Your Match: Virgo Man And Leo Woman Love Compatibility

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
If you're a Virgo man and Leo woman combo, here's all you need to know about how your signs are compatible and how you can bring him closer.

The Virgo man and Leo woman may be instantly drawn to each other for mysterious reasons that feel a lot like love. But a relationship between a Virgo man and Leo woman is likely to be marked by conflict and end as quickly as it started.


Virgo’s passive intelligence and reserved nature frustrates the Leo woman, and this leads to petty arguments over the toaster or who left the toilet seat down or up.

Leo needs to have that roaring ego regularly fed with compliments, and Virgo doesn’t say anything he does not mean.

Leo is a spendthrift, and Virgo thinks ahead, spending on what is useful more than what is desirable. You are both very independent, but Leo exhibits this in a sensitive way, that makes Virgo feel hurt and rejected.

Virgo is very private and will not let himself be dominated or controlled by Leo’s cunning ways.

In short, Leo is a fiery, high maintenance lover that earthy Virgo will start to resent serving and will always find difficult to trust. The Virgo man Leo woman have a lot of differences, but you could work well.

But taking this relationship beyond the initial fireworks that explode when such opposites connect is going to be hard work.

Leo Woman


The Lioness is a finicky lover who finds a Virgo man hugely appealing but somehow wrong for her for reasons she cannot fathom. Fire sign Leo is somewhat fixated on her wonderfulness and specialness. This doesn’t appeal to Virgo at all, as he wants a kind of authenticity that doesn’t come naturally to you.

Leo women have the pride of an empress, and you want the whole world to see you as the creature magnificence and dignity that you think you are.

This is fine if you are as beautiful as you think you are, but Virgo man will conclude that you are deluded and dishonest if you don’t back up your claims with actual achievements.

You can be somewhat lazy, and you love being served by others, although you lose respect for those who do.

This is where the fundamental conflict with Virgo man lies, as he lives to help and when he realizes that you don’t deserve his devotion or appreciate his efforts, he will pull away from you and prefer to spend time alone.

It can work very well with a Virgo man if you are prepared to do the work, and that starts with giving yourself the compliments and ego-strokes you need because you will never get them from a self-sufficient Virgo man.

Virgo Man

Virgo is quiet, patient, alert and intelligent souls who strive for independence and need to feel they serve the common good to be comfortable in the world. Their coldness or the appearance of coldness and emotional reticence will baffle you at first.

You will want to prod them into action, and this will only make them draw away from you even more.

What you need to understand is that Virgo man has a considerable amount of tender love and devotion to give, but he won’t show his cards until he is sure the recipient won’t abuse his trust. You can rely on a Virgo man is what he teaches, and this is a refreshing challenge for you if you are brave enough to take it on.

Virgo man can heal your wounds and make you a much better and brighter version of yourself if you have the courage and fortitude to stick it out.

What Works


The lioness in you brings imagination, and excitement, and a sparky fire to the quiet and ordered life of the Virgo man. In turn, he can bring detailed perspective, analysis, and order into your chaotic self troubled life.

You could make a wonderful match of opposites, in work projects or in harmonious home life, where each of you adds something the other lacks, but mutual respect and clearly defined boundaries are necessary to make this combination work.

What to Watch for

As a Leo woman, your eye is always on a grand dream, and you hate taking care of the mundane details. Details are what Virgo does, and you would think that you could work well as a team, but you find the Virgo man a tiresome nag, and he thinks you are childish, irresponsible and immature.

Virgo needs to be appreciated for all his efforts on your behalf, but showing appreciation is not something you do very well. You tend to think he should be happy to have you there to serve and that doesn’t go down well with Virgo.

In the case of Virgo man and Leo woman, their approaches to work, life and money are very different and more suited to a short and fiery affair than a long term relationship that requires mutual respect and a keen understanding of each other’s needs.

The Score


Virgo man and Leo woman are different in almost all aspects of life. Their approaches to the world and love, romance and relationships are so far apart that you will be hopelessly at odds from day one.

Are you prepared to do the hard work or should you take your wounded pride and walk away?

Yes, you can make it work, but do you want to? Only you can decide.

If you’re ready to understand more about how compatible are Virgo man and Leo woman, check out my brand new Virgo Man and Leo Woman Love Compatibility Guide, and if you want to catch him and keep him click here to learn more about Virgo Man Secrets.

What do you think? Are Virgo man and Leo woman a match?

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8 thoughts on “Your Match: Virgo Man And Leo Woman Love Compatibility

  1. I will not go into what I feel was wrong with the article. I am a Leo woman who is dating a Virgo man. He is a very sweet & affectionate man. That’s one of the many qualities about him that I love. I don’t rely on astrology to tell me who’s right for me based on that alone. Astrology suggests that Gemini is a good match & we would get along. That couldn’t be farther from the truth. My last relationship was with a Gemini man. He was mean, moody & two faced. He’d get mad at the world often & wouldn’t respond to calls or texts. However if I didn’t respond to him it was a issue.

  2. S.tucker I’m dealing with a Virgo male that I love adore very much even though my man is very affectionate To the core I neither don’t believe in this bullshit I’m a Leo and I just wait to see what life holds for us until then I’m sticking with my make Virgo thank you for that comment

  3. I love my virgo and yes we have misunderstandings small ones but we communicate well so, it goes over fine. Astrology is not the final say of my love life and, I have found that it’s not completely accurate -for it says that my compability is with Libra, Aries, and Gemini, yet none of those relationships worked, further more I don’t vibe with many Aries like that the males – none of them has made me feel what this virgo has he is everything that I want in a man and very honest, sweet, and considerate and smart … I can go on and on. We have so much in common it is unreal – I feel that he is my soulmate – I prey everything works out because no one has ever made me feel the security he does- he makes me so happy floating and every emotion. Inside of me is at ease as well as my mind – Talking knowing how to treat a woman he is superior !!! He said that I’m going to be his future wife and that I have his heart, not leaving my man for this shit ! We determine our relationship not this – I worship the grounds he walk on because he is worth it.

    1. How do I tell if my Virgo man is in love? We are more friends with benefits but I think I’m starting to catch feelings ☺️ I don’t want to pour my heart out to get let down…. He told me that he loves me as a really good friend. But he is super super affectionate towards me. We laugh and smile and I think he wants me to catch feelings for him. Just little things he does and says…

  4. As far I’m seeing in the comments that this is good that you leo Ladies are going good or ok with ur virgo men, it does work but it takes work itself to make a relationship work so don’t give up unless you really think there is a reason to give up either than that don’t rely on astrology too much but on intuition, emotion, intregrity, reasoning and communication all the above lol we’re all human after all, if he’s ugly or handsome and he’s the man to treat you right go for it, everyones got problems it takes 2 to communicate and understand each other to make it work

    1. Hi XEchoes, thank your candid opinion on Astrology. However, there is much more in someone’s birth chart that you would or could ever imagine. Astrology is very important and has been relied on since ancient times. There is a ton of information that can be learned about someone via their chart. Sun signs are rather basic, yes but, getting to know someone more is definitely helpful in the grand scheme of things. Intuition is definitely a factor in figuring out if someone is right for you. I totally agree! However, if anyone wants to know more of the basics about the Virgo man, I’d highly recommend my book that so many women find useful.

  5. How did you leo ladies handle the virgos disappearing acts? It comes without warning,and i take it as a very cruel act.

    1. Hi Crystal!

      It can come without warning but normally there will be some signs such as him becoming cranky and not sociable with you. He needs time to be alone periodically or he will just take it. When you’re with one, you have to go let them do their thing or they will just up and disappear leaving you scratching your head. If you need more help though, you can check out my book “Virgo Man Secrets”.

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