Virgo Man Relationship: How He Should Make You Feel

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
A Virgo man relationship can be great. There are some things that Virgo men will do to prove how they feel. Read further to see what these things are.

A Virgo man relationship can be great. There are some things that Virgo men will do to prove how they feel. Read further to see what these things are:

Efforts in Honesty

Being with a Virgo man should make you feel relatively secure. If he’s committed himself to you; he plans to stick it out with you as long as you want to be with him. In committing, he will also be very loyal.

You should never have to worry about whether he’s cheating on you or not. If you’re used to being lied to or cheated on; you may want to work on your personal baggage. Virgo is not like any other guy you’ve dated before.

He will surprise you that when he says something, he means it. When he tells you he’s going to do something, he will follow through. He isn’t your run of the mill guy that will scam you or be dishonest.

Baggage will only cause you to mistrust and lash out at your Virgo man who doesn’t deserve it. You should always feel adored, appreciated, and held in great respect when you’re with him.

By all means; you’ll need to be just as honest with him as he is with you otherwise; it could be a deal breaker. Though he’ll stay with you until the end, lying or cheating are deal-breakers to this loyal guy.

Always Loved

Virgo Man Relationship

When you are in a committed relationship with a Virgo man, you should always feel loved, adored, and taken care of. He’s really good at pampering the woman he loves and has declared his life to.

He isn’t known for being a romantic but he has his own way of showing his romance to you. This may be bringing you home your favorite meal or dessert. It may also include him growing a goatee instead of shaving his face clean just because he knows you love goatees.

The list is endless of the ways he likes to show his partner how much he loves and adores her. If you ever feel as though he’s not making you feel loved then something is very wrong.

Even when he’s struggling with something internally, he should still be showing you adoration. Of course, if you’ve done something that rocks his boat; then this could cause him to pull back. Then you’ve really got to work on things.

Don’t ever take him for granted. He loves to love you and he loves to do things for you that he doesn’t have to do. If you take him for granted, however, he will see it and he will resent you for it.

Show this tremendous man how much you love and care for him just as he does for you and you could have the most wonderful and possibly euphoric type of relationship that lasts a lifetime.

He Can Inspire You

The Virgo man is a lovely person and will help inspire you if you allow him to. He will support your dreams and desires. In fact, he’ll do what he can to help you accomplish your goals.

If you aren’t sure about something, ask him for advice. He’s great with helping come up with solutions and will love giving you some great wisdom that he can share with you.

He will be a great person to go to when you’re in need of talking, crying, or venting to. He’s your rock. He’s there for you to relate to and possibly get advice from.

Of course, if you don’t want advice and just need a good hug, he’ll help you with that as well. If you aren’t sure what you want to do with your life, let him inspire you to figure out what would work best for you.

He’s a brainy guy and is typically filled with some amazing ideas. Sometimes he has so many that he confuses himself and thus can tend to procrastinate on getting things done.

He will start one project and then start another without finishing the first one. He may have a few different projects going at the same time. This isn’t unusual for the multi-faceted Virgo man.

Security in Love

Virgo Man Relationship

Virgo man is full of integrity and will always want to show you that he’s loyal to you and only you. He isn’t the type to go flirting behind your back or talk to other women.

In fact, when he’s in love, no other women really even exist. He may have some female friends but he won’t let anyone cross a line with him or he’ll cut them out of his life.

He has much respect for the woman he loves and it will stay that way unless the boundaries are breached by the woman he loves. You should always believe your Virgo guy when he says you’re the only one.

Unless there are some significant “red flags”, you should put yourself doubt to the side and understand that Virgo men do not NEED a woman to fulfill them, therefore, when they choose one; they mean their choice.

You should maintain this deep trust with your Virgo guy. You should always feel as though he’s coming home to you and has no interest in any other woman. He may ogle a woman with big boobs on tv or he may even watch porn.


However, he is still loyal to you and will not breach this agreement he’s made with you. You are the one and that’s what he sticks to. So unless he starts coming home later, finding reasons to stay away, and ignoring you; then you have nothing to really worry about.

Naturally, there are other things you should learn about the Virgo man before you dive into a commitment with him. Click here to learn all you can to help you secure the best relationship possible.

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