How To Attract A Virgo Man In May 2021

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
How to attract a Virgo man in May 2021? The planets change every month, and events in May might be significantly different then what you're expecting.

Virgo is feeling much more grounded in May. In fact, this is an amazing month for this hard-working and stressed-out man! Taurus season brings a grounding, soothing, and stabilizing energy, and he loves the serene and chilled vibe of the month. His true gifts and strengths are also free to shine when the Sun is in Taurus. The best thing you can do is to respect his strengths and qualities this month. Read on to find out more!

How To Attract A Virgo Man In May 2021

1. Let Him Laugh

Sometimes life calls for true balance, getting immersed in the “high spirits” of the social event or atmosphere. You know, when someone’s happy and shining so you feel it’s okay to shine as well? ‘Meet that person on their wavelength?’ This is true at any time except this May. The Virgo man is feeling much more high-spirited and joyous than in previous months. He will be laughing a lot more and clearly at ease with himself and his life. So, give him space. 

Hold him in his light and laughter, let him be free and take the spotlight a little bit! In other words, master the art of listening and learning to take a passive stance. Virgo is a feminine and receptive sign, meaning he is usually very introverted or introspective – passive, at least. The down-to-earth and modest Taurus energies are very harmonious with his own nature. Thus, laughter and lightening up will be on his mind a lot more.

Let him laugh and glow without feeling the need to match his energy. You may think you’re just merging into the background by doing so, but Virgo is deeply instinctive. He can sense and feel you even if he chooses to not show it, or not thank you for your self-awareness and kindness. You’ll be on his radar when he feels comfortable around you. Putting him at ease, bringing any sense of security and comfort, and showing him you’re capable of listening, holding space, and letting him shine without needing to out-do him, are qualities he secretly admires. 

2. Eye Contact

Eye Contact With A Virgo Man

Taurus is sensual and very romantic. A Taurus could happily spend hours gazing into their lover and soulmate’s eyes… Virgo responds well to this energy this month. Don’t be afraid to stare into his eyes more than you usually with. Do so with intention: soul-gaze. Connect with him through a type of intense eye-gazing and soul contact. 

Project intentions of love, unity, warmth and affection. Be magnetic too. There’s nothing more irresistible for a Virgo man during another earth sign month and season than a woman who isn’t scared to show her soul. Eyes are gateways!

Sparkly sensations and feelings of wanting intimacy will arise if you can balance physical eye-gazing with perfect communication. Knowing what to say, when to say it, and how to say it arises when you’re connected to your instincts. 

Your instincts are your raw emotional drives and gut feelings relating to ‘bodily needs,’ ‘bodily wisdom,’ etc. Your intuition, on the other hand, is linked to your higher mind and self – the part of you that is able to access higher wisdom and consciousness, spiritual awareness, higher mental abilities and cognition, and the like. 

Instincts and intuition are called for this month. Another thing you should know: it’s okay to have insecurities too! The Virgo man isn’t like some of the other signs, like overly cerebral and less emotional Gemini or Aquarius, or impulsive and fiery Aries or Sagittarius. Virgo is sensual, sweet and humble. He recognizes everyone has insecurities, as he has them too! He’s also a feminine sign as previously mentioned, therefore he’s in tune with his own thoughtful and self-contained self. 

3. Show Him You’re Capable Of Hard Work

The Virgo man loves an ambitious, determined, and hard-working woman. It’s true that opposites attract, yet people also look for companionship, people with similar if not the same qualities. It’s known in Astrology that people born into the same star sign are compatible. Well, mirror his favorable qualities. 

Working hard and respecting physical and practical duties – and responsibilities – are valued above all else, in a nutshell. Ambition is admired even if he doesn’t particularly resonate with the field. 

Virgo is patient, kind and non-judgmental when it comes to perseverance and ambitious tendencies. He can appreciate any path or profession if you have passion and aren’t afraid to work hard to get to where you want to go. 

For the long haul as well, it’s important that his partner has her own goals and aspirations, therefore speak freely and openly when sharing your beliefs and dreams. 

4. Encourage Artistic Talents

Artistic Couple Attracting A Virgo Man In May 2021

There is a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse occurring on the 26th. This is happening in fiery and idealistic Sagittarius, the ‘Archer’ of the Zodiac, who shoots his arrow towards the stars… Sagittarius possesses vision, immense spirit, and creative life force, and a lot of passion. 

Sag is extremely creative, so having a Lunar Eclipse combined with a Full Moon in this philosophical and higher self-reaching sign is a powerful event. This Eclipse will impact everyone – and yes, even responsible and practical-focused Virgo! 

The best thing you could do is to encourage his inner artistry. Talk about inspirational topics relating to art, music, culture, innovation, and creative talents as much as possible. Keep going forward with the conversation, don’t let him shy away from it. He has a lot of unseen talents and unique abilities which he seldom if not ever shows. 

The Virgo man is very modest when it comes to creativity and artistic gifts, possibly to his detriment. Now is the perfect time to push conversation that steers towards a more “visionary” and idealistic stance. 

Remind him that there’s more to life and himself than mundane, practical and financial affairs, and you will have a very interested and attracted man. 

5. Be Subtly Romantic & Affection

Great subtlety is called for this month, however please don’t mistake subtleness for shyness. It’s perfectly acceptable to be slightly reserved, self-controlled, or unpretentious. Everyone has different needs and likes, and Virgo enjoys a self-effacing woman. 

So, be romantic and show your affections in a subtle way. It’s not the time for being over-the-top, overly assertive, or verging on the brash side of things. (If you’re in the mood to pounce on someone and let your wildly flirty side out, you may want to opt for an Aries or Sagittarius man this month!)

Intellectualism is a real turn on this month. You can show your interest in other ways such as by stimulating his mind and senses with amazing conversation. He is ruled by Mercury anyway, the planet of communication and self-expression. Share ideas, knowledge, original perspectives and information… take a humbler and more sophisticated or cultured approach to catching his fancy. 

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Final Thoughts & Key Astrological Transits

Aries season last month was a bit tricky for the Virgo man. Fortunately, this month is much better! If you score high on the compatibility scale you will find it much easier to connect with him. It’s all about natural vibes and appealing to his positive qualities this month. 

Take note of the New Moon in down-to-earth and sensual Taurus too, on the 11th. This is a wonderful time to initiate forward progression in your relationship or budding connection. Remember that Virgo loves plants, flowers, and nature too, so suggest a road trip or outing in nature somewhere.

You can read up on the Virgo man secrets to understand this caring earth sign better.

Do you have a Virgo man in mind that you’ll be using these tips and tricks on this May? Let me know in the comments below! I love reading stories from you all.

Wishing you light, love, and all the luck in the Universe on your journey!

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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