of distracting himself with gambling and other unproductive games, the Virgo man should focus on exploring his emotions and finding extra jobs over the internet. Now is a very good time for your Virgo man to be more productive and less relaxed. Your small acts of kindness and support can go a long way during this period. 

You can expect some romantic conversations and scenarios from him during this time, but make sure he’s not trying to escape his obligations. Don’t help him slack off, instead steer the topics and conversation towards productive ways of living your daily life, but still retaining creativity and a playful approach to life.

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Moving On

September 30th is here, and the focus is now entirely on emotions and emotional baggage. The Virgo man will receive an emotional embargo from his family, or within his home where he still resides. 

It’s quite possible that the Virgo man will change his address during this time and that he decides to make it official with you, (by moving in with you). So, beware of hastily made decisions and big changes made in anger. 

Someone from his group of friends will try to reason with your Virgo man against his better judgment, and that might turn out to be contra-productive. At this moment in time, a clear head and objective point of view are advised. 

Stay calm, keep your cool, and if there are any life-changing decisions to be made, make sure to make them out of the right reasons and proper motivation. Otherwise, the end result might not turn out in your favor.

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All the love and happiness in the world.

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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