Your Match: Virgo Man and Aquarius Woman Love Compatibility

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Here’s all you need to know if Virgo man and Aquarius woman are compatible. Still in doubts? Let's the the truth behind this possible romance.

When a Virgo man and an Aquarius woman get into a relationship their feelings can blow hot and cold.

Both Virgo man and Aquarius woman are fans of everything abstract, rational and intellectual but the similarities, unfortunately, end there.

So, are Virgo man and Aquarius woman compatible?


Both of you tend to be detached when it comes to love and this means you could be put off before this relationship even starts. Aquarius is an adventurous spirit who finds Virgo old fashioned and slightly cold, and Virgo thinks Aquarius is selfish, shallow and unreachable.

Since both of you have difficulty with expressing and even feeling emotion, you tend to be better off with a sign that is comfortable in this realm. You are both excellent communicators who love information and logic.

You both get turned off by emotional displays and sentimental gestures but in combination, this means passion doesn’t get much of a chance.

You can certainly benefit from combining your different strengths, as Virgo tends to focus on the details while Aquarius is able to zoom out for the bigger picture.

If you both overcome your distaste of chaos and emotional expression and turn your considerable talent at communication to talking about your feelings, you stand a chance at having a deeply fulfilling relationship.

Aquarius Woman


As a masculine air sign, Aquarius is assertive, independent, progressive, analytical, original, and inventive. You are known for your very clear dislikes and your unshakable opinions.

At your core, you have a deep need to make a positive contribution to the world around you and you are able to show compassion and take a genuine interest in the lives of people you don’t even know.

When it comes to relating to one person on a deep, sensual or romantic basis, you are less comfortable.

Your ideas about love and equality are one thing, and your relationships with others always seem to fall short of what you think is the right way to be in love.

Aquarius rules over the realms of science, knowledge, invention, and discovery and you often find that the world moves too slowly for you.

A relationship with a Virgo man can give your high ideals a practical route of expression and give you the grounding you need to make the most of your talents.

Virgo Man

Virgo man is a sensitive earthbound creature who takes great pleasure in being of service, so much so that he idealizes work and is only happy when he can complain about how hard he works compared with everyone else.

A great fan of reason and a rational approach to life, he is a wonderful person to have around in any kind of crisis. He loves solving problems and if you become a problem to him, he’ll first try to solve you before walking away.

The Virgo man takes a long time to let his emotional guard down, but once he does allow himself to fall in love, he will be the most loyal and trustworthy lover you ever had.

His tendency to be a bit neurotic can be off-putting but you need to take his constant criticism less personally and teach him not to be so hard on himself.

What Works


Both of you are – on the surface – ruled by your heads and untouched by emotional weather but in your hearts, you long to be loved and understood like anyone else. If you both let down your guard and communicate your feeling there is much you can learn from the other.

You share an admiration for gentle civility and intelligent reasoning so the conflict between you is bound to express in the politest of terms.

Airy Aquarius can help Virgo to see life from a broader more idealistic perspective, and earthy Virgo can help Aquarius to ground her ideas in pragmatism.

What to Watch for

While you have a good mental rapport and share many similarities, it is precisely where you are similar that is not good for love.

Since neither of you likes to express yourselves emotionally you may never get as far as exploring romance and if you do it may be a bit stiff and formal as a result.

Your differences make even a friendship challenging, with Virgo is cautious when forming attachments and Aquarius open to bonding with everyone.

Where Aquarius is outgoing, inventive and something of a visionary, Virgo is reserved, prudent, and very practical.

The Score


This is a challenging combination that doesn’t score high for breathless romance. While a Virgo man may give too much thought to what others think, an Aquarius woman may not care enough.

There is scope for great personal growth if Virgo can learn spontaneity from Aquarius and teach Aquarius about discrimination.

But since neither of you likes taking advice, your potential is stunted without major compromise from both parties.

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What do you think? Are Virgo man and Aquarius woman compatible?


Your friend and Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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