When A Virgo Man Is Ready For A Marriage (5 Tips To Make Him Marry You)

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Wonder how to make a Virgo man marry you? If you use these tactics, you may be able to convince him that you’re the right one to marry.

When a Virgo man is ready for marriage, he won’t be able to hide it from you. This man is quite conscious and clear about the decisions he makes so when it is something as important as marriage, you can be certain that you know this is what he wants.

He is definitely someone who takes his relationships seriously, he likes the idea of settling down and being in a long-term committed relationship but this isn’t a man who will just settle down with anyone. Everything needs to be just right and perfect!

So if you have been dating a Virgo man for a while now then you probably want to know how to make a Virgo man marry you. I am sure you are certain about the way you feel about him and that he is the one for you.

Knowing how to get a Virgo man to propose to you isn’t too difficult, you just need to understand his Astrology and what makes him want to commit. Keep on reading to find out my tips and tricks on how to get a Virgo man to marry you.

When Is A Virgo Man Ready For Marriage? 3 Signs To Look At

1. He Has Met A Woman Who Is Loving And Caring

A Virgo man is looking for his soul mate and will accept nothing less. In his ideas of what she may be like, calmness and tenderness are definitely on the list of qualities he’s looking for.

He wants to have a stable, solid, and peaceful life. He is particular, but he knows for sure that he doesn’t want to deal with drama or craziness in his world. He wants things to flow.

Give him affection, but try to be a little reserved with it. I’m not telling you to be a total prude, but if you withhold a little bit, he’ll respect you more. Flirt and compliment, but lightly.

Going overboard will scare him off. If you’ve been dating him for awhile, you’ll know how much you can flirt or be intimate with him. You will know his limits and where he’s open and free.

Allow him to lead the relationship, or at least let him believe he’s the one who has the reigns. It’ll make him feel more comfortable if he is the one calling the shots. This could make a Virgo man marry you.

2. He Feels Settled And Secure In The Relationship

A Virgo man is by default a little anxious. He kind of worries about everything in his life and sometimes it can be quite hard for him to feel calm and relaxed in his life, even though this feeling is all he strives for in his life.

So it can be a pretty big deal for him when he meets a woman who is able to make him feel settled and secure in the relationship. This is really not a feeling he is accustomed to when it comes to his romances.

If he feels safe in his relationship with you then this is a major sign of his feelings for you and that he likely is definitely thinking about the prospect of settling down with you. Security is more important to him than you probably realize.

It means a lot to him that he can trust you and that he doesn’t have to worry about you creating drama in his life. You are clearly a source of calm and peace to this earthy Zodiac sign and that is all that matters. Of course, he is going to want to marry you!

3. He Is Open To Discussing Marriage With You

In order for a Virgo man to get the idea of marriage to you on the radar; you’ll need to get him thinking about it. You can very lightly ask him what he thinks of marriage and ask him what he wants in one.

He may ask you what your ideas of marriage are and what you’re looking for. Be honest with him. He will not accept anything but honesty. He depends on you to tell him the truth.

When he trusts; he opens up more. This will help him to consider looking more at you in a way he hadn’t before. It will get his mind jogging where marriage is concerned.

It may have not been on the radar before but after you discuss with him what the future possibly holds or what he wants, he’ll start to consider you and size you up to whether or not you’re what he wants.

I’d only suggest this to you if you know that things are going well and that he’s really into you. If he’s already told you he loves you; then it may be safe. If he hasn’t you may want to wait a bit.

Otherwise, you can still ask him what he wants for his future and see what he says. You’ve just got to stimulate that serious angle in him without being too pushy or suggestive. This way you can make a Virgo man marry you.

How To Make A Virgo Man Marry You

Be Patient With Him

As much as you may want to hurry the process; if you do; he will get scared off and either pull back or he will leave. Neither of these options is what you want. That means you need to have patience.

Showing him over an amount of time that you’re going to be there for him is what he needs to feel secure. He wants to be sure that you’re going to stick around whether it’s good times or bad.

He doesn’t want to dive into marriage or hurry his relationships as he has to make sure that you’re the one. So essentially, you’ll have to prove to him that you are. Once you do, you can make the Virgo man marry you.

You’ve got to wait him out, be calm about it, and be honest without stepping too much on his toes. Sounds like a tall order right? The Virgo man is definitely worth it though.

This guy very much wants a wife and a home life. However, he is in no hurry because he wants whoever he chooses; to be the one to last a lifetime. There’s something to be said for making sure.

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Be A Woman Of High Value

The Virgo man isn’t looking for a woman who is easy and willing to dive right into bed or into a relationship. I’m not saying he won’t have a one night stand but I am saying, he won’t marry the one night stand.

If you want more from him; you’re going to have to give him the thrill of the chase. It’s not the chase he wants but it’s the integrity that he senses when you hold back a little.

Date for a while before you hop in the sack if you can. If you have already been dating for a while; you’ve probably already established a pattern. Try to hold back a little bit and see if he steps forward.

Don’t allow him to get bored or complacent. If he does, he’ll start looking elsewhere or possibly break it off but not until after he’s been cold for a while.

Make Hints About What You Desire

When you’re watching movies that may have a proposal scene in them, you can put a feather in his cap by saying something like, “I’d settle for a slice of cake with the ring on top if it were me”.

He’s terrified of the details of proposing and trying to make everything perfect. If you sort of elude to him what type of proposal you’d be up for if it were to ever happen; this gives him good ideas.

He wants to make it a monumental event for you and him both. So he’ll have an easier time with it if you were to sort of hint around at what you’d like. If you think he’s almost ready, try it and you might make a Virgo man marry you.

Few More Tips To Get A Virgo Man To Propose

The most important matter to consider when getting a Virgo man to propose to you is to be a kind and loving partner. Virgo men tend to be very critical of themselves. They beat themselves up about every little thing.

So a woman who is kind and makes him see his value will really stand out to him. He needs support and reassurance that he is loved and cared for. This is also a man who needs a woman who is patient.

He doesn’t do well when there is a certain amount of pressure on him because it makes him feel like he needs to perform and then he gets all in his head about perfection etc. A woman who can just let him be without expectation is someone he would want to be with.

Here’s more on what a Virgo man likes and dislikes in a woman.

Virgo Man Marriage Compatibility — Who Should A Virgo Man Marry?

Virgo Man & Taurus Woman

There is a variety of women that would be suitable for this Virgo man who seems to be complicated when he is, in fact, a lot more simple than he gets credit for. One of the Virgo man best matches for marriage is the Taurus woman.

She is solid, dependable, and wants to have a structured family life just like the male Virgo does. They can bump heads from time to time with their desire for dominance but finding a middle ground shouldn’t be too hard.

If you’re a Taurus woman, you’ll need to be patient with your Virgo guy. It’s true that you don’t mind personal space and giving time but; he will require more patience in other areas.

I know he can be confusing sometimes with the things he says versus the things he does. Keep in mind though, that Virgo men do actually say what they mean. He may not say it in a way that makes sense to you.

If you get to know him better though, you’ll start to “get” him. This will lead to a warm, loving, long-lasting union. Focus on your strengths together as a team.

Learn more about Virgo Man and Taurus woman compatibility here.

Virgo Man & Capricorn Woman

The Virgo man wants someone that he knows will be there for him no matter what. Once he pledges his love to someone he’s “all in”. Make no mistake, he is in it for the long haul.

He often will take his time to determine if the woman he is seeing is the right person for the long term. If he does choose you, Capricorn woman, you’ll be able to provide him with structure and companionship.

You two may not have the most romantic of relationships but neither of you is particularly the mushy type anyway.  You find the willpower and desire to succeed in life.

You two may also do very well if you decide to start a business together. Organization and skills to success will not be hard for either of you to obtain. This is a winning combination between you.

You’re both family-oriented and want to plan for the future for this to happen. You are one of the Virgo man’s best matches for marriage as long as you are both honest with each other at all times. Keep communication open always!

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Virgo Man & Pisces Woman

On the opposite side of the Zodiac wheel lies the Pisces woman. In Astrology opposites tend to be very good when it comes to romantic relationships. This is because one person fulfills parts of the other person.

The Pisces woman is the complete opposite of a Virgo man, but that is exactly what will attract the two of them to each other. She is sensitive, kind, thoughtful, and very caring. Where he is logical and practical, she is creative and intuitive.

She will open up a way for the Virgo man to be more open to explore his emotions and be okay with showing his sensitive side while he will bring out the more practical and organizational side to her.

In this connection, they can learn a lot about each other, especially if they are two very conscious and open-minded people. If they can celebrate each other’s differences then this is definitely a relationship that will inspire growth.

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FAQs On A Virgo Man And Marriage

How Long Does It Take For A Virgo Man To Propose?

A Virgo man doesn’t take any of his decisions lightly. He isn’t the type of guy to just jump into anything, he is careful and methodical in his approach to everything. Especially when it comes to big decisions such as getting married.

Don’t expect your Virgo man to jump the gun and propose to you very soon in your relationship as this is definitely unlikely to happen. You want to give him time to show him that you are a woman worth being married to. He will come around in his own way.

How To Tell If A Virgo Man Is Serious About You?

It wouldn’t be difficult for you to notice that your Virgo man is serious about you. Just the fact that he is in a relationship with you should show you that he is serious about you. He isn’t the type to just jump into relationships willynilly.

When a Virgo man takes the steps to commit to a woman, then it clearly shows that he can see potential and a possible future with her. He will show you with his actions that he is serious about you. Like I said, Virgo men don’t even date if they don’t see potential.

Will A Virgo Man Admit His Feelings?

Virgo men are definitely shy, but when a Virgo man has feelings for a woman then he will definitely be open and willing to show her how he feels. He isn’t going to hide away from love, he might just take a bit longer to admit it because he is so shy.

Here’s how to tell if a Virgo man likes you (12 signs to look out for).

Does Your Virgo Man Pull Away After Intimacy?

Does your Virgo man pull away or get quiet when you’ve just had a deep emotional connection? Does he seem to disappear just when you thought he was getting closer? Have you felt confused by his hot and cold behavior?

If so, then he might have an avoidant attachment style.

He could be Dismissive Avoidant and completely terrified of commitment… Or he could be Fearful Avoidant and REALLY want commitment… But get scared when he feels himself getting closer to you.

If he has either one of these attachment styles, you’re going to end up feeling extremely confused at times.

And both are caused by childhood trauma.

When you can see the scared little boy inside him that had to shut down his feelings if he’s dismissive avoidant… Or have a parent not provide his needs consistently if he’s fearful avoidant… It can make it easier to have empathy and compassion for his confusing and frustrating behavior. 

But that won’t fix it.

And while advice on attachment styles can be helpful…

What you really need to stop this frustrating hot and cold cycle is to understand him better.

Thankfully, there is a simple system to TRULY understand how he ticks based on his astrology.

It will stop him from pulling back when you begin feeling closer. And it will accomplish this in only 30 days.

So no more crying yourself to sleep when he pulls back… No more feeling incredibly confused. And no more wondering what in the heck is going on with him…

Even if he has an avoidant attachment style.

Go here now to turn things around with your Virgo man in 30 days or less.



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